Undiscovered Truth’s

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"You have to leave." He needed to leave or they'll get him too. My voice cracked as i yelled, "Leave! I don't want you here!" "No baby I'm not going anywhere." That just made me cry even harder. Did he not understand? I was trying to save him from my demons! They'll get him. I might be leading him on but there was no way he needed my demons too. "It's okay Zachary, you and your demons are stuck with me. I want you, all of you. Your demons and all so I'm staying, we'll fight them together. I'm not leaving Zachary believe it or not but I'm stuck with you. All of you.” When Zachary’s uncle gives him, his first mission, the last thing Zachary wanted to do was trust his target. He knew what the man was capable of, there was no way he would ever get close to him. But the job required him to give up trust him, not the other way around, as trust is given, truths is brought forth. He found out things he would’ve never thought of.

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Today was the day, I started my first mission, to say I was excited would have been an understatement but i was also nervous. I've been training my whole life for the opportunity to prove myself and what better way then to succeed on the first assignment you've ever been on. The night couldn't have been better, not to hot, perfect full yellow moon shining enlightenment pierced its way into my body.

'DONT FAIL AND DONT FALL.' My uncle words boomed into my head dampening the mood.

It's true I couldn't fall, everyone was counting on me, I was counting on myself. I just had to play it cool, after all I did, the research, training, preparing everything. I just needed the perfect opportunity for the strike.

As I made my way into the club my nerves where starting to settle, I've planned for this, I'd worked for this opportunity and so what if I'm not sure if letting on what I might falsely be into would actually work. I just needed the opportunity to show him I'm into the same thing and hopefully he likes me enough. For all I knows maybe I could pull it off, on that thought i proceeded to walk to the dimly lit club.

Culte inc, was nothing like I'd seen before, sure I've seen things online I just never thought I'll see with my own two eyes but to be standing here was a wow for me in a context itself. Maybe this might be harder than I thought. The smell of sex, sweat and leather assaulted my senses, the sounds of pleasure, and talking boomed around, people talked while others openly ogled, or made out. Yep I definitely was in over my head.

'No turning back now Zachary.'

Nodding to myself, I started making my way to the bar in the middle of the floor layout but before I could make it a large male stepped in front of me. He definitely wasn't who I came to see so I wasn't in the mood for conversations. If anything the man standing there was keeping me from doing what I came to do. I had one goal and I wasn't going to alter it.

He was obviously a dom but he wasn't the type of dom I thought I was looking for or interested in, so I did what any person would do and tried to move around. Surly the man must have mistaken me. That quickly vanished as the beefy man grabbed hold of my arm.

"Where'd you think you're going..." he said something in a different language I honestly couldn't understand but The poor twenty-two year old—me—heard laughter coming from behind him. I shook. Not from fear but anger. Then a thought crossed my mind and I opened my mouth.

"Not my type I'm not interested." I mumbled which only made the men laugh harder. Beefy couldn't have been more than three years older but he had a look of danger to him that made him look quiet older. And the look in his blue eyes held a look anyone would fear.

A voice came from behind me and I turned to see two guys. "Are you saying my friend isn't worthy of your time you filthy pig." The first one with the blonde hair and five o'clock shadow said, and the comment threw me off. I read everyone was accepting of everything and anyone here, but these men surly weren't either and I had no clue how to get out of the situation with the gruff men.

I looked around but everyone was mingling or watching the scenes going on. Wasn't this a club rule volition? They say you don't talk to people that don't want to talk, it's obvious I don't want to talk but yet here we are.

I didn't want what they were offering but as the words left my mouth. The third laughed sending blondey and the rough one laughing too I just stood there visibly shaking. I looked around but no one was paying us any mind, from the online reviews everyone watched out for everyone but maybe that was expanding the truth a bit.

Before I could realized what I was doing I went with the element of surprise, ripping my arm away from roughy. He jerked but I went no where? What was going on.

I should've gotten away I've trained my whole life. Not that anyone needed to know any of my background yet none of that was working. I could've gotten away using force I had the training but did I really want to blow my cover just yet? No I walked in here knowing the risk and I wasn't going to let three guys mess up what I've basically known my whole life I was born to do.

A thought crossed my mind and I could see my uncle saying good work.

The three stopped laughing and growled at me, why won't they leave me be. Better for me though I get to make attention and get into character not like it took much, Ive been needn't shy without given reason.

"No need for that. We said we'll make it worth while why make us change our mind, huh."

Before I could react, I was being pulled off I closed my eyes an mentally sent a pray to whatever was watching up hoping we're making enough havoc that someone would see. And if they do, they'll send me to the one person I need to see. As we moved I tried to get away but that didn't happen until roughy stoped. Well it was more like he walked into a wall. Looking wide eyed and okay my jaw may have dropped. How Cliché, I ogled the men who stoped roughy. If I though roughy was huge no doubt this man was bigger, I've seen pictures of him from the site but they did not measure up to how he was up close. The man was a specimen of his own creation.

He glared at roughy, if looks could kill roughy would have been ten feet under and maybe ash. When he spoke his voice was gravely, more of a growl thick with promise an hatred.

"Let him go n'get the fuck outta my club before you regret it more then you already are."

His voice sent a shiver down my spine and my cock jerked. I have no idea how I could be Feeling anything other than fear at this moment. I looked between the two men having to drag my gaze from the new comer to rougher. I was shocked to honestly see fear with a mix of hatred on roughy face but I guess that was to be expected when someone messes with your plans. Roughy, roughly pushed off me and I stumbled but strong arms gathered me up.

For a time we just stood there, my eyes holding his, my checks were on fire and I could do nothing about it. My heart and stomach flipped and tilted like the earth on its axis, it felt like a flutter, but I was scared which I felt less and less as the seconds went by after he let me go. I fidgetted which I never do, something about him brought out a different side.

"Would you feel better if we take a break in a quiet room?" His voice was cautious as if he thought I'll bolt which I might have if I didn't know how important this was. Not really trusting my words I nodded and followed as he gently placed a hand on my back to guide me. I didn't know how unsteady I was until we started our journey towards a room I supposed. I've read about them on the website.

When we made it to the room he stood while I took a seat on the bed, for a while he was lost in thought a frown on his beautiful face. I took the time to look over him. Wide shoulders, firm chest, muscled thighs, dark mocha skin that glistened under the light, I couldn't see the tattoos that lingered on his arm and chest but I knew they were under there, further up from where the black button shirt was rolled up. He was so much better in person, his photos didn't do him any justice.

"Drink. You're pale," blinking I stare at the water bottle, I hadn't seen him move yet here he was in the flesh. Yet that tone had me grabbing the water and drinking some, he watched an I felt myself blushing again. Why? No idea. He took the bottle placing the cap on and setting it on the bedside table before standing in front of me. "I'm sorry the Trenton brothers messed up your night." He paused, "I've never seen ya round here, so I take it's your first time?"

I nodded, "yes." Did he know everyone whose ever come?

He took a deep breath. "No one should have to go through that, especially not on their first night. That's not the kind of establishment I run so My team an I are sorry you went through that. Did they hurt you."

I was shocked. I mean I was prepared for a cold, quiet, standoffish man, but here he is talking to me. Aplozing to me. It wasn't his fault. Maybe it was all an act, I've heard all about the cold man, I couldn't let him alter that information. I just needed an in then I'll be good.

I shook my head and started to say it wasn't his fault but he cut me off, I continued to fidget, playing with the end of my shirt twisting it with my pointer-finger. What was it about him? He made me feel as though I've opened without saying such things, maybe this is what everyone warned me about not the typical reasons I should.

"Enough of that. I'm Elijah, this is my club."

'I know, how could I ever forget?'

He smiled at me and my heart did a backflip. "So you've done your research? That's good wouldn't want to go anywhere you don't have full disclosure of. "

My mouth formed an 'o' shape, I hadn't realized i said that outloud. He smirks before schooling his expression, while I'm left blushing and looking down, "I'm Zachary."

I could have sworn he said my name under his breath and just hearing it roll off his tongue made a shiver rake make body.

"S'Zachary, I apologize your night was ru-

I cut him off in a rush, "it's not." I don't know what was going on with my mouth, it obviously wasn't connected to my brain because my brain was saying get out try tomorrow. I didn't want to leave though, not when i had Elijah's eyes on me looking as if i was the only person in the room. Granted i was but that look made my stomach flop. He didn't look like he believe me so I continued. "I came today just to scope, sure roughy messed with my plans an shook me up alittle but at least I found that I'm definitely not into that kind of force. I-Thank you."

"Roughy?" He said head slightly tilted to study me, after a second or two and a quick nod he spoke again. "So you don't know fully what you came here looking for? Maybe I could help if you tell me, show you a couple demo's that's happening tonight...if you're interested of course."

I'll love that but, "no i do know." I rush to say feeling as though i need to explain myself. It was weird, "I-you don't have to."

"Trust me it's the least I could do after what happened earlier." I don't know what to say but I knew it was going to be a protest, Elijah cut the thought off before It could even form. "Plus it would be astonishing to get away from work and watch a couple scenes with you."

Everything seemed so easy, talking has never came easy for me, when I was little I was what everyone called socially awkward. He honestly isn't how I thought he'll be. Maybe this mission would come easily and I couldn't let him change what I really knew though, as if he could.

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