The King’s Devotion

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Chapter 2 - Tried

By the time we arrived, the place was packed with alphas and betas from every pack. It was a mansion that Jake had for parties and it was beautiful with its ancient decorations and millions worth chandeliers and furniture. Reece left to go and search for the king who was his alpha.

"Alpha Athena, you made it." Jake greeted with a glass of wine in one of his hand and the other wrapped around his mate.

"Wouldn't miss your party for the world." I replied as he smiled and introduced his mate.

"This is my mate, Lauren and this is Athena Black, Alpha of the Luna Rossa pack." I extended my hand and she shook it smiling at me.

"Enjoy the party."

"I will."

They excused themselves and just then Alpha Brandon came wearing a black suit.

"Alpha Athena, nice to see you again." He smirked and I returned it.

"Alpha Brandon, not nice to see you again." His smirk turned into a frown. He opened his mouth but before he could say anything, I left cause I didn't want to spoil my mood by talking to that fucking prick. Alpha Brandon is the Alpha of my neighbouring pack but I hate him to the core not only because he threatened me quite a lot of times but also cause he insulted my pack telling that I was not fit for an alpha when his own pack wasn't stable enough.

The party continued and so did the political talks among the alphas.

"Excuse me, alphas and betas may I have your attention please?" Jake's voice boomed through the mike as Hayden came and stood beside. Everyone turned their attention to him who was standing at the center with his mate beside him.

"Tonight we have a very special guest among us who is known for his undivided power and strength. Please welcome King Xason, the alpha of the La Luxure pack." He finished and just then the smell of smoke and after shave hit me like a punch in the gut. It was intoxicating as hell.

A dark figure with a height of 6'2 entered the room wearing an all black suit. His face stoic with a sharp jawline, piercing silver eyes that were staring right at me and a lip piercing that would make girls drop their panties without a second thought even me. His black thick hair brushed back and it glistened as light fell on it. Everyone was bowing their head due to the power that resonated off of him and also cause he was the King. The King of rouges and he was my mate. Only I was the one who wasn't bowing her head down.

He walked to where Jake was standing keeping eye contact on his way and shook his hand and everything went back to normal as if a few seconds ago it wasn't pin dropped silence. One thing was sure that he was a living Adonis and that it would be hard to resist him. Raima was all quiet and it surprised me cause usually wolves are jumping up and down with gaiety after they find their mates.

What do you think?

I don’t know what to think.


He is our mate and also the King of rogues. She growled at the last part and again I was surprised.


My mate belongs to one of those things that I hate the most.

Thought you would change your mind.

Its not that easy to forget.

My conversation was short lived when he approached me with Jake beside him.

"Alpha Xason, nice to meet you." I smirked extending my hand and he took my hand in his rough but warm hand, sending sparks and a burning feeling down my whole body. It didn't seem to have any effect on him as he still had his poker face on.



"Pleasure to meet you, Alpha Athena." The tension between us was thick even Jake could feel it as he took him to meet the other alphas. All these years, I believed that I had mastered the act of being emotionless and keeping a poker face but this man broke my belief as seeing him made me question myself.

This should be fun.

I am thinking it will.

I cut off Raima and went to the place where dinner was being served with Hayden.

"What's next?" He asked and I looked at him questioningly.

"I felt the tension between you two."

"So did I."

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. Still haven't figured it out."

"Don't tell me that."

“I found someone of my standard. Might as well enjoy it a bit."

"Can't wait." He chuckled. I smirked taking a seat and he sat beside me. The table was long enough for everyone to sit. Jake sat at the head chair with Lauren on his right and his beta on the left while at the opposite end of the table sat Alpha Xason.

Not gonna lie but his name is sexy.

Someone is whipped.

He is gonna be whipped.

I mentally laughed at Raima's comment. Dinner was served and the feast began. The sound of chatters and clinking of plates filled the room. I silently ate occasionally making small talk. By the time, the function ended it was already 10:30 pm.

"Thanks for the invitation." I thanked Jake who dismissively waved his hand.

"Thanks for coming."

Taking a leave from everyone, I walked outside to my car where Hayden was standing with Reece.

"Let's go." I said but Reece interrupted me.

"Alpha Athena, I would like to take your leave. Some urgent work has popped up and I need to be present in my pack." He replied and I shook my head giving him a small forced smile.

"It was a pleasure to have you at my pack."

"It was a pleasure to be at your pack." A loud honk was heard from a black car where he was sitting at the Drivers seat tapping his fingers on the wheel looking hot as ever with his calculating eyes watching my every move. The depth of his eyes was enchanting.

"Hope to see you soon." He jogged to the car and got inside. The car drove away but not before I received a last look from Alpha Xason.

"You take the car."

"What about you?"

"I am going for a run." I answered and went to the woods that surrounded the mansion. He drove away while I shifted to my midnight coloured wolf and let out a howl stretching my wolf legs. Within a second, I was speeding out into the forest feeling the cold wind brush my fur. The joy and freedom I felt while running made me forget about all my worries and duties that I had to fulfil.

In half an hour, I had reached the pack house and everyone bowed their heads seeing my wolf as she held more power and dominance than me. I went to my room and took out some clothes, quickly slipping into them and went out to see Hayden getting out of the car.

"Where are you going?" He asked

"My house."


After a ten minutes, I had reached my house which I kept for my privacy and usually I spent the nights over here. I don't call it home cause what's the point of lying to myself when I know that I will never get the satisfaction of ever calling this or any other house my home. It can never happen.

I went straight to the gym room that I had and took out a pair of gloves and started punching the boxing bag taking out my frustration and anger out on it. This is also included in my daily routine. Every punch relaxed my muscles and an hour later I was soaked in sweat and my muscles were sore. I exited the gym and went up to my room. Taking a quick shower, I laid on my bed in a large t-shirt and pulled the covers on me even though I knew sleep was never going to come. No matter how hard I tried.


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