The King’s Devotion

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Chapter 3 - Smoke

I woke up panting like a dog covered in cold sweat. Not even 15 mins gone since I closed my eyes after three Long agonising hours and this is how I wake up. Walking to the closed window, I opened it letting the cold air relax me as I take out a cigarette from a packet that I had taken from the bedside drawer along with a lighter. I inhaled the smoke deeply, as a burning feeling rose in my throat. I don't usually smoke that much now unless a situation like this arises or I just have things running in my mind. It took me a lot to get rid of my habit of smoking more than a pack in a day. I know it is harmful but as people say 'Old habits die hard.' I couldn't help but think about him. Then thoughts of it clouded in my mind, shaking me to its core and regretting of thinking of him.

It won't be long till the pack wakes up. So I decided to take a shower to get rid of the sweat. Getting dressed in a blue t-shirt with black tights and sneakers, I walked to the kitchen and ate some cereal, taking off for the pack house to see it buzzing with people. Especially parents sending their children to school and some running around trying to avert going to school. On the way, I stumbled across Eyana.

"Eyana, tell the Warriors to come out on the field. I'll be joining them." I instructed her.

"Ok." She confidently walked away and I went into my room, changing into a sports bra and walking to the field where they had already started fighting after finishing breakfast.

"They all are here." Hayden informed as he watched me approach closer.

"Teenagers too?"


I observed them fight and went to another people fighting. A girl, Amara was fighting with another she wolf. But she was constantly losing to her opponent. I blew my whistle and they stopped, standing straight before bowing their heads. Walking closer to the young girl, I saw her breathing hard and she was extremely tensed.

"Take a deep breath. Relax and then fight. Otherwise you may get the fuck out of here if you can't fight back." I instigated her and blew the whistle for them to start the fight again.

She seemed a bit more relax now and was thinking wisely because when the opponent came to strike her, Amara dodged it kicking her on the back of her knees. When she fell on the ground Amara punched her square on the jaw and a crack loud enough for us to hear with our hearing abilities resonated and the girl was knocked off.

She looked up at me and her eyes glazed up a bit.

“Thank you, Alpha.”

I nodded and went back to the other struggling members. After two hours of practice, I was drenched in sweat and going to my office since Eyana informed me about a call from Reece. I entered just then the phone rang up and I quickly picked it up.

"Alpha Athena speaking." I breathlessly answered the call and a familiar voice replied.

"Alpha Xason." His voice seemed restrained but still if it was someone else they would have probably peed their pants now, just his name or a mention about him was enough for anyone to start shaking from their core. He just had that effect. It was what made him, him.


"I have called you to inform about the important meeting that we will be having tonight at my pack. It was arranged in a short notice and I would like you to arrive here as soon as you can."

"Alright. Is this something regarding my pack?"

"Fortunately, no. You should be here before seven." He finished and I gave a quick 'ok' before cutting the call and walking to my room.

What the fuck is this that he wants to discuss? Don't fücking tell me it's about the mate bond cause I as hell don't want to discuss this shit.

After taking a shower and eating lunch, I was completing some paper work when a knock was heard on the door.

"Come in."

Hayden closed the door behind him taking a sit on one of the chairs.

"What is it?" He asked as I started arranging the papers in order.

"Meeting at the King's pack. We leave in an hour." I replied and he nodded his head going out to get ready. It is always important to bring your betas with you in the King's meeting.

It was almost 5 now and we were leaving with Eyana in charge. I was dressed in a formal top like grey shirt with jeans while Hayden wore a t-shirt and ripped jeans. One and a half hour later, we arrived at the pack and it didn't take long to reach the massive pack house they had which was home to more than 1000 people. There were several houses outside the pack house for those who like to stay alone or with their family just like there were in mine.

I walked in with Hayden beside me to see Reece instructing someone about the preparation and stuff but he stopped when he noticed our presence and strode to us.

"Alpha Athena, Glad you could make it." He shook my hand and did the same with Hayden too.

"The meeting is just about to start. Let's go."

We followed him to a large room packed with egoistic alphas sitting on a table with their betas discussing about pack stuff and shitty things. I went and sat on the chair assigned for me with Hayden sitting on my right. I was two seats away from the head chair where the King aka Alpha Xason will be sitting with Reece on the other end.

Just call him Xason. Raima mumbled

I fucking call him that. I fired back and she shut up at once.

Smoke and after shave smell hit my nostrils as the door opened and the whole room became silent. The sound of his footsteps were the only sound in the room. He was wearing a black shirt, sleeves rolled up and dark washed jeans. The aura of power and dominance radiating off of him which was enough to attract attention. His hair effortlessly styled. His jaw set hard making his lip piercing look dangerous and hot on him at the same time.

Walking to the table, he sat on the head chair without making eye contact. But that's what made him different from others, his will power of having control over everything. Even on something like the mate bond made by the Moon Goddess herself.

“Good evening, thank you for arriving at such a short notice. Let's start with the meeting." He greeted which was more like a command.

"We are having some issues with one pack. The alpha of the pack has been accused of physical abuse and torture towards his pack members."

The room was quiet even though everyone was curious as to who it was but nobody dared to question in front of his presence. From the corner of my eye, I could see alpha Brandon visibly tense and tried to compose his posture. I smirked to myself feeling his truth surface before everyone's eyes.

"Would you like to show your true face willingly or should I do that?" His eyes stared at each and everyone, looking through their souls and it was not a question rather it was a command that held authority and audacity to actually make the person spill his guts. Instead of getting scared, I felt shivers run down my spine making my inner beast awaken but I needed to keep my cool now.

Within seconds Brandon was on his knees in front of him.

"King, I made a huge mistake. I know it is unforgivable but still I seek your forgiveness. Please forgive me! I am sorry. I-" His words were cut off as the door slammed shut with guards carrying the struggling man. His words fell on deaf ears.

"The pack members are safe. I have my men at the patrols but we will be needing a leader for that pack. I have done my research and from now on the leader of that pack will be Alpha Athena. We will be discussing that later in private but for now the meeting is dismissed." He declared confidently walking out of the room and the whispers began.

What surprised me was the reason behind his decision of choosing me? Was it because I was his mate?

He doesn’t look like a person to think with his emotions. Does he? Raima taunted and I found myself agreeing with her.

Sure he doesn’t.

"Alpha Athena, Alpha Xason would like you to stay the night here for some important discussions." Reece informed me as I was walking to the dining table which was filled with food for the alphas.

"But he didn't inform me about staying here." I quickly replied feeling suspicion grow in my stomach.

"It was uncalled for. Let's not dwell about it now and have dinner." I nodded taking a seat beside Alpha Jake and made small talk with him.

I didn't have any interest in eating as I had a more delicious thing to eat but that would have to wait. The dinner ended quickly than expected and the alphas were leaving when Xason called me.

"Alpha Athena, can you come to my office now?" He asked me, his lip piercing moving in sync with his lips as he spoke and all I could think about was to kiss him hard. Without speaking any words, I followed him to his office which was filled with his scent.

The office was well decorated with a black marble desk with two chairs at the front and one for him behind the desk. Shelves were neatly stacked at the left side of the room with a mirror window covering the whole wall looked out to the pack. It was simple but had grace in its own way.

I sat on one of the chairs, my face void of any emotions as I looked into his exquisite silver eyes. The tension in the air thick not sexual tension rather tension between two alpha mates who were too hard headed to give up their pride and power for each other.

"The decision was very sudden but I hope you have no problem with it. I would like you to stay for a few days so that you can plan everything through and discuss it with me. Each and every detail. Tomorrow we will be going to see the pack land. If you want any changes you can tell me. Other than that I guess you have no problem." He formally explained everything to me but one thing was stuck in my mind.

"Why did you choose me for this?"

"Are you trying to question me?" He raised his eyebrow questioningly. I smirked before slowly rising from the seat, leaning towards him with my hands on the table to keep my balance all the while keeping eye contact.

"Maybe." I whispered as his challenging eyes stared at me but I had already turned around and walked out of the room.

The cool Breeze calmed me down and I took another drag of the cigarette that I was smoking. I was standing in the balcony that I had accidentally found when searching for my room. It was quite big and you could see the beauty of the night from here clearly. The black sky above me was covered with tiny twinkling stars, occasional howls in the woods. The wind making contact with my bare skin, the comforting smell of cigarette and the darkness that lied behind this beautiful scenery that everyone was aware of but ignored it cause no one wanted this bitter truth to effect the way they lead their life.

A presence was felt by me and I looked to my right to see him standing wearing light grey t-shirt and dark grey sweatpants. Maintaining the silence, I took a long drag and let it carry me to ecstasy before throwing it away. I took one last look at him before leaving.

"Good night, King."

The wind blew and the strong smell of arousal hit me even before I stepped out of the balcony.


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