Hidden Love

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Jake is in his last year of high school and he has a terrible secret. He is frightened of the fact that if someone found out he would be shunned and bullied. But what if his worst nightmare becomes a reality?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

As I walk down the polished lavender scented halls of Jane wall prep I think of how I will survive the final months of high school. Kids are starting to put up posters that say “Good luck class of 2017.” As I pass these sign I start to feel a lump grow in my throat as joy fills me throughout. The feeling passes quickly as I pass a sign saying “God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.” Bullishit I think to myself its all Bullshit.

My thoughts come to halt as my best friend Oli James walks toward me. “Hey Jake.” I cant say anything I just stare at his alluring eyes and his glistening smile. “Jake...Jake.” All that comes out is a croaked “Yes.” I have known this guy for 7 years and I still can’t talk to him right. While I am deep in thought Oli takes it upon himself to take my journal out of my hands. I snap of my my trace immediately. "Oli give that back!" I get even more anxious as he starts to open it. Shit he can't it has all of my secrets. "NO." I feebly try to grab it but Oli takes a step back."Oli seriously give it back." "Now I have your attention." He hands me back the note book with a sly grin on his face. "wow." I say. Oli immediately burst into a hysteria of laughter. Did I say somthing funny? "What?" "Nothing nothing" he says between breaths. Well now this will be on my mind for the rest of the day.
Once he starts to breath normally he still keeps his teeth showing smile. "What class do you have?" he asks. "Math with Mrs.Wood." I hate math but I am surprisingly good at it. "Hey me too" I silently scream with joy. I know we are roommates but he is actually popular so he is always gone. This is perfect. "Did you move classes" I ask. "Ya I got on Mr. J's nerves." I start to laugh. "What?" he asks. "Oh nothing" His smile grows even wider. I actually laughed for no reason I guess just the thought of him getting kicked out of something was funny. We walk into the class room and take our seats.

As soon as class starts I blank out and stare at Oli. Before I know it the bell rings. "Ok class remember we have a test on Monday have a great weekend." I told myself I was gonna do something fun this weekend but I guess not any more Me and Oli walked out of our class and went our separate ways.

As soon as the lunch bell rings I jump out of my seat and run to the cafeteria. I run down the hallways running into three people on the way. Once I reach the cafeteria the smell of garlic and grease fills all of my senses. At first I am takeaback by the smell. Oli is there as I suspected. He is grabbing 3 slices of Pizza. Oli plays football so he has to eat copious amounts of food but I just think about how much healthier he would be if he ate a salad every once and awhile.

I grab one slice and go and sit next to Oli and this teammates. I always feel awkward sitting with the football team. They are all muscular and handsome and I am just skinny and bony. By the time I started to eat Oli had already finished. I just stared at Oli while he talked to his friends. After awhile Oli started to notice."You good?" "Oh ya I am fine just thinking" Wow thats the best excuse you can come up with? He seems to buy it and then asks me "You gonna eat that?" He points at my slice of pizza. I just shake my head no.
He gobbles down my slice of pizza and continues to talk to his friends. Soon lunch is over and I head to my last two classes.

As soon as my last class ends I head straight for my dorm instead of stopping at the library. As I walk into the my dorm room my nose is filled with the familiar smell if lemon grass and oak. The room has dark oak walls with a closet and a bed on each side. There is a dark oak table separating the two beds. My bed has plain navy sheets and navy pillows. The only decoration I have on my side is a poster of the pedroic table. Meanwhile Oli's side is decorated with posters of girls and famous football players. His bed has dark black sheets and black pillows. Today is different though, when I walk in I am surprised to see Oli reading on his bed. It is very rare to see Oli in the dorm much less reading.

Oli normally doesn't come back until I am already in bed. I put my things down and sit on my bed and open my computer. I start to study for my math test on Monday. After 30 minutes Oli suddenly gets up. "What are doing?" I ask. "Getting changed."
I was shocked to hear this then I realized it is normal for someone to get dressed in there own dorm. He takes of his navy blue blazer off and puts in the clothes pile. He runs his fingers through his thick dirty blond hair and starts to unbutton his white shirt. Once he is finished unbuttoning all I can do is stare.

Under his shirt were the most flawless chiseled abs I had ever seen. "Wow" I mutter. This is what I am missing when he comes home. I need to stay up later. He starts to take off his belt and I realize he is going to take off his pants but before he can I turn around.

I then hear him walk over to his closet I presume to grab clothes. Once I am sure he has had the time to change I turn back around. He is wearing a grey t-shirt and a pair of bleached out jeans. He suddenly throws a pair of clothes in my face almost knocking me off the bed. "What was that for!"

"We are going to party"
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