When Two Worlds Collide

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She had a past that controlled her He had a past that haunted him She used smiles to hide her pain He used alcohol to hide his She brought laughter He brought silence She came from nothing He came from everything She was the "good girl" He was the "bad boy" She is Jax Carter He is Ryan Vera The only thing that they had in common was that they both had secrets no one knew. -------------------------- Jax Carter is the definition of sunshine. She brightens everyone's day even though she can't even brighten her own. She keeps secrets hidden, well with the help of her twin brother. She's from the wrong side of the tracks but no one knows that. No one knows anything about her actually. Ryan Vera is the definition of a bad boy. He has the attitude and the nice car mostly just to hide the fact he's living in his past. He is the most unlikely person to be drawn towards Jax. He is rude and cold. He's a loner and doesn't talk to many. So it's surprising that when they first meet he's instantly intrigued. He is used to having everything so what happens when he can't have the one thing he wants? Jax. What happens when these two opposites find out that they have a lot more in common then they think?

Romance / Humor
K. Marie
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The crowd was large. Lights were dimmed only one shining on us. The music started, the sweaty floor vibrating. Yet, all I could hear was our heart beats intertwining with each other.

Rapid fire as our feet moved in time along with the rhythm. You could hear the skids of our shoes hitting every beat. The four of us using every inch of energy and life we had left.

I finally open my eyes. The music dying and I start to realize that it was just me. Just me and the boys having another practice with the small mirror that leaned against the slightly crumbling brick wall in front of us. Sweat mixed with water dripping down our backs. Practice was finally over.

Now you may be wondering why we have practice in the middle of a wearhouse. That's because we can't afford to book the studio at school. Yeah, it sucks.

"What time is it?" I questioned knowing we still had to go to school.

"Seven a.m." Aiden replied in hesitation.

"Oh shit, we gotta go" I grabbed my bag quickly and started running towards Lucas's car, hopping into the back seat my brother Joey jumping into the other side as Aiden jumped into the passenger seat leaving Lucas on the drivers side.

Sweat still ran down our faces with our hearts on rapid fire.

We walked through the empty hallways only ten minutes late. I was surprised that we were earlier than normal. Lucas must have felt the need for speed this morning.

I was glad that me and my brother had all of the same classes that way he could explain whenever we were late and I could just keep my mouth shut.

"Morning Mr. White!" Joey with most enthusiastic smile on his face towards our first period teacher.

"Late again Carters?" He had disappointment read all over his face but he wasn't surprised.

"Sorry sir, but you have to admit it's a beautiful day today ain't it?" I chuckled a bit. We took our seats as Mr. White just shakes his head with a slight smile.

The class period went on as Joey and I just passed notes to each other. Just because we're twins doesn't mean I can read his mind. The bell rings and we stop by my locker and end up in our next class.

No we are not identical twins. People say we look a lot alike but I think it's just because we have the same deep grey eyes and blonde hair except mines long and light, where his is a darker blonde, short and scruffy, never likes to stay in one place.

We do everything together, have since we were born.

My brother is the only person that has been by my side through hell and back.

The bell brought me out of my thoughts as we made our way towards lunch when I remember that I forgot my lunch in my locker. I told the guys to wait for me at our usual table since it won't take long.

I roume the empty hallways and chills make the hairs on my neck stand. God this school is creepy.

I finally got to my locker and grab my lunch. I turn the corner, about to enter the cafeteria when I run into a damn wall. When was there a wall in the middle of the hallway?

I open my eyes to see shoes. It's not a wall. Dammit, now I wish it was a wall.

I begin to look up to see the dark wash jeans, the black v-neck t-shirt and finally his features. Damn. My breathe hitches for a second. Pieces of his sandy blonde hair lightly placed in front of his eyes. God those eyes. The two ocean blue pools filled with waves crashing into each other as if he is battling himself. Yet he isn't winning the battle.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you there" he just blinked. His face emotionless.

"I don't think I've seen you around before. I'm Jax" I held out my hand and he just looked at it. He didn't do anything. What the hell.

"Ryan" is all he said. I take it that is his name. Okay then.

"Well Ryan I take it your new here?" I questioned. He nodded. His actions were really weird considering he was legit just standing there!

"Cool well I'm here if you need anything and it was nice meeting you" I smiled brightly as I walked away. He left me confused and curious.

I sat down to see an extra person at the table. I felt my heart drop. I really hope it's not someone I hate.

I slowly make my way to the table and sit down next to the strange figure. The boys had huge grins plastered on their faces and I was still very confused.

"Oh my god! Jax! I've miss you so much!" The figure hugged me tight. I didn't recognize this person though. They let go and let me finally have a good look at them. My heart skips a beat.

"Harley?! Is that you! You look so good!" I hug her again, tightly this time. The only girl I actually hangout with, the person I tell everything to beside my brother. My bestfriend.

"When did you get back?" I was stunned. No longer was there girl with glasses and light brown hair. The girl in front of me had light blonde hair with blue streaks mixed in, contacts replaced the glasses but they just made her green almost yellow eyes pop.

"This morning! I tried to sneak in without Aiden noticing but I realized that y'all were already at the warehouse practicing" she rolled her eyes. She's always hate how early we got up to practice but she supports us plus Aiden is her brother and she kinda has to support him.

Harley's always been the bad girl type. She could care less about anyone and doesn't care if she shows it. Most of the time she's only nice to people because I'm nice to people and she doesn't want me to get mad at her.

"Well how was the boarding school?" Aiden asked. Harley just rolled her eyes.

"It was strict and stupid and it was hard not punching every single person in there" she took a deep breath trying to calm herself from the memories.

Aiden and Harley look nothing alike compared to how me and Joey look alike. Aiden naturally has light brown hair but he dyed it last summer so black because he thought it would make him look cooler. He also has more green in his eyes than yellow like Harley's.

"Well it's glad to have you back beautiful" Lucas commented. As Harley blushes a bit. They've always had a flirtatious friendship.

"Aye, watch yourself man remember that's my little sister" Aidens always been the overprotective type except not just with Harley but with everyone in the group.

Lucas just chuckled and so did I. We all sat there the rest of lunch laugh at old stories and inside jokes. These people are my family.

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