Bittersweet Hearts.

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He leans down to my left ear and whispers while I look at his reflection on the glass in complete fear and dread. "How would you like to give yourself to me...By your rules or mine?" His deep hoarse voice echoes into my ears right through my brain knowing no end. Joelle, a 22-year-old Muslim girl. Studying Interior Design abroad at University in Manchester UK. It was different but she loved it. Now she is going onto her second year, with her cousin Sarah by her side. life was pretty much sorted for Joelle. Her parents brought her up well to accommodate the path that they have drawn up for her. But Uni could be a life changing experience and for Joelle it was a whole new turning point that changed her life completely. It was all quiet and peaceful for her, up until her big brown eyes met his jaded green ones. For me, I never believed that a guy has to show up in your life to create a change, but a love that wraps your heart in silk... At the wrong time does twisted it up a notch. And I, Joelle, was not ready for it. So, I left! This story is open and available for everyone to read, Muslim or not. you would easily feel and make sense of the drama as well as the scenes involved as you go along. I would recommended it to everyone that is into Romance novels. This story is not labelling Islam or Muslim communities in any way po

Romance / Drama
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Hey my beautiful readers. 😉

I am extremely excited to share this book with you all. I think this book is fresh and would suit everyone's pallet.

However, please bare in mind that English isn't my first language and it takes a while for me to put a chapter together. Yet, what motivates me to do it, is getting this chance to share it with you all. So, show me all your love and support people. THIS BOOK NEEDS IT!

All your votes, likes and comments, whatever that needs to be done to show appreciation for this book will be very much appreciated and would push me to write much more for all you guys.

I love to engage so I don't mind any corrections or suggestions from you all.

However, any negative or offensive comments would be not tolerated and deleted.

As I mentioned before, and would like to mention again. This book does not display, show, teach, frame, label or picture Islam OR Muslims in any way possible. Its just a simple fantasy book with Muslim and Hijabi characters. EVERYONE could read it. It's open and understandable to everyone despite their beliefs or interests.

So, enjoy people 😉

Verda Black

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