Mesmerizing Him

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Ammi decided to go out and be free for the first time in what feels like forever. but if she knew the outcome of the night, she would have never let her friend drag her to Mason’s club.

Romance / Action
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I stroked Oreos fur and stuffed my mouth full of popcorn, Artie was doing her makeup in my bathroom and I wanted nothing more than to sit here and finish watching Supernatural and binge eat all night. But of course, Artie has convinced me to go out to the newest club in our town. How she got tickets for it? Beats me.

"Ammi! Hurry your ass up and hop in the shower so I can do your hair and makeup," she yelled from my bathroom. When I didn't answer and averted my eyes back onto Dean, I heard her footsteps marching down the hallway and I let out a groan and placed Oreo next to me on the couch.

"Ammi Romi, we have one full hour until the club opens and I want to get there before the line gets big. So please, get your ass up and get into that shower!" She pointed into the direction of my bathroom and I narrowed my eyes at her and turned off my TV. I let her drag me into the shower and toss me a towel for when I'm done, once I showered and lavend my hair with my favorite cherry shampoo and conditioner and shaved every where on my body, I hopped out and dried myself off. Artie was applying eyeliner in my mirror and I looked at her in horror. How could she put that to her eye!

"Okay, change into the clothes I laid out and we can hurry up and fix your hair and face."

I let out a fake gasp and placed my hand over my heart,"Thank you for the compliment."

She gave me a sarcastic smile before turning back to the mirror. I walked into my room and dressed into the white thong she put out and frowned when I didn't find any bra.

"Uh Artie, you forgot the bra,"

"Nah, you don't need it."

My eyes widen before looking back down on the bed and then I spotted the dress and gasped. It was beautiful but I could never ever pull it off.

"I'm not wearing that," I pointed at the dress," I'll wear my jeans and a crop top."

She looked at me in horror and walked into the room and grabbed the dress and shoved it into my arms. "Ammi this isn't the typical clubs we go to, this one is owned by a powerful guy and we have to dress appropriately for this, they don't let you in if you don't look hot."

I tilted my head,"Powerful guy? What, does Bill Gates own it or something?"

She let out a laugh and shook her head at my innocence and pulled the towel away from my body. After ten minutes of arguing she managed to put me into the dress and I could see why I was wearing no bra and only a white thong. You could see my ass if I moved the wrong way and the top went down and curved around my breasts. It was gorgeous to say at least but I was still frowning at myself in the mirror as Artie focused on my hair and makeup.

"Stop doing that Ammi."

I moved my eyes from the mirror and glanced up at her while she was applying blush to my cheeks. "Stop doing what?,"

She closed the blush and it make a small 'click' noise that echoed in the bathroom and shoved it back into her makeup bag. She picked up the brush and walked around me, she grabbed onto my head with both hands and made me look into the mirror.

"You are a beautiful girl and you have a hot ass bod-"


"You need to stop putting yourself down Am's, you deserve this night after being isolated in this apartment all the time," she ran the brush through my hair and grabbed the hair dryer

I looked down at my hands and played around with the chain on my dress. "You think I'm beautiful?,"

She turned off the hairdryer and gave me a small smile,"I think you're the most beautiful person I've ever met and the most amazing friend I've ever had. Tonight you need to let loose and have fun, get drunk and find a man to take home."

I rolled my eyes before returning a smile. After what felt like forever, Artie had straightened my hair and pulled a few pieces of hair out of my face and pinned it back with a diamond hair clip. She doesn't disappoint when it comes to hair and makeup she's an natural at it.

"Okay do we have everything Am's,"she dug through her small clutch and started pulling out everything.

"Money? Check,"

"Advil? Check,"

"Condoms? check,"

My face started to heat up when she mentioned condoms, it's not like we'd be using them tonight but just the idea of using them brought out the blush on my face, which was covered up by actual blush.

"Okay, I think we have everything. The Cab will be here any moment so let's go wait outside."

I nodded my head and shoved my feet into a glittery pair of heels, luckily the heel wasn't as tall as Arties heels. I scratched Oreos ear and made sure he had plenty of water and food before grabbing my keys and locked the door behind us. I tossed Artie my keys and she put them into her clutch before linking our arms and walked down the steps.

The cab pulled up and honked signaling that he was here, we climbed in and I smiled politely at the driver but he gave me a look of disgust when he looked at my outfit.

"Whores," he muttered under his breath. Artie grabbed onto my hand and squeezed it tight knowing I would go into a panic attack just at the strangers words.

"Drive to Mason's in downtown and if you want a fucking tip id advise you to keep your mouth shut you asshole."

My eyes widen at her words and I shrunk back into my seat and averted my stare into my lap. I played around with my ring as the driver pulled away from my home and drove towards the club. As soon as we finished up on the final touches of our makeup, the driver pulled up to the club and jerked on the breaks and I ended up hitting my head on the window. Artie was fuming at this point and she threw the money in his face before getting out and jerking me with her.

"Jamie is coming to get us tonight, no way am I getting back into a cab later,"she spit out and started walking towards the club. Jamie was Arties older brother and he was in college a few minutes away studying Law, he wanted to become a lawyer just like his snobby father, while Artie followed her mothers steps into the Art industry.

I let out a breath when there wasn't a line and held onto Arties arm as she handed the tickets to the bouncer, he scanned them and handed them back to us before glancing at our choice of clothing. He looked at the other bounce and gestured for us to go inside. Once we made it past the door, the music was booming from behind the red silk curtain we had yet to go through.

"I don't think I can do this . . . I- I-" she pulled me aside and dug into her purse, she took out my pill bottle and placed a blue pill into my hand. She knew I would need my anxiety pill tonight, I swallowed it dry and closed my eyes and clenched my fist.

"Okay fuck it lets go."

She smiled brightly at me and threw her arm around my shoulders. "You're going to love this Am's, I promise you'll thank me later."

Once we passed the curtain, I once again stopped and took everything in. The room was lit up with different colors, making us stand out in the disco lights, there was stripper poles in the middle of the bar with dancers shaking their ass in men's face, the bar was booming with people surrounding it and there was also an upstairs but was guarded by more bouncers, you couldn't see what was up there because the lights were dim and I honestly didn't want to know.

"Wow." We both said at the same time before looking at each other and giggled. We walked towards the bar and ordered two shots of vodka and two strawberry daiquiris with lots of alcohol in it.

"Okay, if we get split up let's meet here around midnight, okay? There's a surprise when the clock strikes midnight," she smirked before tilting her head back and gulped the shot without making a face. I glanced down at mine and copied her actions before making a face and stuck my tongue out before taking a sip of my other drink.

"What's the surprise?,"I raised my eyebrow. She shrugged her shoulders. "Nobody knows, hopefully nothing crazy."

An hour in, we were giggling our asses off while sitting on a small red velvet couch with red drapes hanging over us so it looked like we were in a room. After taking many shots and accepting free drinks from a few men, we were totally drunk off of our asses.

"Okay Artie, see that guy over there leaning on the bar?," I pointed in the direction and she smirked when she finally spotted him.

"He's hot."

I smiled and shook my head,"he's been staring at you, go get his number!"

She let out a laugh and sipped on her drink, "that's definitely not how that works Ammi, let the men come to us."

I gave her a confused face but before I could utter anything to Artie, my eyes landed on the hottest guy I've ever seen. He was leaning back in a black chair with a cigar in his hand, I watched him huff it and let the smoke out slowly before smirking at one of the dancers. He looked around the club and was chatting with another guy, his eyes started looking over towards us and when our guys connected I quickly averted them and looked at Artie to see her smirk at me.

"I've never seen you check anyone out before Am's, he must be very handsome." I bit my lip and gave her a shrug before bringing the drink to my hands and tilted my head back and chugged the vodka infused raspberry drink. I let out a small cough before slamming the cup on the table and stood up causing Artie to choke on her drink when I pulled her up with me.

"Let's dance!"

She sat her drink down and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the dance floor. An upbeat song played and I watched her dance and was trying to mimic her moves but we both busted out laughing.

"Just move your body to the music Ammi! Close your eyes and let the music control you," I did what she said and closed my eyes shut. I started moving my hips to the beat of the music and tilted my head back before bringing my hands to my neck and slowly dragged them down my body before slowly turning my body around while moving my hips.

That's when I lost myself to the music, I let my body control my moves to every song that played. I have no idea how long I've been dancing but when I opened my eyes to expect Artie to be in front of me, I seen her grinding on some dude and I let out a small laugh before briefly moving my eyes around the dance floor while moving my hips, but much slower so I could concentrate looking around.

Before I shut my eyes again, my eyes connected to the man from earlier and he was staring right at me. On his sides were dancers playing with his button up shirt and one was running her hand down his leg and back up. I immediately froze when our eyes met again, his face showed nothing but lust . . . And a hint of something else. He had a small smirk planted on his face as well before sitting up on the chair so he could put his elbow on his knee and his hand was on his chin studying me while the other hand was clenched In his lap.

The music changed again and that's when I broke our stare to close my eyes again and turned my back towards him so I wouldn't be tempted to look back at him. I felt hands wrap around my waist and someone roughly pulled me into his chest before grabbing painfully onto my hips causing me to let out a yelp.

"Let go. . . Please,"I tried pulling away but the guy tightened his grip on my waist and tried to grind on me. I struggled to get out of his arms and no one around me seemed to care as they were in their own world.

"You look so hot, why don't we finish this upstairs?."

My face turned into an disgusted look, after struggling for a few more seconds, I stopped and closed my eyes and clenched my fits. By now the guy had turned us around so by the time I snapped my eyes open, they connected to the guy before, and he looked angry. He stood up from his seat and the girls let out a wine before they started making out with each other. I would've made a comment about that, but right now all I wanted to do was punch this man in the face.

I watched the guy stalk towards us but I shook my head which caused him to slow his walk down but his anger turned into a confused look before it was replaced by anger again. I remembered back to the training my father put me through in highschool and gave myself a small smile. I jammed my elbow into the guys side and took his arm and twisted it around so his body slammed down onto the floor, he let out a small scream but I wasn't finished, I dug my heel into his back and pressed down even harder.

The music stopped and everyone was staring at me, Artie quickly rushed to my side and pulled me off of the guy and pushed me so I was behind her. The guy stood up and he spit blood from his mouth on the floor and went to stalk towards me but was instantly stopped when the man from the couch stepped in front of him and drawled a gun from the back of his shirt and aimed it at his head.

"Get. The. Fuck. Out of. My fucking club."

My eyes widen and I let out a small whimper from his tone and my eyes widen at that, Artie seemed to heard because she snapped her head back and whispered what the fuck was that to which I replied I don't fucking know!

We focused our attention back onto the men and by now the bouncers grabbed the man and dragged him away. Slowly, the hot man dropped his gun and put it back under his shirt before turning around and stared right into my soul.

"What's your name?," he demanded

"Uh. . . it's Ammi,"I muttered out and grabbed onto the back of Arties shirt for support, I felt like I was going to pass out.

"Ammi."he said out loud like he was testing my name on his tongue. His eyes narrowed when he looked down at my outfit before glancing back at me. He lift his hand and moved his finger like he was saying come here.

I let out a shaky breath and stepped out from behind Artie and walked up to him, by now the music was back on and everyone was dancing but a few watched the scene, including Artie.

He raised his hand and I flinched closing my eyes thinking he was about to hit me but then I felt something soft and I leaned my head so it pressed against it, it felt so good. I fluttered my eyes open and he was much closer than before, I noticed it was his hand on my cheek and he was stroking it with his thumb. He glanced down at my lips and if possible, his eyes turned darker than before. His hand went around my hip and he jerked me so our chests were pressed against each other.

He leaned down to my ear and I felt his hot breath. "You captured my eyes tonight Ammi,"

He pulled away and dropped his hand from my cheek and wrapped it on the other side of my hip and pressed us closer if possible.

"Nobody captures my eyes Princess. But you. . . "He muttered off and dug his fingers into my hips making me let out a moan which surprised both of us. I looked down and focused on his button on his black shirt to avoid staring into his eyes, it seemed like he didn't like it because his hand instantly left my hip and connected to my chin, he lifted my head back up and stared at my lips.

"But you. . .," he repeated himself and dragged his thumb on my lips and slid it down before letting go so my lips make a small 'pop' sound.

"Captured me and I don't think I can let you go now."

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