Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 9 The Wedding

It was the night before the wedding, and John made arrangements to stay at an Inn. He wanted Mary to have time to prepare for the morning. He knew that Elizabeth would be informing Mary on what to expect and helping her to pack. She wanted to make sure all the bread was prepared, the cakes done and other items for their wedding dinner. John decided to leave before sundown, which in September was before dinner time. He wanted to make sure he made it to the inn before the Natives came. They usually came out after dark. They were a threat and anyone walking had to take a rifle.

Before John left he pulled Mary aside. He kissed her goodbye and hugged her. He whispered in her ear, "I love you, and tomorrow you will officially be mine. I will miss you tonight. I will see you here tomorrow at 10AM."

Mary whispered back, "I will be waiting. I will miss you too. I love you too! See you tomorrow in our best dress. Goodnight, my love and be careful!" The gave each other one more kiss, and John left. As he arrived at the inn, he ordered stew and ale to be delivered to his room. He washed up, unpacked his clothes, got ready for bed, and his dinner came.

While he ate, he thought about Mary, their big day tomorrow and he became excited. "

He could not wait until Mary joins him in his bed without a board or clothing. He hoped she would like his plans for her. After eating, he laid down and tried to sleep, but he missed her by his side. He decided to drink some ale with the hopes that alcohol would make him relax. He was finally calm enough to sleep, and did.

At the Heaton's

As John left the house, Mary ate dinner and finalized plans for tomorrow. She went to her room and packed a bag for tomorrow night and the following day. Elizabeth came into Mary's room, and gave her a special nightgown for her wedding night. She told Mary about what to expect on her wedding night and answered questions about her first time. It was awkward, but Mary did not have parents to talk to her about it. Mary thanked her and got ready for bed. She missed John's presence, but she was glad that he gave her this night to finalize everything. She could not wait to see him in his wedding clothing. He would become hers, she would not have a board on the bed, or worry about propriety. They would not have any clothing on either. She flushed red at the thought of that, and was glad John was not there because he would tease her about it. She said her prayers and fell fast asleep.

Wedding Day

Mary woke up at Sunrise. She took a bath, said her prayers, ate breakfast, made sure bread was baked, the cakes were baked and frosted, the drink was ready.

She went and got ready in the new dress that John made for her, and put her hair up and added her Sunday bonnet. She was ready to marry. While waiting, she read her Bible. A half hour before the ceremony, she heard a knock on the door. When she opened it, John was standing in his wedding clothes holding some flowers. He said, "Today is the day and these are for you, love of my life." Mary stood speechless with her mouth agape. Oh, John, my love, they are lovely! Thank you! She finally responded. He said, The flowers are lovely, but they are not as beautiful as you." Then he kissed her with a longing and passion that made her breathless. All of a sudden, they heard a clearing of a throat. They stopped kissing trying to regain their breath. Nathaniel and Elizabeth were standing in the doorway, and told them that the church elders were here, and the magistrate, Winthrop just arrived. They said, "We'll be right there." The Heaton's headed into the living room and waited for John and Mary. The bride and groom looked at each other and straitened their clothes and hair because their kissing session was pretty heated. They joined hands and John asked, "Are you ready to be married now? She said, "Yes!"

John and Mary arrived in front of Magistrate,Winthrop. The Magistrate said, "We are gathered here today to witness the union of John Hurde and Mary. John do you affirm to make Mary your wife? John says, "I affirm!" The magistrate asks Mary, "Mary, Do you affirm to make John your husband? Mary answered, " I affirm". The magistrate asked them one question to answer in unison, John and Mary, the purpose of this union is to love, respect, be loyal to each other, and finally to procreate. Do you both agree to this purpose? They both said, "We agree!" They magistrate said, "By the power vested in me, and in-front of these witnesses of the church, and God, you are now man and wife!

The whole room cheered and congratulated them. The bride and groom left the home and headed to the town court to register their marriage. After this task, they went back to the Heaton's.

When they arrived, there was a spread of bread, cheese, vegetables, steamed clams and apple slices. After a prayer blessing the couple, and thanking God for the food, everyone ate their fill, drank sack posset, and ate the little cakes for dessert. They talked in riddles that added stimulating conversation. They told clean jokes, and talked about the couple's future plans. John did mention to the elders that he would be applying for citizenship soon. They said, they would consider it.

By the time dinner was over, it was time for the couple to head to their bedchamber at the Inn. The Heaton's knew where they were staying, so they followed them there. Nathaniel took John down to the Inn's dining room for some ale, so Mary could get settled in the room. When Mary walked in, she noticed the ambiance was romantic, and there was a table full of healthy snacks and wine. Elizabeth made Mary bathe, and had her get changed into her special night gown. Elizabeth left the room and told John that Mary was ready. John went to the room, entered the door, and locked it. He looked at Mary laying on the bed in a seductive gown. This gown made John aroused. He looked at her and his throat went dry. He was speechless. She was so breathtakingly beautiful that all he could do was stare. Mary finally spoke, "Are you okay? You look stunned. John said in a low voice, "I am very well. I am looking at the most breathtaking sight I have ever seen in my life. I adore you, beloved! He walked over to her and started to remove his clothing. Mary watched him take off his clothing and started to get red and very hot. John got on the bed and started to kiss her. He whispered, "No matter how beautiful you are in this gown, I want to take it off. She let him lift it off her body, and she laid naked. He looked at her from head to toe, and said, "You are beautiful and worth the wait." She looked at his body and said, "You are most handsome and worth the wait." They kissed, touched and became one.

The Heaton's were listening on the other side of the door. When they heard the grunts, cries, moans and release, they made joyous charivari with bells and clapping. The Inn keeper joined in. John and Mary looked at each other and he said, "I will go tell them the deed is done, so we can be alone." He put on his night shirt and went to the door, unlocked it and opened just a crack. He said, "Halt, this ruckus! The deed is done! Now, my bride and I want to be alone. Go, and report the consummation! See you in two days!" He slammed the door shut, and locked it.

Mary was laying in the bed with her cheeks rosy with embarrassment. He said, " My love, do not be embarrassed. They had to make sure consummation happened to finish the marriage process." She said, " I know. I am just not comfortable knowing my friends heard me cry, scream and holler your name during the act." John said, " It will probably arouse them, and they probably have corpulation tonight when they get home." Mary chuckled, "John! Oh my goodness." John asked her, "Mary are you hurt from our activity earlier? She answered, " Well, it hurt at first, but it stopped once my body adjusted. I thought it was amazing!" John looked at her, still naked under the sheet. He asked, " Do you want to do it again? She looked at him, and said, "Yes, but let's wait for a little longer, I would like to eat these snacks and have wine. I also am a little sore from our activities. He said, I have a bath ordered for us to soak in. Even though it's for you, I am joining you. She said, " Thanks...You are taking really good care of me. I love you, John." That is my duty to you, beloved, to make sure you are loved and cared for. "I love you too. Now, let's eat and get that bath." John relied.

After a small meal and a bath soak, the couple made love again and fell asleep in each other's arms.


I tried to keep this as PG 13 as possible. I am not into smut, so I tried my best.

Anyway, research on Puritan marriages at this time period are not done in a church. There is no exchange of rings, no bridesmaids, best men, no prayers or services. The weddings were civil ceremonies. The couple affirms choosing each other as husband and wife. They register the marriage at the courthouse. They come and have a modest dinner with posset as a drink. They have little cakes for dessert. There is no dancing, drunkenness or raucous behavior. The wedding night happens close to my depiction, but usually in the groom's bed chamber. The mini-honeymoon does not happen, but I chose it this way because the characters want privacy since they do not have their own home yet. Yes, friends did listen to the consummation and celebrated when the deed was done.


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