Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 10 Day and Weeks After

John woke up at sunrise and felt someone next to him. Their legs were intertwined and naked. John thought he was dreaming. He had to rub his eyes and shake his head to make sure he was not still sleeping. He felt the presence next to him was real and his wedding night was not a dream. He was awed by her peaceful sleeping face as he opened his eyes. They were warm and toasty under the blanket. He started feeling aroused, so he started kissing her face. He said in a husky voice, “Good morning my lovely wife!
Mary felt him kissing her face and neck, waking her up sweetly. She thought she was dreaming, but she heard him say those words she opened her eyes and said, “Good morning to you too, husband.” He continued to kiss every curve of her body and her most private areas. She was so aroused that she begged him to make love, and they did. Making love in the morning was very sweet indeed. As they continued to join, their bond got stronger.
They were both hungry and knew they had to stop, but they wanted to stay in bed enjoying each other. They could not get enough of each other. Finally, they got up and washed. John had the Inn supply their meals which he had planned. They only dressed to eat. The chamber maid came in while they were eating and changed the bed. The evidence of what they did the night before was very evident, but the maid knew they were newlywed and did not question it.

John and Mary discussed what needed to be done the next day. They were going to move into their new temporary dwelling, and he had to work. After a fortifying meal, they continued their passionate love making all day, soiled the new sheets and fell fast asleep.
On the following day they moved into their new dwelling. Mary went to the Heaton’s and moved all her belongings into her new dwelling. The community helped them and gave them provisions to help them survive winter. The Heaton’s gave Mary some dishes, blankets, and food as gifts. The community was making sure the dwelling would help the couple survive until their permanent land was granted and their house was built. They chopped firewood and added a second level for storage and possible children. Mary would need items such as a butter churner, some cooking pots, and other food items. John bartered his tailoring services for these items. For example, he would make new clothes in exchange for eggs, corn, or meat. William Hutchinson gave John a cow, pig and 2 hens to store at the Heaton’s before he moved. John went and moved these animals to his home and erected fences for them. These animals would give them milk, pork, and eggs to eat. They moved in September, so they could not rely on their own gardening until next growing season. Mary could barter some nursing hours for different items needed. John wanted to be there to help wherever he could, but he had to move his tailoring items to Nathaniel’s shop. He was leasing a corner to save money for his own shop. This spot helped him make these items to barter or sell. They would be very busy indeed.

Mary would make every meal, and it would take her hours over the fire. John enjoyed her cooking very much and was thankful to God for her. Mary helped with making clothing with her good sewing skills. She had to wash clothing, fetch water, clean the home and dishes. She did find time to read her Bible everyday though. Sometimes John would read with her at bedtime. They made sure they treated each other as equals and were very in love. They made love every night, and after a few weeks after their wedding, Mary knew she conceived when she did not have her menses. She kept it a secret to surprise him....

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