Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 12 With Child

Three months later in December 1638

Mary was feeling sick every morning and very tired. John noticed she was not feeling well and even complained of breast tenderness. He suspected she was with child, so he asked the doctor to give her a check up. John stayed home with her during the visit. The doctor asked her questions, figured out that she was with child. She wanted to surprise John, so made the doctor summon him to their room. When John entered the room worried, she told the doctor to wait outside the room. Mary told John to approach her. She grabbed his hand and put it on her lower abdomen and said, "Love, we are going to be parents."

John looked at her with a huge grin, kissed and hugged her. It was what he expected. They asked the doctor to come in. They asked him some questions, and he recommended a midwife for Mary. He told her to eat healthy, and rest if possible. The doctor reassured them that they could make love, but to be cautious.

Most women in the time period still did heavy tasks, walked, and stayed active unless they were having difficulty with their pregnancy. Mary was so happy, she cried. God blessed her immensely. She had a wonderful husband, and now a baby on the way. She couldn't help but thank God.

John was thrilled! He realized that all of his dreams were coming true. God blessed him with the best wife in the world. He was going to be a father. He vowed to pamper Mary through this time. He would work from home to lighten her workload, or to bring her with him.

He wanted to tell the Heaton's, so he took her to the shop. John saw Nathaniel behind the counter, and called him. Nathaniel approached John and Mary. John told Nathaniel that Mary was with child. He was happy for them and invited them for dinner, so they could tell Elizabeth the news. John accepted and took Mary home.

Mary was weary and decided to lay down for a nap. John kissed her forehead and started sewing an order for a gown. John knew Mary was a strong, healthy, smart woman and would make a great mother. He mapped out a plan to assure they were ready for their child to be born.

The first step was to tell their friends. Next was to become an inhabitant, join the church and buy a cradle, Finally, make baby clothes, blankets, and diapers with Mary. With his skills, the child would not lack clothing.

Mary woke from her nap feeling more energized. She was hungry. John looked up and noticed she was awake. He said, " I assume you are hungry. You look more energized too. How are you feeling?" She answered, "Much better than this morning. The doctor said I should be done with the nausea soon." John said, "I am glad!" He kissed her and stated, "Let's go to the Heaton's for dinner and tell Elizabeth the good news." Mary agreed. They arrived at the Heaton's and announced Mary's pregnancy to Elizabeth. She was so happy for them and offered support to them when needed. Elizabeth assumed it was a wedding night baby, and figured that it would be born at the beginning of June. She offered to help Mary with some of her heavy chores that way they could share and talk about her experiences. Elizabeth gave Mary a hug. The sat down, blessed the food and ate. There was fish for dinner, and Mary could not eat it. The smell made her stomach turn. Elizabeth noticed it, and took the fish away and had her eat more vegetables and bread. She also gave Mary some tea to settle her stomach. Mary was not used to everyone fussing over her and turned red in embarrassment. She even apologized for almost getting sick. The Heaton's told her that this was normal for pregnant woman to have these symptoms. Elizabeth shared some of her most embarrassing cravings when she had her children. This made everyone laugh and eased Mary's embarrassment.

When the Hurde's got to their home, they got ready for bed, prayed that they would have a safe pregnancy, and prayed for John's stresses. Mary fell asleep after a round of tender love making and woke refreshed in the morning. Of course, she had nausea, but not as bad as before. She did her daily chores without complaint, and even took a nap. Her pregnancy was quite easy after her first three months. Now, all she had to do is wait. John continued with his plans. The next step....becoming an inhabitant.


Sorry for delay on this chapter, but I wanted to add more and correct to the first 8 chapters. I wanted them to meet on the ship, so I did. It helped to expand the story more as well. I wanted a back story about his parents. I wanted to fix some information. I will fix chapter 9 as well. Now we are on track with the story.

I hope you all liked this chapter!

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