Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 15 Shop and Home

July 24, 1639 Boston, Massachusetts

John POV (Some adult content in this chapter).

It's been a month and a half since my Beloved had Junior. She has healed and has grown in strength daily. I am astonished by her strength so soon after giving birth. She could get up out of bed after a week. She really is amazing.

I woke up to find her with the babe in her arms nursing him. She is a great mother. She cares for him, feeds him, cuddles, bathes and still has time for all her other duties. I fall more in love with her everyday. Sometimes I am jealous of my son because he gets to suck her nipples. I wish it was me licking her luscious breasts. I know I have to wait a couple months for our intimate relations until it is safe to do that. I told Mary that I would hold Junior, so she could make breakfast. She made me porridge with fresh berries and a little maple syrup, one hard boiled egg and a cup of tea with milk for a drink.

Today is the big day that we receive land. I am hoping for a sizable plot, so I can open my shop and have a larger home to live in. I want a home big enough for our growing family, and one with enough land to grow food, healing herbs and house animals. Mary decided to walk me me to the meeting house. They granted me a piece of land of about three hectares on the mount ( 7.41 acres). John Leveritt offered us a great house lot on the Muddy River of ten hectares (24.71 acres in today's measurement) in exchange for our small lot. The house lot would suit our needs better. We accepted the offer. He told me that the lot was located next to Robert Hull's land facing High Street. After all the land grants were finished, Mary and I took a walk to our new lot. I was very pleased. The community of men assembled to discuss what I had in mind. I planned on a small shop attached to my home. This would help me be near my growing family, have Mary help me run it, and train my heirs in the trade.

The shop was built within a month. It was small and had two counters with shelves underneath for storage baskets that would contain cloth, different types of lace, buttons, and spools of thread. The tools needed for my trade would placed in drawers. There would be shelves for cloth storage, and a hanging line for finished clothing, and cut clothing to be sewn. Over the front door hangs a sign that says, " John Hord Taylor".

Mary was so excited to see the plans I drew. She agreed to the plans. I kept our bedroom decoration as a surprise for our first year wedding anniversary. I wanted to have the home done by then, but if we celebrate later, I am sure she will understand. We stood on our land and kissed, and then I kissed Junior on the cheek. He was in a papoose, which allowed Mary to carry the baby around when we walked. The Natives taught us this when we first saw them using one. I made Mary one to use for our baby. It freed Mary's hands, so she could do things while holding Junior close. She was pleased to see the community come together to help build the shop and home. The framing was already starting when I walked her back home. We agreed on the way home to live in the temporary dwelling until our home was finished. She fed Junior and placed him in his cradle. She made me a delicious dinner of bread, cheese, and berries. She gave me ale for a drink, and I left to help the men build our home.

I came home with a fish stew, bread, pumpkin cookies, and cider for supper. I told her we got the framing done, and the floor plans done. She was so happy and we kissed each other goodnight.


2 Months later

Mary and I stood with Junior in my arms in awe in my new shop. The men worked hard to build our home in the past months. It was finally ready to live in. We were celebrating our first wedding anniversary, so I allowed this house to be my gift to her. I celebrated my birthday earlier in the month. The shop was my gift.

I gave Mary the grand tour. I knew that she was all healed from birth, and we had been waiting for intimate relations. I planned on revealing our bedroom as a surprise, so I blindfolded her. I guided her to the room, and took the fold off. She looked shocked and said, "Oh, John, it's wonderful!" The room was larger and had its own fireplace. It had a larger bed with a canopy. She put Junior down in the cradle. She kissed me all over my face. When our lips met, it was electrical. Before we knew it, we took off our clothes and threw them everywhere. We climbed on the bed, and our bodies were joined in bliss. We kissed, touched, and made love until we were satiated, and fell asleep on our new bed.

We woke up late in the evening with Junior crying for milk. Mary got up, picked him up, and he latched her breast. She was in her naked glory. I watched her. Her body was voluptuous. She barely gained any weight from carrying he baby. She was so attractive and sexy that I started getting aroused. I waited until Junior was finished. Soon after she put him in the cradle, I entered her again, and we were panting, grunting, and moaning into the early hours of morning. I told her, " Happy Anniversary Love! I love you, and I am glad we chose each other." She said, "I love you too John! I am glad too! Let's have another round and then sleep." And we did.

We woke up the next morning with the promise to nap later because we were very tired from our night of love making. She made a simple breakfast of Porridge with berries and tea. I walked to the shop in the room next door and started to work. We continued our daily routines and made love like bunnies.

By Christmas time, Mary was with child again. I said, "Good, because I want lots of children, and I know you do too....".


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