Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 18 Blessings and Losses Pt 2

August 1643

John POV ( Some mature content in this chapter)

Edward Hutchinson walked into the shop while I was sewing. I looked up and saw his red swollen eyes, tears falling and lip quivering. I knew something devastating happened. I asked him to follow me into my study, so he could tell me what happened. I asked, "May I let Mary listen to this news?" He nodded. I summoned Mary to come into the study. When she came, she took one look at Edward and knew something horrific happened. We gave him a few minutes to calm down. He took a big breath and started the story: " Shortly after my father died, my mother moved to New Netherland (Bronx, New York). This place was settled by the Dutch, and her dwelling was secluded. The Dutch settlers have been at war with the Natives in the area. My mother was caught off guard, and she and my siblings were brutally killed in there home. Only one of my sisters managed to escape and survive." John and Mary were shocked at the news. They immediately started to comfort him, and they were crying too. "What a horrible way to die." John stated. He asked Mary to tend to their children, and John continued to comfort Edward. Edward said that the overall reaction from the church population said she deserved it. Edward was appalled and ashamed. This was his mother and family that were viciously killed. He mentioned that he did not always agree with his mother's views, but loved her just the same. His siblings were innocent and did not deserve this either. John offered him some ale or tea. Edward chose the ale. They toasted to his mother and remembered the good times in England when John worked for them. They even prayed for his sister who survived and asked God to help them forgive the Natives, and the judgmental attitudes of the church towards Anne. Edward thanked John for his friendship and care, and he left.

John sat there in his chair pondering this tragic event. He hoped the town folks punish the men that killed Anne and her children. Most of them were young. He could not fathom that happening to his family. He was so numb. He thought of Anne as a mother figure. She was a god fearing woman who had a hunger for God. She was influential in his life, and he missed her. He left the study and went right into Mary's comforting arms. The whole town was mourning the news of the tragic events. They were in constant reminder that life is precious and that there was still a major threat of Native uprisings. The Natives were being forced to move out of their lands, forced into religion and treated as animals. They fought back, but eventually lost.

After a short period of mourning, John went back to working in the shop. He also worked the land to make sure his growing family had food to eat. Hannah was now 3 and J.J. was one. He was walking now. He was very healthy and loved to run around the yard. Mary enjoyed growing healing herbs, and made friends with Mrs. Hull, next door. Sometimes she would walk over to talk with her and they would invite Elizabeth Heaton over too. Her two youngest would come over to play with the Hurd children. They would talk about their children or just gossip about current news. John overheard one conversation about Anne's death. He was very proud of Mary's loving concern since the church felt Anne deserved it. She stood her ground and stated that no one deserves that type of death including the children. She felt that it was a horrible thing to say. Mary knew that God wants us to love everyone and not pass judgement on people. He is the ultimate judge. The ladies recognized their error, and apologized to Mary for the offense. She said, "It's not me you should repent to, but to God for your sins." They agreed and prayed together right then. John silently prayed for them as well because he was listening in secret. The friends left before supper.

Mary had the servants make a meat pie, mashed squash, bread and butter, and cider for dinner. It was delicious. We got our children ready for bed, said a prayer, and had them go to sleep. J.J. had the crib, and Hannah was in a regular bed now.

We went into our room, and I told her that I was proud of her. She asked, "Why?" I said, "Because I overheard what you said to the ladies today. I agree 100 percent that God wants us to love all people. I am glad to see that they were wrong and repented." She said, "Thank you, for that. I am a little disappointed in the church's views on this matter, but that does not mean that we should judge them, but let God show them their errors."

"You are amazing! I love you so much." She replied, "You are the best husband, I love you too!" We looked into each other's eyes and connected so deeply in our souls that I could not take it anymore. Longing, need and lust took over and I kissed her with abandonment. I kissed her head, face, neck, and slowly removed every piece of clothing while kissing her voluptuous body. I removed my clothing, and we made love on the floor under the cool breeze of our open window. We did not make it to the bed. We reached our peaks and lay of the floor basking in our sweat, panting heavily and hugging. I did not leave her body. I whispered, "This was amazing. I love you!" She nodded in understanding, and she stated, " I love you too. I want more, but this time I am in control." I let her, and she was kissing my body, making me hard, mounting and riding me like a horse. She was moaning, and I was loving it. When we peaked and I released my seed in her, she said, "John, I love you, forever!" I said, "Same here". We cleaned up, climbed into bed for one more round and fell fast asleep. That night in October, Mary conceived again...

Nine months later she travails for hours. I am worried and praying she lives through it. I know she has delivered three babies safely, but the risk is always there. Hannah is in the room with me trying to comfort me, "Mama's gonna be alright, Papa." I said, "I know." Hannah will be four soon, and she is very bright. I hear a final push and cry from my wife, and I hear a baby crying. The nurse comes out and says, "Congratulations you have another son!" I was elated. I grabbed Hannah's hand and barged into the room, and there Mary was on the bed looking tired, sweaty and happy. I said, "Mary, he is handsome. He has all his limbs and favored her more in the face, but that was fine. I asked her, "Do you have an idea for a name? She said, "Joseph." I said, "Perfect, what do you think Hannah? Do you like the name?" She nodded yes. Mary giggled a little and said, "I am glad you approve! Now, I need to rest. See you both soon." I said, " I will bring J.J. in when he gets up in the morning. I will join you as soon as I get Hannah to bed." I kissed her on the lips. I kissed Joseph on the head, and I brought Hannah to her room, got her ready for bed, said a prayer, and kissed her cheek. She laid down and fell asleep. I went to our room, lay next to my sleeping wife with the new babe in her arms and fell fast asleep. Seven days later, I took Joseph to the first church and had him baptized on 10 July 1644. Despite all the losses these past years, God is still blessing us!


Information about Anne's death online.

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These chapters lead up to the decade of Habitual drunkenness and the excommunication from the church.

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