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Chapter 19 Joseph and Hannah Marry

Note: The next chapters will be focused on the first two children to marry. Joseph was first in 1667, and Hannah followed later that year. The first grandchild is born on this year as well. This chapter begins in 1666.


1666 Joseph POV

As I am sitting in the back of the church on the Sabbath listening to Reverend Mathers drone on and on about how we should live and work for Christ, I see a pretty girl sitting in one of the pews a few seats in front of us. She caught my attention when she walked into church. She had light brown hair similar to mine, brown eyes with long lashes, a heart shaped face, and a nice lace bonnet. They have allowed women to wear more lace and have long hair. I have never noticed her before, but I knew she was a maid by looking at the dress she wore. It was a nice, modest dress, but looked a little old and worn. Her station in life did not bother me because both of my parents were indentured servants when they first settled here. I whispered to my parents that I wanted to lag behind today because I wanted to meet the girl that she caught my attention.

My parents both nodded in understanding, and I pointed to the girl a few pews in front of us. My father whispered, "Joseph, I can see why you want to meet her. She is pretty. Not as pretty as your mother, but she might suit you well. Plus, you are 22 years old and have a steady income, so I do not see what is wrong with marrying young. Good luck!" He said this with a wink. I smiled at his reaction. It was good to see him back to church because he had been banished due to his excessive drunkenness. He repented and has worked hard to remain sober. I am proud of him. My mother heard him and gave me a thumbs up telling me she agreed.

After church, I saw her take a seat under the tree in the Common and open her Bible to read it. I approached her and asked if I could sit with and talk to her. She said, " Sure!"

Sarah POV

As he approached, I noticed his quality Sunday clothing. It was of latest fashion and well made. He had wavy brown hair, a square jaw, chocolate brown eyes indented with a prominent brow. He was handsome and had a nice smile as he introduced himself. " My name is Joseph Hurd, and I am the son of John Hurde the well known tailor, the neighbor to Mr. Hull, on the Street to Roxbury. I have been trained as a tailor since I was three. I have three other brothers, John Jr (J.J.), Benjamin and Jacob. Jacob is the only son who did not like tailoring, so he trained as a joiner." I said, " It is nice to meet you, Joseph. My name is Sarah Long, and I came here four years ago on a late ship as an indentured servant. I happen to work as a maid for John Hull and family. My contract is over." Joseph looked at her with surprise, "You work for the Hull's! How come I have never seen you here before? I said, " Well, I am a maid and could not leave the house. I cooked, cleaned, and helped take care of the children. My contract is over, so I do not have to work for them now."

Joseph POV

John Hull is a famous goldsmith in the area, and was our wealthy neighbor. "My parents are neighbors and good friends with the Hull's. They even sold him 24 acres of land in Braintree when I was 4 years old. I now am 22. That was a long time ago. She stated, "Yes, that is where I worked. They built a home there, so I was the maid there. They are in their other home right now, so we are neighbors. I said, " Great, our shop and homestead are right next door. Earlier today I saw you enter the church, and you took my breath away." She smiled and blushed at the complement. I asked her to tell me about her childhood. She said, "I was born in England, and my parents passed away from consumption when I was 5. My uncle became my guardian, and allowed me to come here as a maid for the Hull's. I am now 23 years old, and all done my contract. You have taken by breath away too. After a pause, she replied, "I have seen your mother before, but tell me about your family." " My father has a sketchy reputation because of his drunkenness, but he loves God, my mother and us. He deals with stress and loss. He is well know for his tailoring skills. He started out as an indentured servant under the Hutchinson's, became free, married my mother who was a nurse for the late Nathaniel Heaton, and opened his own shop. My mother had my brother, John, my sister Hannah. John died the same year J.J. was born, so he is named in his memory. My parents had 4 more children who died very young. My mother had a total of 10. Only five of us survived infant hood. Hannah is 26, J.J is 24, I am 22, Benjamin is 14 and Jacob is 11. Jacob was not good with sewing, so he is interested in being a joiner. I trained with my father starting at three and went to school to learn the reading, writing and arithmetic." I asked her if she had any siblings. She said, " I have one named, James, but he stayed in England and works with her uncle as a gentleman. He uncle never married, so her brother was the heir to the estate. They were not members of the aristocracy. I said, " I would like to get to know you more. Would you like to know me more as well?" She said, "Yes, I like you and want to know you more. I stated, "Then let's court?" She nodded yes, so we walked back home which was a couple blocks away, and I went with her next door to the Hull's. When John saw me come in, I was greeted warmly. I asked him if we could talk in his study. He said, "Sure, follow me." I went into his study, and sat in very luxurious chairs. He offered me some brandy or ale. I declined and mentioned that I came to discuss Sarah with him. I told him my intentions to court her. We met today after church and have mutual interest in each other. He agreed since she is done her contract and wants to marry that is why he recommended sending her to church to meet someone. He approved of our match. He gave me some conditions and rules for courting, and invited me and my family to dinner this week. I said I would discuss it with my parents and get back to him. I came out of the office and told her the good news. She was very happy. She was free from duties, so she could accompany me to my house.

When we arrived at my home ,which was next door, my mother greeted Sarah with a hug welcoming her into our home. I introduced her, "Mother, this is my girl, Sarah Long." My mother recognized her from her visit to the Hull's estate. She said to Sarah, " I've seen you before. You were the maid in the Hull's new estate. I have heard that you are free from your contract. That is so exciting. I was done mine when I met John. I worked as a nurse/nanny for the Heaton's. Mr Heaton passed away, and Elizabeth has since married again." Sarah could see some similarities with my mother, and my mother approved of our match immediately, and said she would make a good wife for me." I said, "Thanks Mother! We got permission from Mr Hull, and has asked all of the family to dinner this week. What day do you think would work? She said, " How about Wednesday? Sarah answered that should be fine. My mother did ask Sarah to eat dinner this evening and she accepted. I took her on a tour of our estate, and the shop. I showed her my work area, and some projects I was working on. She was amazed at my work. My father came waltzing in and said, "My boy, I heard you brought the girl you pointed out at church home with you to meet us. I said, "Yes Father, this is Sarah Long. She was a maid for the Hull's and just finished her contract." My father looked at Sarah, and asking her some questions, he approved of my choice immediately. I was so happy. We had dinner and discussed our courtship rules. My siblings really liked Sarah as well. Hannah remembered her, and they became good friends. Sarah asked Hannah if she was courting yet. Hannah just blushed and said, "Not yet, but you never know who God has planned for you." Sarah said, "True". We left, and I walked her home, and gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her a goodnight.

We courted for a few months. Our connection was strong that we fell in love...

Little did Hannah know that the one lived only a block away and that she would meet him soon......


Joseph and Hannah Marry pt 2 coming soon!

Sarah's family background is unknown and completely fiction.

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