Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 22 Joseph and Hannah Marry Pt 2

Joseph POV (adult content in this chapter)

We have been courting for a few months now. I asked Mr. Hull for permission to marry Sarah. He gave me his blessing and told me what the next steps were after she accepts.

In the Common

Our connection is stronger, and we confessed our love by our favorite tree in the Common this morning. I looked into her eyes and saw a great future with lots of children. I asked her on bended knee to be my wife. She said with tears in her eyes, "Yes, Joseph, A thousand times yes!" I was so excited that I kissed her passionately on the lips. The kiss was our very first, and it was full of affection, longing and made us want more. We stopped to catch our breath. My heart was racing so fast that I placed her hand on my heart. I told her. "My heart is racing for you! I love you so much! Sarah, I can not wait to make you my wife." She said, "Ditto!" We both giggled like children. We were so excited about our news that we ran one block to my home and told my parents.

Later in the evening we had our betrothal ceremony. We pledged to marry each other. We decided to marry on the Second day of the new year which was in six weeks. I wanted to make a few new dresses for Sarah. We chose a nice cloth for the dress, a lace collar, and a new bonnet.

The three banns were accepted, and we were to marry in two weeks. The Hull's had me over for dinner and told me to pack a bag for the week. I was going to have my ultimate test. Sarah and I were going to sleep in the same bed with a board set down the middle. After dinner, we dressed in our night clothes. We were completely covered. We got into the bed, and talked about a variety of subjects. We held hands over the board, and we prayed that we would remain patient to be intimate. We were both caught in temptation a couple days before the wedding. It was so hard especially when we started kissing. Our hands tended to roam. I tended to rub her back and place my hands on her bottom. Our kisses would arouse me, and I would end up with a hard member. When that happened, we stopped. I blushed in embarrassment,and she was as red as a tomato. We had to make ourselves stop. Of course, I whispered in her ear. "On our wedding night, we won't have to stop." She said with a bashful smile, "I know." I said, "Let's get to sleep." She whispered back, "What are you going to do about your problem down there?" I whispered, "Let me have your hand." I opened my bottoms to release my hard member. I took her hand, made her wrap her hand and had her milk it. It felt so good, and I released into the chamber pot. I wiped her hand, and kissed her palm. We laid down with the board between us and fell asleep.

The days went quickly. We were finally getting married later in the day. My father made us a room above the shop to sleep in as a married couple. I was pleased with how it came out. It had a fireplace, a large bed across the room. It had a dresser that had lots of drawers. The room had a closet for Sarah's dresses and my church clothes. The bed had a canopy and two windows. The room was above the shop, but it had access to the main house, so we could still be with family. My father did promise to buy land for us, but he wanted to wait until all of us boys marry. I decided to have my room candle lit, and have a tray with strawberries, finger sandwiches, little cakes and some wine ready for our special night.

I dressed in my Sunday best and walked next door to the Hull's. I knocked on her door, and her beauty took my breath away. Her new gown I made looked gorgeous. I asked her, "Are you ready? She said, Yes and gave me a quick kiss. We dressed in our winter capes, and walked out of the Hull's. We walked to our favorite tree in the Common. The snow started falling, so we made it quick. All my family, the Hull's, Church officials, the Cowell's who lived down the street, and community members were gathered to witness it. The Magistrate stated: Do you agree to love one another, be faithful to one another, respect one another, and marry? Sarah and I said in unison: "We agree!" The Magistrate said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." We went to the courthouse and registered our marriage. Then we walked to the Hull's for a modest meal of lobster, bread, butter, cheese, and small cakes and plenty of sack posset. We talked about local happenings, future plans, told silly stories. I looked around and saw Hannah talking to John Cowell. They seemed to be in deep discussion, and I had a feeling that they would be courting soon. Hannah bid him goodbye and took my bride away to get ready.

Sarah POV

Hannah approached me and said, "Sarah, it is time to get ready for your wedding night. She took me over to the Hurd homestead, and we entered the shop. She took me through the back door and upstairs. There were two doors. The door to the left went into the main hallway of the house. The door strait ahead was our bedroom. She led me into the door, and gave me a box with a big bow on it. I said, "This is for me! She nodded. I opened it and saw a special night gown. It was silk with a lace around breast area. It was very revealing, and it was perfect for my groom. I changed out of my wedding dress and into the night gown. I was told to sit on the bed, and Joseph would be in soon. I looked around the room. The fire was lit in the fireplace. There were candles lit on all flat surfaces. He even had a tray of food and wine. I thought this was so romantic. I started to get nervous about what was going to happen tonight, but excited at the same time. A few moments later Joseph walked into the room. His eyes popped out of his head when he saw me on the bed. He licked his lips and approached me. He started to undress, and he pulled me into his arms. I looked into his eyes, and I saw want, longing, love and lust. He started to aggressively kiss me and told me. "I have waited for this moment for months. I know you are nervous, but I promise, I will cherish and love every inch of you tonight. I will try to be gentle, but once the pain is over, it will be very pleasant from then on. I love you Sarah. Are you ready to become one?" Yes, Joseph, I want all of it and you!

He slowly removed my nightgown. Kissing and touching me everywhere. He said that I was beautiful. I finished undressing him, and I told him he was handsome. We were joined, and once the pain subsided. We were moaning, calling out, and we reached our peaks. He released his seed. We heard people outside in the hallway cheering and making raucous behavior. I flushed with embarrassment and he put on a robe. He went to the door and said, "The deed is done. Now leave and tell the church that consummation was successful". When he came back, he said, "I can not believe that people would be listening through our door. I realize it is embarrassing, but every newly married couple experiences it." I looked at my husband and said, "I am very embarrassed that my friends heard all of our moans and grunts, but I guess the church wants proof of our joining. He kissed my forehead, and offered me some wine and snacks. We ate to replenish our energy. We kissed again and we made love all night long until we were satiated and fell asleep with our bodies intertwined. It was a night we would never forget.


Joseph is now married to Sarah. The marriage traditions do not change until later in the 1700's, so you will see very similar events for each child that marries.

Hannah talked to John Cowell at the wedding meal. Their story is next.

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