Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 26 Hannah Marries 1

November 1667 (Adult Content in chapter)

John C POV

It was finally a week before our wedding, and I had just finished supper at Hannah's home. We sat in the living area. Hannah was holding her niece while Sarah was getting the baby's bath ready.

I was talking to Jacob about his trade, and asked if he needed any nails made or new tools. He mentioned that his mentor had all of the supplies, but when he was finished his apprenticeship, he would definitely have me supply him with the tools needed to make furniture.

I said, "Great!" I asked him more about his schooling. He said that he attends the Mather School House in Dorchester, and will finish soon because he is not going to College. He is taking on a trade. I asked him if that is where he met his best friend.

He said, "Yay, but she only attended for three hours in the morning. They had a separate area for the girl's instruction. We used to hang out before her father came by carriage to take her home, then I would get my ride. Before school we use to play with others while waiting for classes to begin. Now, her instruction is done. She only learned to read, write and basic arithmetic. It was the same type of education Hannah received."

I said, "That is interesting. I went to the same school with your brothers Joseph and John Jr. John was done two years before us, and we did not go college route either. Thanks for sharing about your friend."

Hannah approached me just as I finished talking to Jacob. 'I liked the young man because he had courage to pursue something different than his brothers, and that he might marry earlier than the norm. I found his story about meeting up his future girl intriguing.' Hannah fanned her hand in front of my face trying to get me out of my thoughts.

She asked, "What are you thinking about?

I answered, "Oh, I was just talking to your little brother, Jacob, and he was telling me about school, his apprenticeship and his friend. I was thinking how much I liked him because he is brave to follow his heart and do something different than your father and brothers in trade.

She replied, "Yes, he is brave. I remember when my father was trying to teach him how to sew, and Jacob would get so frustrated and throw a tantrum because he could not cut straight or sew evenly. I think the only thing Jacob was good at was sewing on buttons, so my father asked him what he was interested in. Jacob told him that he liked to work with wood, hammers and saws. He could measure fine and liked working with his hands. My father sought a fellow tradesman who could help Jacob with this interest. I do not know how many times he came running in crying because he felt like a failure and that he was disappointing my father with his lack of sewing skills. Even Benjamin tried to help Jacob, and it just did not work."

I responded, "I can understand that frustration. At least, he has a father willing to help him find a different trade that is more suitable for him. Your father must be very proud of him now."

She looked up at me from her lashes and smiled, "Yes, he is very proud. It took plenty of affirmation from my father to convince Jacob of that fact though. My father even took Jacob to the man that he recommended Jacob to. Now Jacob's happier and less stressed. He feels more accomplished as well. He even made my father a wooden box to store his pins and needles in. My father adored it."

I looked into her eyes and said, "I am glad I met you, and that I am marrying into your family. It's so loving and accepting. I know of many boys whose father's could care less whether they were good at their craft. They would force them to practice until they got it right."

She said, "Aww. I am glad I met you too. Well, I guess it's time for our test, huh?

I said, " Yes, I know. I will change into my bed clothes in Joseph's old room and see you in a few minutes, and I kissed her forehead.

Hannah looked up at me with a nervous look. I said, "Hannah, we will be alright. I will not break the rules during this test even though it will be a huge temptation. Fret not."

I went into the room and changed into my bed clothes. I kept my shirt tied up to my neck. I kept my breeches on, and waited for her to say she was changed. When I walked into the room, she was dressed completely modest and covered. I looked at her bed and the board was installed down the middle. She looked at me awkwardly for a minute and said, J..John,....I want to show you something. Jacob installed the board for us, also you see that cedar wood chest. It was made by him and given to me today as a wedding gift. Isn't it beautiful? He really has a gift for woodwork."

I said, "He most certainly does. You see these hinges?

She said, "Yes". "They were made by me." I said.

She said, " These are exquisite. You are an amazing blacksmith."

I approached her, put my hands on her shoulders, leaned in and whispered, " I made them with lots of care because you are amazing, and I love you. I am patiently waiting for the day when I call you mine." With that I kissed her passionately on the lips, and when we let go, we stepped back to catch our breath.

We looked at each other and I said, "We should get some sleep. I am counting the days Hannah, and it will be worth the wait." She said, "I agree, and I trust you to keep your promise. I love you, John! Goodnight my love!" I said, "Good night, sweetie! We held hands over the board, said a prayer and fell asleep.

Our nights of bundling were getting more difficult not to be intimate, but we stuck to our promise, and now it's our wedding day.

I walked over to my estate and readied my room. I made sure the bed was fresh. I had a tray of light snacks including my favorite fruit, strawberries. I had the chef make some whipped cream, and I bought a nice wine from the tavern down the street. I made sure there was fresh wood in the fireplace, new candles in the stands. I instructed Joseph to come and light the fire and candles just before she arrives. Sarah and Mary agreed to get Hannah ready for our special night. I wanted everything ready. I also requested roses placed on the dresser. Every one worked really hard to make this night special.

I dressed in the wedding clothing Hannah had her brothers make. It was time. I arrived at Hannah's home, went to her room and knocked.

She said, "Come in!"

I walked and stopped with my mouth agape. I was completely speechless. She looked so beautiful that I could not speak. After a slight pause, I walked to her and kissed her passionately. I heard throat clear behind me and it was her father.

He said, "Sorry to interrupt but the Magistrate has arrived and is waiting in our living room. I told him we would be right down.

I looked at Hannah and said, "Are you ready to get married?

She said, "Yay!" We held hands and went down the stairs. The Magistrate had us hold hands. He said, " Do you Hannah Hurd and John Cowell agree to love one another, be faithful to one another, respect one another, raise your children together, and marry until death separate?

We responded in unison, "We agree!"

He said, "By the power vested in me as a Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now leave and register.

We left the house hand in hand. We took a horse drawn carriage to the courthouse because it was raining outside. After we registered, we headed back to my home. I had the driver take a long ride to my home, and not to interrupt and wait for door to open. I wanted to spend time alone with my bride before dinner. On the way we kissed, and said in a raspy voice. As much as I want to ravish you here, I would be difficult to explain to our dinner guest. No worries, you will be mine very soon."

Hannah's POV

When he said that to me, all I could feel is my abdomen clench and a wetness of desire. I responded, "I know. I feel the same. I took his hand, lifted my skirts, and let him feel my arousal. I whispered, "See I am hot and ready for you already and I am not naked yet." He whispered back, "Oh, I feel you are, so wet for me. Let me insert my finger in you for a few. He put his finger in very carefully and said, "Does that feel good?"

I moaned and answered in between my pants said, "Yes, But the carriage just stopped."

He removed his hand, fixed my skirts, and said, "We will continue this later. If you think my finger felt good, just anticipate and imagine how good my member will feel in you. We just need to wait a little longer, Sweetie." I turned pink and nodded in agreement. He gave me a lingering kiss, and opened the door.

We stepped down and went into his home for a modest dinner of turkey soup, bread, cheese cubes, butter, and plenty of sack posset. My father already had one, and I could tell that he was going to get a little drunk. My mother was fanning herself.

I went to her and said, "Mom, Are you okay?.....


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