Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 27 Hannah Marries 2

Hannah's POV (Caution: Adult themes and sexual content in this chapter)

My mother was fanning herself. I went to her and asked, "Mom, Are you okay?

My mother looked at me with sweat rolling down her forehead. She said in a whisper so no one else could hear, "I just began flashing. It is the result of me growing old Hannah. My body is changing, and I can not have anymore children. I told you the other day about my mood swinging as well. I got sharp tongued to Benjamin the other day for leaving his socks on the floor. I harped on him for a long time on how he never cleans up after himself, and we all had to do it after him. I was so mad that your father had to tell me to calm down. Once I did, I came out and had to apologize to Benjamin for reacting that way. My mood just swung. Sometimes I get upset and over emotional as well. Can we step outside for a minute for me to cool off?"

I said, "Yay, let me tell John that I am stepping out with you for a minute." I turned to John and said, "My mother is very hot right now, so I am going to take her outside to cool off."

He said, "Make sure you grab your cloak its chilly and damp out there." I whispered, "My mother is going through her mid-age change just letting you know. I will tell you more about it soon." He nodded in understanding. I gave him a short kiss on the lips, grabbed my cloak and took mother outside to the garden. It was cold and rainy, but mother did not care.

I asked her, "Is this helping you at all?

She nodded and said, "Hannah, I want to tell you that I will miss you a lot even though you are down the street. You are the only surviving daughter that I have, and I love you so much. I want to let you know that I appreciate you taking time from your wedding meal to come out here with me. I also want you to know that your wedding night will be wonderful. I will tell you that your first time will hurt a little, but once the pain goes, it is very pleasurable. I want you to have children, and enjoy those years because when you get to my age in your 50's, you will experience these symptoms too. Your emotions are everywhere, you get heat flashes, and you can have mood swings. But the best part of my age now is seeing my children get married and have their own children. I can be intimate and not worry about pregnancy, and I can enjoy being a grandma."

I said to her, "Mom, you are the best role model ever. You have taught all of us Christian values. You taught us to love first and not judge. You taught us how to be good spouses by your example. I amazed John when I told him that I can sew, weave, bake, cook, quilt and nurse. You taught us that we can have what you have in a spouse. We all are very thankful to God that he allowed us to have you both as parents. I love you, Mom. I will take what you have told me to heart and learn what to do when I get your age."

My mother had tears in her eyes. They were tears of gratitude, love, joy and bitter sweetness. She knew she had to let all of us grow and leave the nest. She was just trying to come to terms with the fact that it is at the same time as her change.

After a short pause, I asked, "Are you able to go back inside?" She hugged me and then nodded yes. We went in and my brothers and father rushed to her asking her if she was better. She nodded and said, "Let the feasting begin!" We all chuckled and ate the modest wedding feast of turkey soup, bread, cheese, clams and butter. We had little cakes for dessert.

My father was a little tipsy from drinking too much, but it was a celebration, and we knew he was dealing with his problems still. My father said a toast to us, and after a short while, the men were telling silly stories and playing games.

Sarah and my mother approached me and told me it was time to get ready for my wedding night. I looked at my husband, smiled and pointed upstairs. I winked at him and went up with them.

When I arrived upstairs I was brought into a good sized room with a large bed, a couch, a dresser with a vase of roses, candles lit on every surface, a fresh fire in the fire place, a tray of light snack foods including strawberries and a bowl of whipped cream, and a note from my groom on the vase of roses. I opened it immediately and it read:

To my sweetie,

I will be up, as soon as, your Mother and Sarah give me the go. I am sure you wonder what the whipped cream is for, well you will have to wait to find out. Pondering on our carriage ride earlier. Its gonna be a hot night of love making. Get ready! Hurry up! We've waited long enough! I Love You!

Your Husband.

p.s. This note is for your eyes only!

I took the note and put it back in the envelope, and my mother wanted to know what it said, but I said it was for my eyes only. She let it slide and handed me a box with a large bow on it. I opened it and it contained a fancy lace night gown. It was very revealing, but I knew it was to entice my groom, so I did not care. I washed up and changed into the nightgown. I was instructed to lay seductively on the bed, so I did. They left the room.

A few minutes later John walked into the room. He looked at me and immediately started to approach me.

John C POW

I walked into the room and saw my bride dressed in that lace nightgown, and I was speechless. I approached her, and said, "Wow! You are so sexy right now, but I want to see nothing on you, so I lifted the gown off her body and started to inspect her body. She had the curves in the right places. Her breasts were perfect and perky. I started getting aroused immediately. I let her undo my buttons, and undress me. She looked at me with lust in her eyes. She inspected my whole body and it aroused me more. I wrapped my hands around her and we kissed like it was our last. It was so passionate, full of longing, and want. I felt her whole body, and she touched mine too.

When she noticed my arousal and said, "John, Take me now, I am yours." I laid her on the bed, and we were joined. She flinched in pain for moment. I said, "I am so sorry." She said, "It is fine now. We can continue." We did just that. There was moaning, breathing heavy, grunting and yelling of names. When we reach our peaks, and I released my seed. We paused for a moment in euphoria and heard a celebration outside the door from our family. I did not leave the bed but yelled. "The deed is done. Now we want to be alone." We heard the voices of John, Mary, my father, Joseph and Sarah making a raucous. The noise faded. I got up. Put on a robe and cracked the door open. They were gone.

I turned back to my bride and said, "That was amazing! Are you sore?

She said, "A little, but I can go another round."

I chuckled, "Let's wait a little while. I want you to have a snack and wine with me." We each ate the finger sandwiches, and drank some wine. I picked up the bowl of strawberries and told her I have a plan for these.

She asked, "What do you have planned?"

"Well, I am going to eat these from your body. " She gave me a puzzled look.

I said, "Let me demonstrate."

I had her lay on the couch in the room. I took a strawberry and cut it in half and dipped it into the whipped cream. I placed it each breast. I look some more and placed them all over her body. I started eating each one from her face first, and licked all the cream. I did it on all her body parts. It was completely erotic, and she enjoyed it especially when I did her private area. She moaned and yelled my name.

She did the same off my body, then when she did my member, I knew we were going to join again and we did. She was on top of me riding like a horse, panting and moaning. We reached our peaks, and I released my seed again.

After this activity we had to take a bath. We were sticky from the cream, but we loved it. We even made love in the tub, and then we went again before we were satiated. We fell asleep naked and our limbs intertwined on the bed.

Hannah POV

I woke up this morning with my husband kissing my body. He woke me up when he started touching and licking my breasts. He said in a soft seductive voice, "Good morning my sweetie! How did you sleep?"

I answered, "Wonderful. I thought I was dreaming, but now that I am awake, I am so ready for more of your loving."

He said in between his kisses and licks, "Is that so?" I nodded with a wink. He said, "Well, Let's take care of that need." We were joined again, and it was even better than before. We did not get out of bed until later that day. We just could not get enough of each other. We ate all the snacks and wine the night before and this morning so we were hungry. .

We put on robes and had a servant give us fresh bath water and fresh sheets since the ones were pretty soiled from our love making. We went down stairs for our meals and then back to bed we went. We ended up soiling the new sheets, but it was worth it. We ended our day in bed loving each other....


Notes: I have to rate this chapter as smoking hot. Not quite smut but it was very sensual and erotic.

Mary deals with Menopause. This condition was considered taboo to talk about in this time period that is why Mary talks about it to only Hannah in a whisper. Women never look forward to this because, she knows she can not longer bare children, and they feel old. I will research some remedies for her in the next chapter.

Next chapter name: Menopause & miscarriage &more babies

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