Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Ch 28 Grandchildren and Apprenticeship

Joseph Hurd's Rooms ( Adult content in chapter)

"Oh Jos...That feels so good! Oh...Oh...Ooh...Harder! Faster! Oh My Jos...mmm...mmm...mmm" Sarah shouts and moans as Joseph pushes, grunts, and says, "Oh Sweetheart.. feel so good too...huh... Oh...Yeah Baby!" She shouts, "Oh...mmm, Oh My Joseph!" He could not hold back, he grunted, and he released his seed! As they finished their love making session, they were both sweaty, breathing heavily, and the room smelled of sex. Sarah said, "That was amazing! I love you, Jos." He said, " I love you too, Sweetheart!"

A few months later, Sarah announced she was with child again. John and Mary were thrilled that they were becoming grandparents again. Joseph was very happy. He hoped for a boy, but if he had a girl, he would happy. When the time came the midwife was called, Hannah, who was 7 months along, Mary and a couple nurses were there to deliver. Sarah travailed for hours and after the final push, she had another baby girl. At notification, Joseph came rushing in to name her. He named her Mary after his mother. He said to Sarah, "Sweetheart, she is precious! You did a good job! I love you! Now rest, and she said, "Ditto," and went to sleep. The baby lived a couple weeks, and caught a very high fever. She died right before Hannah's first baby was born, so Hannah named her first born Mary in honor of her mother and niece who died. Joseph and Sarah were devastated at the loss of their child. They new that God gives and takes away, and they were to bless his name anyway. They did, and thanked God for the surviving child, Sarah, who was barely 2 years old.

Jacob's POV 1669

Meanwhile, Jacob finished his schooling, and now he was doing an apprenticeship with someone who works as a joiner for a trade. A joiner is known to make furniture, but also works in carpentry making homes.p

Jacob met Henry Messenger through his father and set up an apprenticeship making furniture and cabinetry. Jacob was now 14 and he wanted to be done this early, so he could meet Anna again. Anna Wilson of Charlestown was a girl he met at primary school. She had to go to dame school in a separate room from the boys. She was the same age as him, but she was done school earlier because girls needed to learn home chores and other skills. He started the task of sanding some wood, and he was thinking about the young girl. He said to himself, 'I wonder what she is doing right now. I wonder how tall she has grown. I wonder if she is doing her sewing. I miss talking to her every day before and after school every day. I hope she sticks to her promise in 5 years when I am done because I am going to search for her and reconnect with her.'

He will be 19 years old when he finishes. They both will be 20 that year.' He was smiling as he was daydreaming. Mr. Messenger said, "Jacob! Earth to Jacob! I wonder what you are thinking about. You have a large grin on your face."

Jacob came out of his trance and looked at Mr. Messenger and said, "Oh, I am so sorry. I was thinking about my best girl friend from school. She is just a friend at the moment. I am too young to marry." Henry looked at Jacob and said, "Well, you must be fond of her because you had the largest smile on your face." Jacob responded, "Yay, I am fond of her and miss her a lot. After I finish my apprenticeship here, I am going to Charlestown, and I am going to ask her to court. She gave me a promise that when I finish, she would be waiting for me."

Henry gave Jacob a knowing look. Henry said, " Well, let us get started on that goal, eh..? You should have no problems getting done by the time you turn 19 years old. I might be able to send you on some projects in that area as well. That might help you to see her once in a while. Jacob responded, "Thank you, Mr. Messenger so much." Henry looked up at him and said, "Please call me, Henry! Even though I am you mentor, I feel weird having you address me so formally." Jacob nodded and continued to sand the chair leg he was helping to make.

Hurd Tailoring Shop December 1670

John Jr was sewing a new pair of breeches for a client. Benjamin was sewing a new shirt. Joseph was sewing a new dress along with his father. John Jr. looked up and addressed his father. Father, will you mind if I leave to talk to Hannah this afternoon. I have not seen her since she had her baby. His father looked up from the garment he was sewing. You do not have to get permission. You are a grown man. John Jr said, “ Great! I will leave in a little bit.”

All the men were in a conversation when Benjamin asked his father, “Father, have you heard from Jacob and how his apprenticeship is going? I miss him terribly. He has been staying with the Messenger’s because of the long workdays.” John answered, “As far as I know, he is on the path to finish early. Henry has told me that Jacob has a gift. I told Henry that I wish God had given him the gift of the needle and thread, but he did not. Jacob seems to be very happy. I am sure he will visit us soon.”

Benjamin said, “Yeah, I understand. I miss him. I wonder if he still thinks about little, Anna. Father, she was a handsome little girl back then. Imagine how handsome she will be when they meet again.” His father looked at him and said, “I am sure Jacob will be smitten with her. Maybe we can set up a surprise visit from her on his birthday this year. You know he will be 15 years old. Wow, Time flies. I remember when you all were babies. Now you are all grown. Benjamin you will be 18 this year. Joseph is now married and a father. And you J.J, I hope you find someone to marry soon.” John Jr looked up at his father and said, “ God has not sent her my way yet. There is no rush. I am quite content here at the moment.” John understood and went back to sewing. Benjamin asked Joseph how he likes married life. He answered, “I love it especially when we are in private. We can not get enough of each other.” He said with a lump in his throat. He was implying that the best parts are when they are naked in bed making hot love, but did not divulge that information to his brothers and father. Just thinking about it made him aroused. He had to stop this talk or he would have to leave the room and ravish his wife again. They have been trying to have another baby, so they have been very active lately.

John Jr finished his sewing and bid the men, Good bye. He walked down the street, entered the blacksmith shop, and was John C making tools, his father working on horseshoes. He came to the counter, and John C greeted him, “Hello, JJ what can I do for you?” J.J answered, “Is my sister home?”

John C said, “Yes, let me go into the house and tell her you are here in case she is nursing.” He went into the house and found Hannah had just finished feeding baby, Mary. He said, “Sweetie, your brother, John is here so visit.” She told him to let him in.

When John Jr entered he saw Hannah sitting in a rocker holding baby, Mary. Hannah looked up at him and said, “Hello, John! Do you want to hold her?” He answered, “Yes. How are you Hannah? How is married life? He asked as he held the baby. Hannah answered, “I am doing well. I am getting used to being a mom. It is a little different than taking care of young siblings. Married life is wonderful especially if you find the right person and have great chemistry. We cause explosions when we are intimate if you understand what I am saying.” John Jr felt a tightness in his throat and his face turned to a shade of red. She saw his reaction and said with coyness her voice, “ Aww..Did I embarrass you? Fret not! You will understand when you marry.” He said, “Yes, I hope it is soon, all my siblings seem to have someone in mind or already found their loves. I think Benjamin has a crush on a girl at church, but he is too bashful to approach her. Jacob has his path planned. You and Joseph have married. I have no one yet.”

Hannah noticed he was getting impatient, so she asked him if she could pray with him. He said yes, so she started

“Dear Heavenly Father,

We praise your name, and we know you are in control of our destinies. Please send John the women you have meant for him soon. Please grant him patience while waiting. Let him focus on you. Also, while he waits he can be the best brother in law and uncle to his nieces and future nephews. In Jesus name we pray.” They both said, “Amen.”

John thanked his sister for her amazing faith and he felt more a peace and at ease. He vowed to God that he would do just what the prayer said, ‘ To wait on God’....

The following years leading up to Benjamin and Jacob’s love stories, Joseph and Sarah had three more children; Hannah (1670), Mehitable (1671), and Mary (1673). Mary did not survive.

Hannah and John Cowell had two children; Hannah (1672) died young and John Jr (1674).

Mary and John praised God for his goodness and blessing upon them and were thrilled with their grand children.


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