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Ch 30 Benjamin and Jacob Court 2

Charlestown, March 1674 Jacob’s POV

I just finished my apprenticeship, and I was looking for a place to set up my own joinery shop. I was riding my horse into Charlestown, Massachusetts to scope out land to purchase because the area was great for people in my field. We could get plenty of wood and would not have to pay wharf age. There was a nice plot owned by Daniel Davidson that was for sale. I made a note to contact him that I was interested in purchasing it later.

Meanwhile, I was on my way to Anna’s home. I promised her that I would come back when I was done my apprenticeship. Today is the day and my 19th birthday. Henry did keep his promise, and I have visited her a couple of times in the last four years, but they were just visiting to catch up.

My first-time reconnecting with Anna (believe it or not) was my 15th birthday four years ago. My parents sent her a dinner invitation for her to come and surprise me with a visit for my birthday. When she arrived, I was even more smitten with her. She was beautiful with long wavy light brown hair, brown eyes with long lashes, a heart shaped face with rosy perfect lips. Her lips were not too thin or thick. She had dimples when she smiled, and it made me speechless. Her height was not too short or tall. She was curvy and appealing to the eye.

After a slight pause, she said, “Surprise, Happy Birthday!” I was so shocked that all I could do is stand there and nod my head like a mute person. I finally found the words to say, “Thank you! Anna, you have grown and changed so much since I saw you last. I can not believe you are here. How did this happen?”

Anna replied, “Well, I got an invitation from your mother. She said that you missed me, and that you wanted me to come to your birthday dinner. I sent her a reply saying I accepted her invite.

“Oh Anna, I have missed you terribly, “and I embraced her in a side hug. She accepted the hug and said, “I missed you too. You came to mind every time I would sew because I knew you were a son of a tailor but did not have the gift to sew. How is your apprenticeship going?”

I answered with a smile, “I am learning from Henry Messenger and progressing well. I should be done sometime around my 19th birthday. He has promised me that I can visit you when I make deliveries to your area. Would you like that?

She said, “Oh Yes Jacob, I would love that. It is a lovely town with a large port and a large hill. When you come on your 19th birthday to visit me, we could take a walk to the hill and have a picnic?

“Oh Anna, I would love that. When I am done learning, I am going to see you and court. Do you want to do that? Will you wait 4 more years for me?” I asked.

She responded, “Yes Jacob, I would, and I will wait as long as need be to make me your bride.”

We will see when the time comes, Anna. I am so thrilled to see you here. I have so much to tell you and show you! I cannot believe this. This is the best gift I have ever had. I kissed her on the cheek, and she flushed pink on her cheeks. I thought it was adorable. “Well, we should probably sit at the table. The others will think I got lost.” She agreed and went to the table. I introduced Anna to my parents, my sister, Hannah and her husband, John. She had baby, Mary in her arms. Joseph and Sarah were there with their daughter Sarah. John Jr (JJ) was at the table and Benjamin, who she already met from school, and they all welcomed her.

Anna sat at the table, and she was in her element. She was lovely, talkative, friendly, loved God and children, and enjoyed gardening, sewing and embroidery.

After dinner, we said our goodbyes, and she left in the carriage. My parents gave her a stamp of approval and knew that Anna was my match. We just had to wait 4 more years...

Now, I am on my way to visit Anna. I sent her a quick note to tell her that I finished my apprenticeship, and it was my 19th birthday.

When I arrived, I dismounted my horse and approached her door with a bunch of flowers that I picked from Hannah’s rose garden. I knocked on the door, and Anna rushed to the door with excitement. Upon seeing me, she jumped into my arms and noticed that she squished the roses. She said, “Are those for me?”

I answered, “Of course, they are a little squished now, but they are still beautiful, but not as beautiful as you. Here these are for you!” I handed her the roses. She thanked me and smelled them.

Anna POV

“I did not notice those flowers when I jumped into his arms. I was so excited to see him today that I did not pay attention to what he was holding. I took them to the kitchen and put them into a vase my father sent my mother before he died. It was from my grandmother’s collections. They were sent just a week before that fateful and final trip home when his ship got caught in a severe storm and sank to the bottom of the sea. We were very sad at his death, but this vase gives us a happy memory of him.

I grabbed the basket of finger sandwiches, berries, cheeses, and some cider for our picnic that I promised to take him on four years ago. Today was his birthday, and I wanted to make it special.

When I entered the parlor, he looked so handsome. He had on his casual clothes that he does not wear to work. His hair was wavy and light brown hair that was tied back, but windswept from his ride on his horse. He had beautiful chestnut brown eyes with bushy brows like his father, a square jaw with thin lips, and a nicely trimmed beard. He took my breath away for a moment. I approached him after a moment of staring and asked, “Jacob, do you want to walk to the large hill in town and have a birthday picnic?”

He said, “Of course.” We went for a walk to the large hill in town. I put down a blanket and emptied the basket. I took out the food, and he was surprised what it contained. We ate all the food and fed each other the berries, and then we laid down on the blanket looking up at the sky. Jacob turned his head and said, “Anna, thank you for being my best friend all these years. Four years ago, today I asked you if you would wait for me, and you said you would. Do you remember that promise?”

I answered looking into his eyes, “Yes and I kept it.

He looked a little longer and said, “Anna, you are the one for me. Would you like to court?

I said, “Jacob, I would love to court.

He said, “Good, I am so crazy about you. You are always on my mind and in my dreams. I dream of us marrying and having a lot of children. Do you dream of me?”

I said, “Yes, I dream of you all the time. I am crazy about you, too.

We lay there looking into each other’s eyes as if our souls are speaking, and then he leaned his face close to my lips and lightly kissed me on the lips. It was a sweet kiss and tasted of berries. I leaned in towards his lips and gave him a longer kiss that was full of longing and promise.

When we finished our kisses he said, “Let us go back to your home, talk to your mother, and ask for permission to court!” I agreed, and we packed up the basket and walked back to my home...


The big hill is called Bunker Hill, but I was not sure it was called it at that time, so I refer to it as a big hill.

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