Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Ch 31 Benjamin and Jacob court 3

When we arrived back at Anna’s home, I asked her mother if I could court Anna. I told her that I planned to visit on the weekends because my job had long hours during the week. Sometimes, I worked 12 hours a day, and since I still work for the Messenger’s, I usually stayed with them and then go home on Saturdays. My home was in South Boston, so it was a little ride on horseback, but a four hour walk to her home. She approved of our courtship because her husband mentioned that he liked me after Anna’s last day of school, and knew I came from a good family. He said that Anna talked about me often and thought of me, so her father mentioned that if he were not alive to see us court, that he would approve.

I asked if Anna could come with me to stay at my parent’s home for two overnight stays, and she would be home Sunday afternoon. That way she could share supper with us. It was my birthday, and my parents were having the whole family over for supper. I assured her that Anna would stay in Hannah’s old room which is now for guests. I also wanted Anna to come over so we could spend time together. I wanted her to come to church with me on Sunday as well. Her mother gave us permission. I also told her that if all goes as planned, I will want to marry Anna once I have enough money to open my own joinery shop. She agreed that it was a good plan. It also gave us time to get to know each other more. I told her mother that my parents would invite her and other children to come for dinner some day in the future.

I hurried and told Anna to change into riding clothes and to pack an overnight bag for two nights, so she could spend the day with me tomorrow and go to church with me on Sunday. She liked this idea and packed her bag. I had her mount my horse, hung her bag from the horse, and I got on behind her. She was sitting in front of me during the ride to my home and I tried everything to hide my arousal that formed when it was rubbing her backside during the ride. I prayed that she would not notice or say anything about it because I would die of embarrassment. Well, she did not seem to comment, so I breath a sigh of relief and wiped my forehead from sweat.

The Hurd Estate

When we arrived, I helped her dismount, grabbed her bag, and we went inside. My mother gave her a quick hug when she entered. She asked me. “Are you two now courting? I answered with a smile, “Yes”, as I adjusted my breeches so my aroused member would stay hidden. Then she mentioned that “Operation Benjamin” was a success. I said, “I am really happy for him. It is about time. He has been infatuated with Elizabeth for some time.”

She said, “He is at the Field’s right now getting to know her more.”

I said, “Great! I brought Anna over for everyone to get to know too. I even had her bring an overnight bag so she can stay here until Sunday afternoon. I hope you do not mind.”

She said, “No, she can sleep in Hannah’s old room. She asked the servant to lead Anna up to the room, so she could unpack and rest for a few minutes while she talked to me. My mother came to hug me and noticed my arousal. She giggled and said, “Umm...I noticed there is something wrong down there.”

I blushed and replied back in a whisper, “Mom, it is from letting her ride on the horse with me. I will take care of it in a minute, but I think I am in love with Anna. I know I must wait longer, but I am glad that we are at the courting stage.”

My mother said to me in my ear as she was embracing me in a hug, “I know you love her. You have talked about her, and you were always thinking about her. It was very similar to what me and your father were like when we met. It will be worth the wait. Trust me!”

I said, “I know that is why I tried to hide the arousal. I am so embarrassed.”

My mother teased, “It is natural when a man falls for a woman and goes for a ride on a horse...” Trying to stifle her giggle... “You know it is a very intimate position.” We laughed together.

My mother left our embrace, and she headed over to the guest room to talk to Anna, and I went into the shop to talk to my father. I found him sewing a new coat for a client as I approached him. I said, “Father, I am home, and I took Anna home with me. I wanted you to know that we are now courting.”

My father stopped sewing and looked up at me and said, “Congratulations! Will she be staying for supper and the weekend?”

I said, “Thank you! and Yes, she is staying in Hannah’s old room. Today, we went on a picnic on the big hill in Charlestown, and that is when I asked her to court. It was so lovely looking at the sky and the harbor from there. I think that is where I will propose marriage when the time comes. We went to see her mother for permission, and she approved. She also stated that her late husband would have approved too. He was always nice to me when he saw me after school with Anna. He told me on her last day that when I was done with my apprenticeship to look her up. That was in 1665. He died on a shipwreck in 1666 on the way back from England dealing with his mother’s affairs.”

My father said, “Wow, that must have been tragic for the family to experience a loss like that. Well, I guess you made a good impression on the man at such an early age.”

“Yeah, we were best friends, and Anna used to brag about me all the way home.” I stated.

“Huh...that is interesting Jacob. Not to change the subject, but is your brother, Benjamin home yet?” Father asked.

I answered, “Not yet!”

He said with a sly smile, “Well a new development in his life happened today as well. You see, thanks to Mr. Field and I we have arranged Benj. With Elizabeth, you know the girl he has been infatuated with at church?”

I said, “What?” Pretending I did not hear it first from, Mom. “Oh Wow, that is great news!”

He said, “Yes, and now you need to act surprise when he announces it to the family tonight, and by the way, Happy Birthday Son!”

I said, “I will act surprised, and Thank you!”

As I was going back into the house, my arousal from the ride went away, and I was relieved. I went into the parlor to find Anna sitting doing some needle point. I approached her and sat next to her quietly, as not to startle her. She noticed that I was there and stopped sewing. She said in a whisper, “I am glad to see your problem down there is gone.” I must have blushed three shades of red.

I stated back in a flirty whisper, “I am glad you did not say anything about it before now, but if I just get aroused from a simple horse ride with you. I am in so much trouble on our wedding” with my brows going up and down.

Then she blushed and became very mute. I looked at her and said, “Anna, I prayed you did not notice, but it was very hard to conceal it. The ride is so intimate. We might not ride together again until after our wedding. I do not want to fall into sin. Also, I respect you so much, I tried hide it and failed.”

She said, “Well, I did not notice. Your mother told me about it, and we had a giggling session in the bedroom. We must have giggled for a while. Anyway, I will not tell a soul, promise!”

Just as I was about to say something else, Benjamin came waltzing into the house with Elizabeth in tow. When he saw me, he jumped at me and hugged me tightly.

“Jacob, Happy Birthday Brother! I missed you so! How was your visit with Anna? Are you now courting? Is she here?” He did not realize that Anna was on the couch with me and was being squished by his body tackling me to the ground.

I responded, “Wo! Wo! Bro... One question at a time. Thank you for the birthday wish. Yes! I went to visit Anna, and it was wonderful. Yes, we are courting, and yes, she is here, as a matter of fact, you are on top of her lap right now.”

He looked to his side, and yelled, “Oh, I am so sorry! Anna. I did not see you there!”

I noticed the auburn, haired beauty behind him and said, “Benjamin, who is this auburn, haired beauty behind you?”

He got up and looked at us and said, “Jacob and Anna, meet Elizabeth Field, my girlfriend. We started courting today thanks to our fathers intervening.”

We said in unison, “Nice to meet you Elizabeth and Congratulations!”

She responded back, “It is nice to meet you too, and Congratulations on your new courtship as well. Oh, and Happy Birthday!”

I said, “Thank you!”

A little while later the rest of the family arrived for supper. Hannah and John came with my niece, Mary, and new nephew, John Jr. Joseph and Sarah came in with their three daughters and my three nieces, Sarah, Hannah and Mehitabel. My other brother J.J. and my father came in from the shop. They washed their hands and we all sat down at the table.

My father led us in a prayer thanking God for our growing family, our food, and his almighty blessings. We started to eat, and Benjamin announced his courtship to Elizabeth. Everyone said, “Its about time.” Then I said, “Anna and I are now in a courtship too.’ They all congratulated the four of us, and we all ate our meals of lobster, corn bread, butter, mashed squash, and little cakes to celebrate my birthday, and of course, ale or cider to drink. We all chose cider except for Father. He had to have ale. As we ate, our family was full of laugher and love...

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