Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Ch 33 Benjamin Marries 2

At the Hurd Estate

Jacob’s POV: A few days after Betrothal.

“Father, Benjamin gave me an idea on the day of his betrothal that I want to run by you.” I said as I approached my father. He was sewing new breeches for a client.

My father stopped sewing and gave me a questioning look and said, “What is the idea?”

“He mentioned that he and Eliza want a place to live above Joseph or if we could build an addition, so they could have their own living quarters like Joseph has,” I answered.

He held his finger to his mouth in thought and then said, “I like the idea, Jacob.”

He turned to Joseph and said, “What do you think? Do you think we can add a floor above your room to make a living quarter for Ben and his new wife?”

Joseph looked at me and then him and responded, “I think it is a great idea. The main house is getting full, and it is time to add onto our home to accommodate our growing families. Also, I would like to buy land and build a house for me, Sarah, and the children next year, because Jacob will probably marry after Ben, and then the house will be overcrowded.”

Father looked at both of us and said, “Okay, then we will add an addition on top of Joseph’s living quarters, then Ben and Eliza can live up there until Joseph moves out.”

Then I looked at Father and said, “Ben also mentioned to take down the wall joining my room and Hannah’s to make a living quarter for me when I marry Anna. I plan to buy land next year but will need to live here until then. Would that work Father?”

He said, “It might work as long as the wall is not load bearing.”

Since I was familiar with carpentry, I said, “If the wall be load bearing, then it would need support beam across where the wall used to be. The room would be bigger to support a larger bed and would have more room for belongings.” He nodded in agreement.

Father said, “You have my permission Jacob, but first let us focus on Benjamin’s living quarters.”

I said, “I agree. I will draw up the plans to add on and then get a few buddies of mine over to help add on.” I sent out some letters to my buddies. I had John Cowell make the extra tools, nails and any other metal items needed. Henry came over and helped along with his sons. We had the addition up and ready a week before Benjamin’s wedding.

I went into the shop downstairs and asked Benjamin to look at his new room. He was very pleased. It was very similar to Joseph’s. Joseph had a living room space and two bedrooms. One was for him and Sarah, and the other was for their girls. I made the bigger room in Benjamin’s quarters opposite Joseph’s, so they would have more privacy especially at night. I tried to soundproof the best I could, but you never know. When Ben saw the place, he was very happy. I made him a new bed and dresser. He said, “Jacob, this is perfect! Thank you!”

My humble reply was, “Ben, I have always been the closest to you. You are my best friend, and I wanted you to have the best. I hope that this place will be a good start for you both and enjoy the new furniture. Also, notice your bedroom is opposite Joseph’s so he will not hear your love making sessions at night. I said with a nervous, embarrassed laugh and a wink as if to say, ‘you know what I mean.’ Ben turned red, and we both chuckled and left the room.

He asked, “So did you get permission for your room from Father?

I said, “Yes, and I will work on it after your wedding.

He said, “Good well, I need to get back to work.

I said, “Okay, see you on the night before your wedding, and I left for work at the Messengers...

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