Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Ch34 Overcrowding 2

John’s POV (Adult sexual content in this chapter)

After a short while Benjamin returned from his tour with Jacob.
I asked him, “Do you like your new rooms?”
He answered, “Yes, very much. Jacob did a wonderful job and out bedroom opposite Joseph’s, so we do not disturb each other with our ’noises.” He then started to look embarrassed by what he was implying.

I looked at Benjamin and tried to ease is embarrassment by saying that making love to his wife as natural. I patted him on the back and said, ” It will be okay. Jacob was very thoughtful making the rooms that way. At least you will both have privacy with your wives.” He nodded and went back to work speechless. I knew he was embarrassed, so we let it be and did not say anything further.

I left the room and looked for Mary. The discussion with Benjamin and the boys made me aroused, and I needed to make love to my wife. Just thinking about what J.J. said, made me embarrassed, but my love for Mary hopefully will set an example for the boys to love their wives the same way.

I found my beloved outside hanging clothing on the line to dry. She looked so beautiful with her cheeks red from the cold air. She had her cloak on and a rabbit fur lined cap to keep her head warm. I approached her from behind and wrapped my arms around her waist. I whispered in her ear, “My Beloved, have I ever told you that you look beautiful with your cheeks all rosy? Have I ever told you that you take my breath away every time I look at you? Have I told you that you make me hard for you every day? Well, if I did not, then I just told you! Mary, my beloved, help me with my want for you!”
She said in a surprised voice, ” Right now? It is daytime and everyone is awake and working. What would I say when they hear us making noise in our throws of passion?”
I said, “We could send them to their homes, send the boys on deliveries, and then we can make love.”
Mary finished hanging the last garment, turned to look at me with sultry eyes, and said, “You are a genius, my husband! She rushed inside, and told the servants helping her that they had the rest of the day off and to go home.
I ran into the shop. I sent John Jr on an errand to deliver clothing to someone in Harwich. I sent Benjamin to visit Elisa for the afternoon. I sent Joseph to spend time with Sarah. All three guessed that their mother and I wanted to be alone. I ran up to our room. When I arrived, Mary was in her naked glory laying on the bed. I removed all my clothes as quick as I could, and then I joined Mary. I started kissing her face, neck, and breast. I kissed her birthing scars, her hips, legs, and then I looked at her with a naughty smirk.

She asked in a low voice, “John, what are you thinking?”

I ducked my head between her legs, and I kissed and licked her private areas.” She screamed with delight and said, “Oh, you naughty man!”

I said, “You are right, but only to you! You taste so yummy!” And I licked my lips. The next thing I said, “Now my member wants some.” I entered her. It was sweet ecstasy. We made love like bunnies, and once we were satiated, we took a nap. I love this woman more and more every day.
I said to her once we woke up, “Beloved, I love you more now than the day we married.”
She said,” Love, I love you more, too.”
“Mary, Jacob made living quarters for Benjamin and Eliza. He asked me permission to take down the adjoining wall between his room and Hannah’s, and I agreed. I am letting you know, so you will be prepared for people to come in and help him.”

She said, “Thank you, Love! I will make sure I cook dinner for them. I cannot believe that almost all our children are getting married. Joseph and Sarah have three girls. Hannah has two surviving children, Mary, and John Jr. Now Benjamin is marrying and soon Jacob. Oh love, what am I going to do when they leave the nest? Soon the house will be overcrowded. Joseph and Jacob have mentioned buying land for their own homes. What will I do?”

I answered, “Well, you can make love to me daily, and do your chores, then maybe you can go back to being a nurse.”
She turned her head to look me in the eyes. She kissed me with passion on the lips, and said, “I would love that! Thank you, John, for allowing me to serve others and be your equal!”

I responded in between kisses, “I would not have it any other way...I love your independent streaks... Your intelligence... and your nurturing heart.”
Our bodies responded and we were joined. Mary moaned, mmm...oh...mmm...that feels not stop...oh...oh...oh...! I went faster and harder until I released my seed...
When we finished, we were sweaty and panting. We got up and washed up. We shared one more passionate kiss.
I said, “Beloved, I love you!

She said, “I love you too.”

We went back to our work. I finished the breeches I was making, and she made supper.
The boys were back home. Benjamin brought Eliza with him, and we ate Mary’s delicious cooking. I asked, “Have you shown Eliza your rooms yet?”

He said in a whisper, “Not yet. I am going to surprise her on our wedding night.”

I said, “That is smart! I am sure she will be surprised.”
Since it was late, we had Eliza sleep at our house, and we had her bundle in Ben’s bed.

Benjamin POV
In the morning, I took her home, and said, “My Dear, tomorrow is our big day. Are you ready?”
She said, “Yes, I am. I love you, and I cannot wait for you to make me yours...“.
I said in a low seductive voice, “I cannot wait to make you mine either...Tomorrow my dear there will be no stopping me...“I cleared my throat. “Until then...” I kissed her and then bid her goodbye. I watched her ride away and thought about the wedding. Tomorrow was our wedding day, and I had big plans for her...

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