Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Benjamin Marries 1

Benjamin POV (Adult Content in this chapter)

As she rode away, I thought about our week. We started bundling at her home which was a huge temptation for us both. I know we dressed as modest as possible and had a board separating us, but it was so hard not to remove all the barriers and just go for it, but my conscience stopped me. I knew it was a sin, and I prayed through it all.

One night when we kissed, I was so aroused that I had to do something about it. We were holding each other so close that she noticed my hard member against her stomach. She took her hand and started to touch it with her hand. I let her, but I would not unbutton my breeches. I told her I would do it when it was time to release into the chamber pot. It felt nice over my breeches, but I imagined what it would be like with her skin on it. I then told her to stop. I stood up and grabbed the pot, unbuttoned my breeches released my seed into it. I buttoned up my breeches and returned to bed. We did not kiss any further because I knew I would not control myself.

Last night she slept in my bed here at my home. The temptation was very strong, but I knew that I would be in trouble. Also, my brother was next door, and Jacob came home from the Messenger’s. We share a room, so I knew if we did anything intimate, we would be in trouble. I took time to watch her sleep. Her auburn hair was sprawled out on the pillow and her cheeks were rosy. She looked like an angel sleeping. I thanked God for bringing her to me and asked him to keep me from temptation. This was very hard.

Jacob approached me as I was in my daze. He called, “Ben! Hello Ben! You look like you were in another world.”

I said, “Well, I was thinking about my week of bundling, and I tell you that it is extremely hard. You will understand when you do it with Anna.”

He said, “I know. I get aroused easy. When I took Anna on the horse the day we started courting, I got off with a major hard on. Mother noticed I tried to hide it. The ride was so intimate. I did not make an issue of it, but Mum sure teased me. Then she told Anna in private, and she teased me also. I was so embarrassed and vowed never to let her ride on the horse with me until after we wed. This happened over a year ago, and she can still arouse me if we kiss too much.”

I said, “Wow! You kissed her already. I waited until our betrothal proposal.”

Jacob responded, “Well, we were on the hill, and we decided to court. We just had a romantic picnic, and I could not resist. We kissed and it was bliss. We do not kiss often because of that issue on the horse later that day. Also, I get very aroused when we do kiss, so we control it by limiting to kissing on the cheeks or a small peck on the lips. I am in so much trouble when we bundle.”

“I guess you are. Can you avoid it? Can you ask the parents not to do the bundling knowing that you might get into trouble?”

Jacob replied, “I really do not know. I will cross that bridge when we get there. I can also pray and stick to my principles if we must bundle. It is going to be tough though.”

We ended our conversation nodding in agreement. I went to work, and Jacob left on his horse. He wanted to visit Anna, and have her stay overnight in Hannah’s room, so she could attend the wedding tomorrow.

I was given the day off to move my belongings into my new room. I moved all my belongings and then went to Elizabeth’s home to gather her items. I told her to leave bed clothes, undergarments, and her wedding outfit. She told me to wait one moment. She ran into her room and hid her dress in the back of the wardrobe. She wanted it to be a surprise, and I agreed. Then she came out with a couple chests full of items to move over to our new rooms. I told her the new living space would be revealed on our wedding night. It was to be a surprise.

I put the chests onto the carriage and bid her a good night. I said, “My dear, Eliza, I will be here bright and early tomorrow to marry you. Then you are all mine... I gave her a quick kiss and drove off on the carriage. I took all her belongings to our rooms and unpacked them all. I put away all her dresses, and garments in the wardrobes and dressers. I sat on the bed and imagined what it would be like tomorrow night. I decided to plan on what I needed to set up our room tomorrow. I needed new candles, a lit fireplace, a tray of food, some wine, and some lace. The lace would be used for something special I had planned for us.

Soon after it was time for supper. I went downstairs and ate with my family. We all gathered in the living room and decided to talk about the modest meal for tomorrow.

Then my father took me aside and told me in a hushed voice, “Ben, I know that you are probably nervous about tomorrow. You will pledge to be loyal to her and love her. After dinner, you will consummate. Be prepared for some family members to listen through your door for evidence of consummation. You will just holler for them to go away and continue with being with her. She will be embarrassed. You mother’s face turned as red as a strawberry when she found out about this. The church needs confirmation that you can procreate. Therefore, it is done with witnesses eavesdropping through the door. It is said that a woman conceives at the height of orgasm, so that is why consummation is celebrated.”

I said, “I understand. I have plans for the event, and I am anxious for it.”

He said, “Good, get some sleep because you will not tomorrow if you know what I mean!”

I do not think I will be able to sleep too well. I am too excited, but I will just rest.

The next day...

I woke up, ate breakfast, and knew it was time. I dressed in my Sunday best suit and rode in the carriage with my parents to Eliza’s home. By brother Joseph, Sarah, plus daughters were in a carriage. Hannah, John, and their children followed in their carriage. Jacob, Anna, and John Jr were in another carriage. We all arrived at Eliza’s home to attend the wedding.

It was a beautiful early spring morning. The temperature was in the 50’s. My family joined her family in the back yard by the tree near the barn. The magistrate showed up, and it was time. I went into the house and knocked on Eliza’s door. She said, “Enter!” When I walked in, I stood there completely speechless. She was breathtaking. Her gown was cream colored with flowers on it. She wore long sleeves and a lace color around her neck. Her bonnet was white with lace ruffles around the edge. (The church has allowed more lace lately on woman’s attire, so I was glad. Also, white colored cloth was available now too.)

She looked me straight in the eye and saw my amazement. She said, “Surprise! What do you think?”

I said stuttering, “Y... Y... you... l...l... look stunning. Even though you look stunning in that dress, I can not wait to see you out of it...Are you ready to get married? Now...

She said, “Yes”, and kissed me on the lips. It was not long, but it was full of promise.

We linked arms and headed out to the garden by the tree. The magistrate said,

“Benjamin Hurd and Elizabeth Field... Do you affirm to be loyal to one another, to love one another, have children together, and be with one another until death do you part?”

We said in unison, “We affirm!”

He said, “By the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the loyalty of the King of England, I now pronounce you married. You may register your marriage with the Court.

We left in the carriage to the courthouse. While we are in there, I looked at her in her eyes. Her eyes were bright with love, and I said, “We are finally married.” We registered our marriage and headed to the Hurd Estate...


Part 2 will be coming soon!

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