Journey of a Lifetime John Hurd and Mary

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Chapter 5 Courtship?

Mary POVAlmost a year ago, I stumbled upon one of the most handsome man I have ever seen. I had seen him walking around town doing deliveries and in church, but I was too shy to approach him, so it was just fate that I was not paying attention while walking home from church on that Sabbath Day.

I bumped into his chest, and I hit my nose. It hurt, but it was worth the pain. We reconnected that day. I studied him while he looked into my eyes. I saw a spark in his deep-set brown eyes with bushy eyebrows. He had light brown wavy long hair neatly tied back. He was wearing a stylish clothing and nice hat. He was not super tall which I liked a lot since I was not very tall, so I could look into his eyes without having to look up too much and strain my neck or stand on my toes to look into his eyes. He had a nice square jaw, a thin pointed nose, and nice thin lips. His hands showed that he works hard. Then, I remembered him from the ship. His name was John Hurde. He worked for William Hutchinson. He said that he was almost done his servant’s contract with him, and that he was going to open his own tailoring shop. He asked me if I still worked for the Heaton’s, and I said, “Yes.” We decided to start out as friends, we and took walks once a week because he works a lot, and I am still working as a nurse. I found John was easy to talk to, and we both wanted to settle and have a family. This friendship has developed into love. He asked me “Can you tell the Heaton’s about us? The reason is that William and Anne are forced to leave Boston, and I will be homeless until my dwelling is finished being built. William found me a temporary dwelling to live in until I become an inhabitant which by law a 6 month wait. Can you ask them if they have an extra bed I can rent in the meantime? I answered, “Of course, I will. I do not see a problem with this since they do have an extra bed in the servant’s quarters. I will ask for you. I will because I love you, John.” He looked at me in the eyes and told me, “I love you too, Mary, and he brought his face closer to mine and looked at my lips. I thought, ‘Oh my, He is going to kiss me.’ He came closer and our lips met. It was a sweet kiss that held a promise. We let go of the kiss and we were breathless. My heart was racing so fast it took me a minute to calm my breathing. He said, “Wow! Let me get you home! He walked me to the door, and I told him to come back tomorrow for the answers. He agreed. We bid ourselves goodbye. I watched him walk away through the crack in the door. I was in a daze.
Mr. and Mrs. Heaton approached me and tapped my shoulder. Mr. Heaton asked “How long I have been taking walks with John? Is this serious?

I told them the whole story about how we met on the ship, how I bumped into him, and we started taking walks once a week. I told them that we became best friends, and that it has turned to love. I asked them, ” Do you remember him?”
They answered, ” Yes, he was on the same ship as us. He came with the Hutchinson’s. He is a loyal, hardworking man with outstanding character, and very accomplished with a needle and thread.”
I asked them if they knew about the Hutchinson’s situation?
Mr. Heaton answered, “Yes.”
I told them that John needs a place to stay until his temporary dwelling is built, becomes an inhabitant, and of his plans for a shop. I also told them that we wanted to court and get married. I asked if they would mind giving him a bed in the servant’s quarters until then.
They said “Yes, but they want to talk to him in person over supper tomorrow night or at his earliest convenience.”
I told them thanks, and I will let him know tomorrow on our walk.

The walk on the next day

“John, I talked to the Heaton’s. They said that they have a bed for you, and that they want to invite you to supper at the house tonight. Can you come?” I asked.

John answered, “Yes, I can come to dinner. Thank you for finding this information out. This is wonderful! I want to get their permission to court and marry you. I am asking you now. Do you want to make our relationship official and court and then get married to me?”
Mary answered, “Yes to courting!” And kissed his cheek.

“Yes, to marrying” with a kiss on the other cheek.

” Yes, to a lifetime with you!” We gave each other a kiss that was full of passion and feeling. When we finished, I said, “I hope you get permission because we are a perfect match.”

John responded, ” I think so too. Just promise me no matter my drawbacks that you will never give up on me. I am not perfect, and deal with lots of stress. I know you are the only one who strong to deal with me. Please tell the Heaton’s that I will be at supper tonight. I will be there at 6 PM. I must go to work now my Beloved! See you tonight!”
I look forward to it! See you tonight, My Love! I watched him walk away and went into the house, and I shouted, “Mrs. Heaton, John is coming for supper tonight!”


I hope you all are enjoying this book. Even though this is a historical fiction, I am doing a lot of research on the courting and marriage traditions of the Puritans. I am trying to be accurate, but the love story is fiction.

Facts: The Heaton’s were on the Griffin with John. There is a record of John Jr was a witness for Mrs Heaton’s will, so they knew John. I decided to have Mary work there because I do not have any other info other than that she was a nurse, and she married John before 1639.

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