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All Bella has ever wanted was to be loved and accepted by a pack, the alpha may have accepted her into both the packs she had been in but she was never loved. Bella has been kicked out of two packs because of other people who seemed to have it out for her, when she meets Xavier she's a little hesitant at first about accepting him as her mate. She soon realizes he will always love and protect her. With a few surprises along the way, will Bella get her happily ever after?

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Chapter 1

"Alpha, please don't kick me out I have nowhere else to go," I plead, "why are you kicking me out in the first place? I haven't done anything!"

He sighs, "the Patrick's have sent in a report of their daughter being attacked by you in wolf form, so I have no choice but to kick you out. You have three hours to get off the pack territory or I'll send the pack warriors after you."

My mouth drops open in shock, "but-but I explained it to you! She attacked me first, you saw her attack me," I accuse. "If anything I should be sending in a report about her," I growl.

He drags a hand over his face, "the Patrick's are a very influential family in the werewolf community, they've threatened to report me to the royals if I don't punish you."

"So you're kicking me out to save your position?" I ask incredulously.

Looking away he waves a hand at me, "leave," when I don't move he growls again, "leave!"

I stumble angrily out and slam the door, rattling the picture frames on the walls. Why does this always happen to me? This is the second pack I've been kicked out of under false accusations, what the heck?

Gathering what little I have, I say goodbye to my room and marginally comfortable bed. I didn't have the best accommodations but at least it was something. The only thing I didn't like about this pack was that everyone already had their friend groups, and no one wanted to let in one more person.

I step out of the pack house and walk until I pass the pack boundary, and that's when it hits me..I have nowhere to go, no friends and no family. I felt my foot catch on something causing me to fall face-first into the dirt. Tears come to my eyes, partly from shock and part from the pain in my ankle but I don't let them fall.

"Are you kidding me? I don't need this!" I yell into the empty space, but I'm alone in the woods...there's no one here.

When night falls I shift into my wolf to keep warm, and cry out in pain when it jerks my ankle, there's no way I can walk on it.

Suddenly there's thundering steps circling around me, and fear hits me in a blast, I hadn't realized it's crossed into another packs' territory I thought it was just no-man's land. Lightning fast I mask my scent, it's sort of like putting a blanket over yourself but this is just over my scent, I've been able to do it ever since I was young.

I'm smaller than the average wolf so if I'm lucky this pack might mistake me for a normal wolf or a large dog. If not I'm dead meat.

The wolves are a foot or two away, boxing me in. I cower, like a dog would if she saw ten wolves looking down at her.

Three pin me down while the others stay alert and look around as if waiting for someone. I yowl when someone steps on my hurt paw and jerk out my good back paw in reaction to it. My claws hit flesh and blood taints the air.

'What do I do Ali?' I ask my wolf.

'Just wait, all will be revealed in time,' she responds calmly.

'Do you always have to be so cryptic?' I complain.

She huffs, 'just relax you little baby you'll figure out in a minute.'

And she was right.

The air shifts as a man walks into the clearing, a smoking hot, gorgeous man. Black hair, blue-grey eyes, muscular, and to top it all off he's tall, maybe a couple inches over 6 ft. And his scent, oh, he smells so good a hint of vanilla mixed with a woodsy smell.

Mate, I sigh...mate!? Where did that thought come from? He couldn't be my mate.

'It's obvious he's your mate, you're half in love with him already,' Ali comments.

'You're right, it's just hard to imagine someone like me being with someone like him.'

'What do you mean?' She asks softly.

'I'm an orphan, I got kicked out of my pack, and I'm practically a runt, he sure doesn't look like any of those things,' I reply sadly.

Ali gives me her version of a hug, sending me warm feelings through our mind link.

I snap back to reality when I realize the man is only a few inches away from me and I'm not being held down anymore. I try going to him but I fall down and whine pitifully at him. His face seems to soften as he comes closer to me and starts to pet my head.

One of his pack members walked up behind him and starts to speak, "I don't know if you should be doing that alpha it could be rabid."

"It seems fine to me," he replies in a soft tone, still petting my head. "We'll take him with us."

I growl lowly at him.

He lookd confused for a moment before he realizes,"I'm sorry, we'll take her with us," he makes sure to emphasize the her.

I nuzzle his hand.

"Jordan," he calls out,"will you come and carry her to the pack house?"

"Yes alpha," a boy about 16 years old comes next to me and tries to pick me up but I growl at him. He signals a few other pack members over and they manage to get me into Jordan's arms. We them set off towards the pack house.

I start to while quietly, where did the alpha go? Even though I don't know him he is my mate is rather be with him then be with this boy.

My whining gets louder and the people around me begin to cover their ears as it becomes apparent that I'm not going to be quiet. Finally the alpha comes back.

"What is going on back here?" He growls.

"It's the dog sir, she won't stop crying," one of the pack members said.

I instantly stop as his eyes settle on me, when he goes to turn away, I start up again.

He whips around and looks at me again, "hand her to me," he says gruffly. Jordan steps forward and puts me in the man's arms, but accidentally brushes my injured paw as he releases me, I whimper.

My mate looks down "it's ok girl, we'll fix you up," he says soothingly. I melt into his chest as we start walking again.

I'm half asleep by the time we reach what I think is the pack house, looks more like a mansion to me. I drowsily look at my mate and realize how kind he is for carrying me all this way, I lick his cheek affectionately, and when I do I hear gasps behind me.

What is it? It's just a lick. He looks down at me with an unreadable expression on his face, and then leans down and kisses me on the head. I purr happily which sounds more like a growl but I think he gets it.

The next time I wake up I'm on a soft bed with a cast on my paw. Where am I? How did I get here? I start to panic until I remember what happened with my mate, then I relax.

"Alpha, her tests came back, she's a full-blooded werewolf," a voice outside the door says.

"That's not possible, my mates' voice growls, she doesn't have a scent, all werewolves have a scent."

"It's come to my attention alpha, of there being some cases where a werewolf has special abilities that show up when they get older, she could be able to mask her scent."

When it finally registers that they've found me out I start to panic, even if he does figure out I'm his mate he probably won't accept me, and then I'll be treated horribly like I've always been, I need to escape.

I limp to the window thankful that the pain isn't as bad as before and shove at the window to open it. When it's about halfway open I hear the door open, and the voices come through.

"You can only see her for a little while alpha, she needs to rest, I don't think she's even woken up yet," that one voice replies, probably the doctors'.

"That's fine," the alpha says.

When they notice the empty bed the doctor is the one that panics, "I don't understand alpha she was right here…" he trails off.

My mates' eyes glance around the room until he sees me, I scrabble at the window more frantically but it won't budge. My mate walks up to me, and crouches down until he's my height.

"It's okay girl, I won't hurt you, I promise." I stare at him and try to decide if I trust him or not. Trust wins out, and I lay my head in his lap. He strokes my head and down my spine and I relax more and more into him.

"Look sweetie," he starts off, "my pack doctor says you're a full-blooded werewolf but I don't know if it's true, can you not if you are?"

I nodded hesitantly.

"Will you please shift back?" He asks.

I shake my head no, number one, I'll be naked, and number two, he'll figure out I'm his mate because I can't hide my scent in my human form.

"Will you consider shifting sometime soon?"

'What do you think Ali?'

'I think he's going to find out that you're his mate somehow it might as well be on your terms.'

'Ok.' I say to Ali, then I nod to my mate.

"Lets go to bed then, since you're so attached to me I'll let you sleep in my bed for tonight ok?" He asks.

I yip happily.

He picks me up and carries me upstairs to his room we seem to pass time of rooms before we get to his. He sets me gently on his bed before stripping off his shirt and changing into some sweats. He lays down next to me and I snuggle close to his side.

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