War for happiness

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The pain of losing your loved one, the pain of the reality that you never wanted to know, the pain of realising that the one you loved was just a stranger, the pain of regret, the wish to die, the wish to change every thing, the wish to hug the one you left in the past that was like a nightmare I know the pain, I JUST WISH.............. I could die, Your curse would not even let me...............DIE. My normal life turned in to hell just because I trusted the right person late........... and trusted a stranger blindly. He promised to fullfill my fantasies.

Romance / Adventure
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Jennifer thinks that her life is a living a hell but she realize the real hell when she indeed faces it..... Her faith drowns away

she had a kind of crush on her best friend and she does not realize when did her love grew so much that a time came when she was ready to sacrifice her heartbeats for him

She was accused for attempt of killing her class fellow and she was ready to defend herself but then something happens and her hope dies and she was ready to face the consequences for her never committed crime and when she feels that her world has stopped turning and she would let it fall that is when she sees a glimpse od hope.

Author Note:

English is not my first language. SO ...... you Know what I am trying to say

Thoughts of characters will be written in Italics other story will be in simple writing.

Hope you like it........

Stay tuned to know what happens in a War for happiness.

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