War for happiness

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Will my life change chap 1


sleep now, sleep now, sleep now

wake up, wake up , wake up

eat now, eat now, eat now

Drink now, drink now, drink now

don’t do this, don’t do that

no, no ,no yes,yes,yes

Jennifer: “Every one is telling me what do and unfortunately I follow them or have to. Ahhhhhh WHY do i need to follow what they say.”

Alan:“Why do you keep on asking me this? Why don’t_”

Jennifer:“Because you are the only one I have you and the one I can trust blindly.”

Alan:“Don’t talk like this, what about your mother she also loves you more than any thing.”

Jennifer:“Do not talk about that lady she is one of the big cause-”

???:“HEY!!! I told you that he is like this and his love is nothing more but just a lie.”

Jas: “If his love is a lie then it would be the most beautiful lie some one has ever told me.”

Alexa: “Stop copying Bebe Rexha.”

Jas: “I and_”

Jennifer: “What it is, Is Juliat defending her Romeo again.The most beautiful lie some one ever told you was that you got damn 100 marks in your math test.”

Jas: “Hey!! you are saying this because you are just simply jealous.”

Jennifer:” Miss and why would I be.”

Jas: “Because he chose me and rejected your a*s.”

Jennifer:” Rejected huh and jealous huh, he just used me to get you.”

It started again~~~ yes our fight~~

Alan:” Jas looks like you and Ben had a argument this is why you are acting like this??”

Jas_: “NO!! it_”

Alexa: “Jas why are lying i heard it with my own two sinful ears that you you and Ben had a argument and he said that he is regretting the time when, he got in a relationship with you.”

I could not do any thing but just giggle.

Alan: “Soooooo that means that he is regretting the choice of rejecting my little friend Jennifer and accepting Jas.”

Jennifer: “Ooooo he is right and for you Jas, let me tell you this for the third and last time that I do NOT give two fuc*ks about that fuc*king Romeo (Ben) who fells in love with every single girl because every single girl is Juliat for him.”

Jas: “Ahh!!! whatever I just hella hate you guys.”

Jennifer:” So do we!”

Alan: “Okay Jennifer lunch time is over we should head back to our class room.”

Jennifer: “Yeah lets go~”

Jas: ’You better go”

Jennifer:” Oth_”

Alan:“Jennifer leave her she is just trying to get you attention”

Jennifer: “lllll~~ baby now don’t cry~~”

Jas:” Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I hate you bitch”

Jasmine:” Did Romeo’s Juliat just curse Awwwww”

Jas:“Get lost you...”

Alan:“Okay dear lets go she is silent now,let’s go,you have roasted her now lets gooooo back otherwise you know what is going to happen.′

~ I just smiled which was returned by a warm and cute smile~~

His smile is every thing for me for me people say he is rude but he is the kindest person in my little world. I hope that one day we will be together and he will see what I feel for him.

Alan: “Jennifer”

I snap back from my thought as I heard his precious voice


Alan:“Dear what is it up with you today is some thing bothering you”


Alan:“You cursed today”

Jennifer:“Oh I was just trynna be a bad girl”

Alan:“Oh my oh my dear you are really good like a sweet girl ”

Jennifer:“I think I should learn how to fight back for myself”

Alan:“Am i not enough for you, your Alan will be there for you every time even if I find my future women, you would be still my priority”

Future women..... his future women.... It seems like some one stabbed be in the back .... is he giving me signs that he has no interest in my.

Well we reached our class room and sat on our assigned seats.

Alan:“Jennifer you should not have said those things to her”

Jennifer:“what.... and to whom.”

Alan:“You should not have said those things to Jas”

Jennifer:“Which one are you talking about..... I said multiple things”

Alan:“That she_”

Daniel:“Hey who are you to tell her all this... she can say what she wants.....especially to a bitch like Jas”

so this is Daniel...... the third wheel...

Jennifer:“Hey!! and who are you tell him that just, mind your business”


Mr Jhon( The sucker of my energy): “I think Daniel should teach you instead of me.”

Daniel: “Sorry sir.....”

Daniel gives Alan a death glare.... yes they can never be one the same path...... this is the only reason why I hate..... mmmm may be not hate just don’t like. Yes he knows this...... but still he never changes his attitude towards Alan.



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