War for happiness

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Chapter 2= Every body needs some one

Miss Eva: “Okay my dear kids you can pack your things and leave for your home.”

Jennifer:” Teacher can you tell the deadline of our solo projects??”

Miss Eva:” Oh yes kids please stay for 5 minutes I have to talk about your projects.”

All class:“Ooookay”

Miss Eva:” Your solo projects would not be solo but in duet and I will decide your partners and will tell you tomorrow.”

Just by looking at my class fellows faces, it was clear that no one liked this decision..... but I am okay with this.....as long as I am teamed with Alan.

Jas:'' My dear teacher please team me up with Ben..... All the others are so dumb.... and I can not work well if I am teamed up with a dumb person”

Miss Eva:''Jas you better look at your grades then call the others dumb..... and don’t need to tell me what to do... I am the teacher here not you.”

Every one started to laugh except Ben....

Miss Eva: “Class!! you want me to make you all stay here for two more hours”

And pin drop silence because every one wanted to go home.

Miss Eva:” This is good now, all of you can leave and have a nice day”

Every one stood up and started to walk outside and I as usual started to walk outside with Alan...... yes we are neighbors....

While walking towards home

Jennifer:'' Alan it would be good if we both are teamed up.''

ALL he did was hmmm

Oh god have I done some thing wrong...... Or is he really..... NO..NO.... Jennifer think positively.



Jennifer:” I am..... sorry. I am really sorry.... please forgive if I have done some thing wr_”

Alan:” Oh oh why is my little one apologizing”

Jennifer:“Because you are not talking to me so....”

Alan:” Sooo you thought that I am angry because maybe you have done some thing”

He started to laugh and then.....and then..he....

Back hugged me.... oh my god.... I can not control my self....Alan please move away other wise.... oh god it is good he moved away after 2 min.

Alan:" Oh my silly little one... you have not done any thing wrong it is just that I was thinking about something.


Alan:"Hey don't tell me.... your are blushing.... my red bean."

Jennifer:" No not at all it is just because of the sun believe it or not"

Alan:" Okay okay, why are you getting angry.... hahaha... this way you are proving that you are indeed blushing.

Oh I really need to change the topic... other wise I would blush more hard.

Jennifer:"Well Alan.... what were thinking about"

Alan:" What ..... When.."

Jennifer:" Dumbo minutes ago.....when you were not even answering my questions"

Alan:"Oh that well.... nothing Important just thinking about our project."

Jennifer:" Ooooo well.. who do you want to team up with"

Alan:" I am okay with any partner"
Jennifer:" Ooooo"

I thought he would say my name..... may be I am just expecting too mush from him...

Alan:" But it would be good if you are my partner because you are my little neighbor... so it would be easy to complete the project."

Finally he said my name..... wowwww I am sooo happy..... some times I wounder what will happen If some day he leaves me....no .....no ...no no you bit*h Jennifer don't say these things................

I snaped back from my thoughts when we reached infront of my house...

Alan:"Okay my little one... we finnally reached your destination... have good evening and night....

I giggled...... it is his unique way of saying good bye...

Jennifer:" Okay have a good evening evening and night..''

Alan:"Soo you are now coping me.. huh"

Jennifer:" Maybe....."

After saying this I rushed in side my house.

He is my happiness, my sadness, my little world and heaven, my.... soul...... I don't have words to describe how much I need and love him.

Every one need some one and I NEED HIM..
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