The Royal Espionage

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Athulya's brother betrayed her family and their kingdom by letting the Protugese army to enter their kingdom. The battle which could be easily won turned out to be the deadliest, all because of treason committed by her brother, resulting in many casualties. Even though their kingdom won the war, the Portuguese are getting ready to wage another. Athulya never suspected her brother Was capable of doing something like this and is utterly devasted. Just when she thought things can't get more worse, a Portuguese personnel started blackmailing her to complete the work started by her brother. Would she succumb to the enemies treacherous schemes? What happens to Athulya when the crowned Prince gets to know her secret meetings with Portuguese army.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Everything happens for a reason.

Or that's we are taught.

You question all you are taught in your life when things that makes you question happens.

And even after gruesome proding some things doesn't make any sense.

"Athulya", her father called interrupting Athulya's never ending thoughts.

Cursing herself for allowing her thoughts to wander to that unfateful night, she responded, "Yes, Papa"

"My dear, it pains me a great deal seeing you like this", her father said looking up at her with agony resonating in his eyes.

She wanted to tell him, it is killing her to see him like that too.

"Papa, please don't exhaust yourself. I beg you. I'll be alright. We will be alright", she stressed trying to assure him even though she knows she's far from being alright.

"I don't know, dear. I somehow am responsible for how things have turned out. I should've known the venom he has been keeping in his heart. As a father, I should have. But I failed. Miserably", Athulya stayed silent letting her father speak as this has been the most he spoke after the ordeal.

Moreover, what can she tell to a man who is questioning his parenthood. After all, she has been questioning herself the same. She must have known what her brother is up to.

But to some questions, despite of asked many times, will have no answers.

Resting herself on the floor beside her father's chair, Athulya hugged her father's leg and whispered , "I've been questioning myself the same, Papa" with silent tears rolling down her cheeks.

She didn't try to brush the tears off this time. She let them flow as she looked into nowhere.

The images of the dreadful night danced before her eyes.

One minute, she was in her perfect little world and the very next moment she was forcefully dragged into the world where her brother, Veera is a traitor.

The day she understood it's the family that either makes you or breaks you.

Her father Gajendra Rajan, is the Thasildar of Udata region, western most part of the kingdom Dravida.

It is her family that is supposed to protect the people of Udata.

And it's her family that nearly caused the demise of the people they swore to protect.

As soon as her father found out about Veera, he immediately renounced their bond and all the claims Veera possess on this land.

Veera was taken into prison and was treated the same way normal people would be treated for treason, if not more crudely.

But the final judgment will come from the King himself. Yuvraja Vikram is on his way with the news and we're all awaiting it.

"Papa, what happens when Yuvraj Vikram arrives?" Athulya asked her father dreadfully.

"As you know Athulya, execution is inevitable and as Thasildar I've to see the end of it. I hope with all my might His Majesty has mercy on me to renounce me from the ordeal", His words cut through her like piercing making her feel all the anguish he's going through.

A father to execute his own son. No terrible thing can happen to a man than this.

God help them.
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