Past or Future?

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A girl who had a troubled past is visited by her first lover. As they make amends, revelations and answers uncover. While trying to move on another person slips into her life in a heartbeat. Would she be able to cope with her past and move on? Or will she deny the future that's full of untold promises?

Romance / Humor
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The Past Calls

I received a text message in the middle of the night. I was watching Youtube videos when my phone vibrated. The number was unknown and I frowned, opening, it said “Hey, I miss you” with a sad face at the bottom. Well, this could be anyone, texting in the middle of the night is not really something new cause millenials do it all the time.

Bzz… Bzzz..

Huh? another one “I hope maybe this time we can talk”.

Based on what the text said it could be a friend but as I recall I never really had enemies or anyone I did offensively wrong or whatnot. Does classmates in high school count? I don’t think so. Maybe it’s from one of my close friends in college which I did something bad or I didn’t help him or her copy my paper during the test and they failed. Okay, that’s stupid and so low for having a grudge at someone who didn’t let you copy. Maybe it’s from someone I am involved romantically. Oh, no.. I mean I was not the best but I did my part but things are not just working out and I hope I didn’t break their heart too much. Lost in my thoughts and also curios to who the person was I replied.

Hello?” I typed then hit send

Back to watching the video, I can’t help but feel anxious about the text. I keep glancing at the phone screen waiting for it to light up but nothing, a blank screen. I decided to make a small snack since the video I’m watching makes me hungry with all that weird food combo stuff. I poured myself a glass of milk and grabbed some cookies, my all time favorite snack. Back to my room, the light flicked on my phone and instantly I grabbed it and turned to the screen.

It’s me, Bella maybe we can have a chat? You know in person. I’m back in town” the text said

My mind went blank for a millisecond then my stomach lurched, I heaved a heavy sigh and blinked a few times and read the text again and again. It can’t be her, this has got to be a joke. I put my phone down and went to the other side of my room. Kneeling, I opened a big plastic box that I stored with my old high school books and notebooks, some letters I received in the past, my old college textbooks, scratch papers and other stuff that were part of my history. I looked for a brown envelope containing some pictures, and there it was, a photograph of us. Me and Bella.

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