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Meet Olivia who can have everything a girl can dream of but has secrets of her own, no one really cares, that's what's she thinks and knows. River hottest guy in town, he looks like nothing bothers him, but he also has dark secrets. "I'm sorry Olivia its all my fault, I shouldn't have involved you in this mess" it truly is my fault, I felt like dying, seeing Olivia really broke my heart, I now realize that I really love her.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 Olivia's POV

"No way you do not mean it" I said as I was talking to one of my girls when Kiki suddenly said that River, the hottest guy in town is coming to Arden prep my high school.

My name actually is Olivia Anderson I live in USA California, I am blonde and have curves in the right places just the type of girl boys want. My father basically owns Arden prep because he supports and sponsors them in everything and he is the owner of Coram Corps Company he is clearly a Billionaire so I get anything I want, my mother is a famous fashion designer, she is the reason I have countless designer clothes, they are too busy to care about what I do, so I have freedom, also they give me anything I want so am used to getting what I want, And what I want is River all to myself.

"I heard it from some girls in the park last week" said Kiki still talking, so you see I am the girl that everyone wants to be like, I am the queen of the school, I basically rule the school even teachers obey my wishes because of my dad of course I am lucky.

"I am going to have him to myself" I answered and there is no one to dare stop me. The rest of the day went by very quickly. I was so happy to hear the last bell as I could not wait to get home.

On getting home I saw my mum, actually surprised she is back home by this time, well I acknowledged her and headed to my room when I was done and freshen up I sat on my bed with my laptop in my hand, I got up to get some food and baam my laptop fell.

"No no no no I just bought it aaah, oh well I would buy a new one"

"Dad can I have a new laptop, the one I use is broken" I asked my dad in his office at home in the most polite tone I can.

Yeah, just take the credit card over there" he pointed on the drawer without even looking up from his desk.

"Thanks dad" I said waiting for a response but he didn't reply so I walked out and sighed he never cared much neither did mum.

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