Caress of Your Whispers

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Every dangerous thing has sharp edges. Make it shiny and sparkly and they start to call it beautiful.If a child is given a choice to choose between fire and toys. What do you think they would choose? Mirai is someone who would have chosen fire on any given day. Some would say she would still go for the fire. The new mysterious transfer student and his pony were about to change that if she likes it or not

Romance / Mystery
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meet the devil

Chapter 1

Human has this strange fear of death like it isn’t something impending. Death is our one-way ticket out of this hellhole that humans call the earth. Death is our effortless way out. Death seems fascinating to me. l. I don’t prefer normal, anyway.

“Why is your morning bulletin always this morbid?”

“Asks the deceased.”

“Is it I or you are more uplifting than any other day?”

“His lordship, the viscount of sarcasm. I was eagerly awaiting your return.”

“Your politeness sickens me.”

“Go puke somewhere else.”

“Who are you speaking to? You are already late. Why are you dilly dallying in the hallway?” A tall bulky gentleman in an olive shirt asked.

“To myself, sir. I am the new transfer student. Is it the 3rd floor,2nd hall?”

“Go straight and take a left. The last one is your classroom.”

“Have a lovely day, sir.”

“Boy, I think you will get your cliche high school experience that you have been dreaming for all your life.”

“You mean dread, right?”


“May I come in, sir?”

Then the cliche of cliche happens. Everyone stared at me like I was about to show some circus tricks. Can someone please put a check-mark on my nonexisting bucket list beside the being gawked at like a circus animal?

“And who you might be, young man, why are you late?”

“I am the new transfer student, sir. I lost my way.”

“Now you are just piling up cliches. Put a check-mark beside late cliche while you are at that.”

“Come in and introduce yourself.”

“I used to go to Saint High and my id no is 33. Have a lovely day.”

“Who’s the student body committee member in this class?”

“He’s absent, sir.“ One student responded.

“Who will be a kind soul and volunteer to show him around?”

“I will do it.” A girl spoke.

“Thank you, Mirai. You can put your hand down. Both of you have your seats. We will now start our today’s lessons about the impact of a smile on a person’s life. Open your books at page 345.”

Let the torture of being educated begun.


“And this is our cafeteria. The food is edible, but you must try their pineapple pasta. It’s the finest invention after pineapple pizza. That is all.. Everything else you can figure out by yourself, I assume. My id is 22. Email me if you require any guidance. The SBM’s (student body member) id is 10. He should you contact you soon about the class groups. Do you have any queries?” Mirai said all that in one breath and with a smile on her face constantly.

“No and have a lovely day.”

“Why are you repeating that to everybody? Is that your go-to expression when you wish to end the conversation?”

“No, my psychiatrist advised me to do that. It’s supposed to leave a positive impression from the said individual. Apparently, it doesn’t work.”

“Are you for real? She giggled while asking that.”

Her constant delight seemed like a midlife crisis to me at that moment. Why won’t she quit with her smiling?

“I am real and the therapist part was true.”

“Hope you are okay now, whatever you were dealing with. Have an excellent day. See you tomorrow.“


“Was smiling like that necessary on her part?”

I think she was just applying what she learned.

“Why did you react like that when you heard her?”

Wouldn’t you like to know?

“Wouldn’t ask otherwise.”

Do you want a label of a lunatic who has an intellectual conversation with himself in the school hallway on your first day?

“It’s not my first day here.”

First in a while, then.

“Don’t change the subject. Why won’t you tell me?”

Your whining doesn’t help either of us.

“Because I wasn’t trying to help at all. What about my need of guidance? Who will aid me?”

You mock me.

“You are as much as help as the trash bin over there.”

What do you know? Trash bins have been saving the planet since forever.

“What if I fail this time too?”

What is the use of wings if you don’t have the courage to fly?”

“Quoting that frequently doesn’t make you sound wise. Thanks for nothing.”

That was the point. It will get tougher from here. The path you have chosen was never easy. Wear your big boy pants and deal with it.”

“No wonder I was thinking death was splendid this morning.”


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