Paper Planes

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Colourful and mysterious paper planes suddenly start showing up in front of Riley with handwritten notes so she takes it upon herself to find out who is sending them.

Romance / Drama
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1. Mysterious Oak Tree

Riley sat idly under the comforting shade of the big oak tree that stood tall near the side of the school and looked out onto the big grassy field where a gym class was playing a game of soccer.

Leaning against its trunk she propped open a book against her legs and bit into the red apple she stole off the librarians desk.

Even though the far away shouts and laughter of the students could be heard, Riley basked in the solitary peacefulness she felt as her eyes scanned the words of the book she found intriguing.

It was of a mystery about a man who received letters from an anonymous person and then spent his time trying to figure out who it could be. Discarding the fact that she was skipping class, Riley indulged in the story as she ate the juicy apple.


"Ah." She said an hour later. "I think I have an idea of who it is" she spoke out loud as she continued to read.

Being so enthralled in the story Riley didn't notice the delicate, hovering object coming toward her until the plain white craft obnoxiously settled itself on the pages of her book.

Shocked, Riley gasped and stared at the folded paper plane. Confused and slightly annoyed that someone interrupted her, she looked up only to see an empty field; the gym class from earlier already gone.

Riley scanned around at her surroundings but it was just an open plane of grass, nobody in sight and nowhere to hide. She inclined forward and peered over at the corner of the school to see if someone might be behind the wall but it was useless since she was under the big tree and out of view.

"Huh" she mumbled and glanced back down at the white paper airplane. It was neatly made and not a crease out of place from what Riley could see.

She dropped her bent knees and picked it up to inspect it. She hasn't seen one since elementary school. The closer Riley looked at it she noticed black ink inside the long crease in the middle and raised an eyebrow. Taking the edges she unfolded the structure to see slanted writing inside.

They're trying to mislead you. It was his past self's lover - A

Frowning at the contents Riley stood up and once again looked around for anybody but she saw no one. What the hell? She looked back down at the note; A? Who's A?

Not only was someone probably watching her, they were close enough to read the book she had and on top of that they had just spoiled the whole story when she was almost near the end.

Riley huffed. What once was a peaceful sitting and intriguing mystery story was now ruined as her mood was dampened by the premature reveal and not just because her guess on who did it was wrong either.

She picked up her book while still gripping the paper plane and made her way inside the school unaware of the pair of eyes that smiled amusingly at her retreating form from atop a branch of the oak tree.

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