Paper Planes

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4. 131%

Riley hugged her knees close atop her bed and looked at the two paper planes that lay unfolded from its original form to show the words written on them.

A & D? Did she know anyone whose name started with those two letters? Riley racked her brain for the full student roster of her classes but none of them fit the description. This was like a mystery from one of her books, yet she didn't have enough clues to figure it out.

"You wait and see, I'll find out who you are," she whispered.


She sat out in the courtyard with many of the other students during lunch while some of them kept to the cafeteria. Riley felt more at ease in the outdoors though.

Her eyes scanned around as she ate the tangerine slices her mother had packed for her after Riley had given her a lecture about the best nutritional snack and lunch combinations.

Her eyes were on the lookout for anyone that looked suspicious or someone that could be spying on her but after a while of seeing no one she gave up and the bell soon rang loud and alarming signaling the end of lunch.

Riley looked down at the table and her eyes widened with surprise to see a light yellow folded paper plane atop a Ziploc bag containing pineapple slices.

Narrowing her eyes and wondering how this person could have slipped this here without her knowing, she picked up the paper craft, silently approving the colour.

"At least they know their way around a colour scheme" Riley commented.

She opened the crease to see the familiar slanted writing and rolled her eyes, wondering what else this person had to say to her.

Pineapples would be better, they have 131% of needed vitamin C intake. Want to share mine? - Ado

"Huh?!" Riley exclaimed in the now empty courtyard.

Now this person was insulting her nutritional outlook? How dare they? Even if tangerines didn't have half as much as that, they were still a good choice. How could they insult her mother's choices like that?

Riley looked closer at the letter and saw that there was also a new letter like last time. O? This didn't seem to be getting any easier. She ran through a list of common people names but couldn't come up with anything that began with those three letters, so it must be unique? Or at least not basic.

Biting her lip in frustration as she ran over all the evidence she had so far which wasn't much, Riley tried to manifest an idea of who it could be but it was useless. Looking around she resolved herself to move onto a plan B or in her case, asking the librarian to help her come up with one.

Riley left the courtyard in a hurry. Not many things interested her if it wasn't challenging so this was taking up most of her time nowadays and somewhere under the frustration and self proclaimed insults lied anticipation and wonder.

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