Paper Planes

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5. “Shhh”

Lillian watched as Riley hunched over a table and scribbled away in a notebook. She had once again come to show her another note and the older lady couldn't be anymore certain that the person was trying to get her attention.

Lillian thought it was a smart way to do so, since Riley was always in her own world getting her to come out of it long enough to look at you was a hard feat if she wasn't seeking you out herself.

Giving her notes with a mysterious identity that piqued her interest each time, enough to get her to want to look for you similar to one of her favourite mystery novels. Lillian smiled softly as she typed on her computer and occasionally glanced over at her weird and outspoken regular.

That's when a thought popped into the older lady's mind and she looked between her device's glowing screen and Riley who was deep in thought as she wrote things down. Lillian recalled back to the new letter written on the recent note and sighed.

She made a new tab and entered a different system. She typed in a title and then with a few clicks she pulled up a list of past borrowers dating back a few years and proceeded to scroll.

It was a long process and when she got to those of two years ago and still without success Lillian was about to give up. Why was she doing this? Was that eccentric girl influencing her? Or maybe she just wanted to help a little, in a way the older lady was fond of the tall brunette after being victim to her outrageous conversations for so long.

She has never seen Riley with any of the other kids in the three years she's been in the school and had felt a little pity for her and so she had taken it upon herself to indulge the girl only for it to become an occurrence that had Lillian in constant worry and exasperation.

But after these recent notes Lillian thought that maybe this person was genuinely interested in that secluded and scatterbrained girl and could be her first companion.

As the older lady was thinking this she came up to the middle of the list from two years ago and stopped abruptly as she stared at the name that shone boldly on the screen. Lillian double checked as she scrolled the rest of the way and then back up, it was the only plausible one.

She stared at the picture attached to that name when she clicked on it.

"Excuse me" a soft and soothing voice drifted over to Lillian who still stared at the picture.

The older lady glanced up to see the person who stood there and stared before peering back at her computer to confirm it.

They smiled as they looked at her and Lillian's eyes lowered to the things in their hand and between the books he carried peeped a stack of colourful paper.

When her eyes went back to looking at his face he raised his hand and put a finger to his lips. "Shhh" they said.

Across the room Riley was unaware of the discovery that Lillian had found and kept scribbling away on her paper, writing out everything she knew.

"Likes pineapples, boasts incredible puzzle ability and likes to spoil mystery books" she relayed.

She tapped her head with her pencil and hummed a sweet tune. So who in this school related to these things? Riley sighed, of course this would be a hard mystery for her since she didn't know anything about the kids in her school except the names and appearances of the classmates in her year.

Riley stopped tapping the pencil at that thought. She's racked the roster for her junior year classmates and came up with nothing in terms of names, so wouldn't that mean the person isn't a junior? What if they were in a totally different year from her?

Riley gasped out loud and stood suddenly, writing that down hurriedly then smiling at the piece of paper. She grinned and looked in the direction of the librarian just as the back of someone walked away from the counter and when she met the older lady's eyes she waved the piece of paper in excitement and gave a thumbs up.

Lillian watched as Riley came up to the front counter and talked animatedly about her plan to go around to each floor in order to address the other years in hopes to find this person.

Riley smiled and pointed out that she had found a big clue and the older lady looked at her pretty face that normally held a neutral look or a frown, even when talking to Lillian she was never this happy.

"You seem pretty joyful, is it fun? Figuring out who is sending the notes?" Lillian questioned as she put away returned books on a cart, not looking the girl in her face.

"Yep!" She expressed and peered down at her paper before looking at the librarian. "I can't wait to see who they are and ask them to have a puzzle match with me".

Lillian chuckled. "Last time I checked you wanted a refund of your ignorance" she said.

Riley shook her head and tutted at the librarian, "Lillian keep up, that was ages ago before I understood that they were playing a game with me".

Now that Lillian knew who was sending those notes she wanted to support them as much as she could. In her eyes it was the purest form of two people discovering each other.

One may already be ahead in reaching out but the other is following suit just fine. Lillian waved as Riley bid her goodbye and looked over in the opposite side of the room where a pair of blue eyes followed her out.

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