Avery Alexis

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Chapter 10

The Devil whispered in my ear “You are not strong enough to withstand the storm.” Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear “I am the storm.”

Avery’s POV

Sometime in the morning

Her room

I wake up to a phone ringing. When I do I realize I’m on top of something warm and breathing. I open my eyes and see that I am cuddling with Ashton. How did this happen? I ask myself. Then the memories of last night flooded my mind.

Great now he’s going to think I’m a damsel in distress that needs to be saved or worse fixed.” I think to myself as I try to get out of his hold. First I try wiggleing out of his hold. But that failed. Second I try removing his arms from me. Of course that failed to. But not only did it fail it made him tighten his hold. Alright. I give up. I think to myself as I go back to the position I was in a minute ago.

Some time later

I wake up to Ashton moving around. I open my eyes and look up at him. “Morning.” He says. “Morning.” I reply as I get off of him. “What time is it?” I asked. “Don’t know. Late I guess.” He tells me. I nod and look for my phone. I find it and turn it on. “10:30.” I tell him. “What?” He asked. “It’s 10:30.” I tell him.

Isn’t there something I was supposed to do this morning? I ask myself. I think for a minute. “Shit.” I mutter. “What?” He asked. “I was supposed to look at buildings today.” I groan as I get out of the bed and head for my closet. “Buildings for what?” He asked. “I’m planing on opens up some businesses here.” I tell him as I grab my clothes and head to the bathroom.

After I get out of the shower I put on my black bra and underwear set, dark ripped jean shorts, a white shear top and my boots. I put on some lip gloss and mascara, run a brush through my hair, and brush my teeth. Then I walk back into my room to see that Ashton is no longer in here. I grab my phone, keys, and purse. Then I walk into the hallway. I check the guest room still no Ashton. I walk down the hall and I see him in the kitchen.

I walk in and take a seat on the island. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m making breakfast.” He tells me as he places a few pancakes on a plate. “You can cook?” I ask. “I can.” He answered. Then put a few pancakes on another plate. “So what are we having?” I asked. “Pancakes, eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, sausage, and toast.” He tells me as he puts those things on to two plates.

He sits one infront of me. I pick up a piece of bacon. It’s great. Then I try the pancakes, biscuits, and gravy. I take a bite of the sausage. I look up and see that he isn’t eating. “What?” I asked. “Do you like it?” He asked. “It’s great.” I tell him. He then starts to eat. Once we’re done we clean up the kitchen and head for the door.

We walk out and I see him walk over to my neighbors door. “What are you doing? Leave them alone.” I tell him as I go to get him away from the door. Right when I reach him he unlocks the door. “Are you kidding me.” I mutter. “Nope. I’m your neighbor.” He tells me.

“So either you were so drunk last night you forgot where you lived or you just wanted to stay the night. Which is it?” I asked. “The second one.” He says hesitantly. I hit him on the back of the head. “Ow. What was that for?” He asked as he rubbed the back of his head. “You know what for.” I tell him.

Then I walk out of his apartment. “See you later.” He says with a laugh as I walk away. “Probably.” I grumble as I get in the elevator. He’s smooth I’ll give him that.
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