Avery Alexis

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Chapter 11

Yes... she knows of pain, but she is strength, for her heart knows no other way.

Couple days later

Avery’s POV

Tattoos of Fire (Ashton’s tattoo shop)

I arrive at Ashton’s tattoo shop so we can get an idea of how big of a tattoo I want, what changes that we might want to make, how long it will take to complete, things like that. When I get inside I am met with Sparrow sitting at the front desk.

“Ave.” He says excitedly when he sees me. “Sparrow.” I reply as I walk up to the desk. “What are you doing here?” He asked me. “She’s here for me. Don’t get your hopes up.” Ashton says as he walks out of the back. “Why would you want to see this boring guy when you can see me instead?” Sparrow jokes. “Well you see I want the best to do my tattoo so if your the best I’m here to see you but if not I’m going to stick with Ash over here.” I tell him.

“Fine but I want to see the tattoo.” He tells me. “Once it’s done.” I tell him. Ash walks over to me and grabs my arm. Then pulls me in the direction he came from. We walk into a little room with a computer, a tattoo table, and a tattoo machine. We sit down and he looks at the computer.

“So you still thinking about doing your whole back?” He asked. “Yeah but I think I changed my mind about it going all the way to my elbows.” I tell him. “Okay where are you thinking of stopping now?” He asked. “I was thinking it could creep over the tops of my shoulders and ribs.” I tell him. He nods.

“Any other changes?” He asked. “No.” I tell him. He nods and turns the computer screen to face me. “I have been working on a few designs which one do you like the best? We can always change things once you see what it looks like when I put the temporary outline on.” He tells me.

I look at the options he has and I find the one I like the best. I like it so much that I’m not going to change a thing. “This one.” I tell him. “I figured you’d like that one.” He says as he sets it up to be printed.

“So you mentioned you had other tattoos any I’ll possibly see while I’m doing this one?” He asked. “You’ll see a few and maybe parts of others.” I tell him. “Where are they?” He asked. “Here and there.” I tell him. “Will I be covering any of them?” He asked. “No.” I answer. He nods and grabs the stencil for my tattoo.

“Ready.” He asked. I nod and take off my shirt exposing my back. When I do I hear him take a deep breath. That’s what I was afraid of. He steps closer to me. He runs his fingers over my fresh scars. So fresh they’re still pink. “This is why you had that nightmare the night I was at your place.” He states more than asks. “Yeah.” I mutter.

He runs his finger over each one carefully. “Do they still hurt?” He asked. “No.” I tell him. “How long ago?” He asked. “You and I both know you know how long ago I got these. This is why you came to my apartment in the first place.” I state. He says nothing.

“Worse than you thought?” I asked a little self conscious. He stays silent. His silences answer my question. “How many?” He asked. “How many what? How many times did he cut me? How many stiches? Bruises? Nightmares? Broken bones?” I asked as I wipe away a tear I hadn’t realized fell.

He doesn’t say anything. “Can’t decide which you want the answer to?” I joke trying to lighten the mood. He still doesn’t say anything. “It’s okay to ask Ashton.” I tell him. “How many times did he cut you?” He asked. “18.” I tell him. “Stiches?” He asked. “64.” I answered. “Broken bones?” He asked. “From this incident 12 if you count my nose.” I tell him. “An the nightmares?” He asked. “Every night well when I find it in myself to sleep.” I tell him. He nods. “Can we pick a new topic this one’s a little melancholic don’t you think.” I say as I look over at the wall.

“Sorry.” He says as he places the stencil on my back. After a few second he takes the paper off and he takes a picture and shows it to me. “I like it.” I tell him. Then I look at my reflection in the mirror. I see the scars but I also see what my new beautiful tattoo is going to look like. That makes me smile.

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