Avery Alexis

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Chapter 13

I was told to check my attitude. I did it’s still there. It hasn’t gone anywhere. What’s the problem?

Avery’s POV


We just pulled into Ashton’s parent’s driveway and all of a sudden I get nervous. He must have noticed because he grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze. It takes some of the nerves away but replaces them with butterflies.

“Thank you for doing this for me you’re really bailing me out.” He says in complete seriousness. “What are friends for.” I reply. But something strange happened when I said that. The word friends left a bitter taste in my mouth. I brush off the butterflies and I forget about the bitter taste and I put a smile on my face.

“Ready?” I asked. “Let’s do this.” He tells me as he lets go of my hand and gets out. I go to open my door but he beats me to it and opens my door for me. “Thank you.” I tell him as I take his hand. He smiles and leads me to the front door.

When we step on the porch the door opens. A man and a woman in their late forties or early fifties greet us. “You must be Avery. I’m so happy to finally meet you.” The woman says as she pulls me into a hug. When she does I freeze. I’m not used to physical contact. I kinda avoid it since the whole Oliver thing. But after a few seconds I hug her back.

“Mom.” Ashton scolds. She lets go. “Sorry dear I got excited.” She tells me. I smile at her excepting her apology. “I’m Jana but you can just call me Mama or Ana or really anything you like.” She tells me with a warm comforting smile. “And I’m Christian but you can call me Chris or anything you like.” Ashton’s father says.

“I’m Avery. You can call me Ave.” I tell them. Then Christian offers me his hand. I accept. I give him a firm hand shake. He seems shocked a first but soon relaxes. “Well I can’t have you two standing on the porch all night come on in.” Jana says as she and Christian step aside and let us in.

Me and Ashton walk in and he puts his hand on my lower back. I feel myself relax at his touch. An that brings back my thought on physical contact. I let him touch me. Hell I let him do more than that. I let him drink my booze, stay in my apartment, hold me, sleep in my bed, drag me to his parents house to have dinner with his family, the list goes on. But why? Anyone else and I freeze or I avoid it. But with him I relax, I enjoy it, I welcome it.
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