Avery Alexis

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Chapter 14

Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Avery’s POV

We walk through the house then out the back door. When we do I see a bunch of people. From older people to babies. “I thought you said this was a family dinner.” I mutter to Ashton. “I thought it was. Usually it’s just me, my brothers, thier wives, and kids.” He tells me.

“So what are all these people doing here?” I asked him. “I guess to meet you.” He tells me. Great just great. I think to myself. “Ashton you asked me to come here and lie to a handful of people not half the damn town.” I scold. “I didn’t know.” He tells me. I sigh. “Let’s get this over with.” I tell him frustrated. He smiles and walks us towards a group of people around our age.

When we walk up to them they all stop talking. Then they just stare at me. “Hi I’m Avery.” I tell them trying to get them to stop staring. “Jasper and this is my wife Kinsley.” One of the guys says offering me his hand. I shake it. “Austin and this is my wife Kate.” Another tells me shaking my hand. “Jackson and this is my wife Malia.” Another says. “Zane and this is my wife Casey.” Another tells me. “Zeiler and this is my wife Layla.” The last one tells me.

“Nice to meet all of you.” I tell them after all the introductions are done. “These are my brothers and their wives.” Ashton tell me. “This is Avery my girlfriend.” He tells them. “We figured that one out on our own little brother.” Jasper says. We all chuckle.

Some time later

I’m sitting with Layla and the others while the guys help with the grill. “So how’d you do it?” Casey asked. “Do what?” I asked. “You know.” Layla says. “Know what?” I asked. “How did you get Ashton to commit?” Kinsley asked. “Got lucky I guess.” I tell them.

“Well many have tried to play the same odds as you and weren’t as lucky.” Malia tells me. “I guess he just needed a challenge.” I tell them. Soon Ashton walks over. He leans down. “Your doing great.” He whispered then places a kiss on my cheek. “Let’s get you something to eat.” He says as he grabs my hand and helps me to my feet.

He pulls me over to where all the food is. Then he picks up two plates. “See anything you like?” He asked. “Besides you.” I reply noticing his mother is behind us. He looks shocked. Then I guess he hears the chuckle his mother gives to my answer. He smiles.

“I’m mean food wise.” He clarifies. “Oh well the stake looks great.” I tell him. “Why thank you I cooked them all by myself.” He tells me as he puts a stake on mine and his plate. “What else?” He asked. “What do you recommend?” I ask. “Everything.” He jokes. I smile. “Whatever you’re having will be fine with me.” I tell him.

That’s all he needs. He nods then starts putting different things on to the plates. Soon we reach the end of the table. I look at the plates he has and they are piled high.
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