Avery Alexis

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Chapter 15

The sun will rise again tomorrow

The next day

Avery’s POV

Her apartment

I’m in the middle of cleaning up my apartment when there’s a knock on my door. I walk over to the door and look out the peep hole. When I do I see Ashton standing there. I open the door. “What are you doing here?” I ask. “I came here to see if you want to come to this party we are having at the clubhouse tonight.” He yells me as he walks in. “Sure. What time?” I ask him. “Uh now.” He tells me. “Now?” I repeat. “Yeah it actually started 5 minutes ago.” He tells me. “Alright let me change.” I tell him as I head down the hallway.

Her room

I walk in my room and go straight to my closet. I grab a black tank top, white shorts, and my black heels. Then I grab a lace bra out of my dresser. I throw that on, then slap on some mascara and vanilla chapstick. Then I meet Ashton in the living room.

Living room.

“Your already ready?” He asks shocked. “Yep.” I tell him as I head for the door I grab my keys off the table as well as my wallet and phone. “Where have women like you been all my life. Usually I’m waiting for a hour.” He says as he shuts the door behind us. I chuckle. “Really an hour?” I ask jokingly. “Yes.” He relies seriously. “Wow.” I say as I chuckle.

Hellfire clubhouse

We just got to the clubhouse house and I can already tell the place is packed. There are bikes, trucks, cars, you name it parked up and down the street and in the parking lot. “Who is this party for?” I ask him. “A group of guys just got back from over seas.” He tells me. “You mean like they’re in the military?” I ask.

“Yeah most of the guys here have done a tour or two.” He tells me. “Including you?” I ask. “I did one tour in Iraq a couple of years ago.” He tells me. “How long?” I ask. “4 years.” He answers. “That’s amazing.” I tell him. He nods. Then he opens the door for me and we walk in.


When we walk in I see balloons and welcome home banners hanging in different places of the room. “I never thought I would see the club like this.” I tell Ashton. “We don’t offent go all out like this but this is a different kind of celebration.” He tells me as he grabs my hand and leads me though the crowded room.

He leads me outside to the backyard. There are still a ton of people but it’s less crowded. He continues to pull me in the direction of a group of guys and Sparrow. Once we reach them he lets go of my hand and does a bro hug with all of them except Sparrow and one other guy.

“How does it feel to be home?” Ashton asks a guy with short black hair. “Amazing. By the way this is Camron I met him while on tour.” The guy tells Ashton pointing to the guy Ashton didn’t bro hug.

“Nice to meet you.” Ashton days holding out his hand. “I’m Ashton but everyone around here calls me Leathal.” Ashton adds as he shakes his hand. “Nice to meet you to. Most people call me Cam.” The guy tells Ashton.

“An who might this pretty lady be?” The guy with the black hair asks with a flirty smile. “You couldn’t handle it soldier boy. But I’m Avery.” I tell him returning the smile. “Ace and I would love to try.” Ace says. Ashton growls. “Back off Ace.” He grunts. “Easy brother didn’t realize she was spoken for.” Ace says putting up his hands in a mock surrender.

“They’re not together.” Sparrow corrects him. “So the lady is fair game.” Another guy says with a smirk. “No.” Ashton growls. “I’ll have you boys know I’m not a game an if I were I definitely wouldn’t be fair.” I joke. They all chuckl. Well except Ashton. He just takes a steps closer to me and wraps an arm around my waist. Wonder what’s got him so up tight.

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