Avery Alexis

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Chapter 16

Make every day a little less ordinary.

Avery’s POV

I leave Ashton to go get a drink. I walk into the clubs main area and head to the bar. On my way to the bar someone wraps a hand around my waist. I don’t think I just react and I find my fist connecting with Ace’s face.

“Easy there firecracker.” He says as he lets go of me to rub his jaw. “Sorry.” I tell him then I walk away. I get to the bar and I ask for a beer. One of the guys behind the bar hands me a beer and I head back outside in search of Ashton.

I walk out and see him and a few of the guys standing around the fire pit. I walk over and join him. Once I reach them Ashton puts his hand around my waist and pulls me closer. An I let him.

I take a drink of my beer then it is pulled from my hand. “What the hell happened to your hand?” Ashton asks as he grabs it gently. “Ask your buddy.” I tell him. He looks around at all his friends and his eyes zero in on Ace.

“What did you do?” He asks him. “I just wrapped my arm around her. I was going to walk to the bar with her. An boy was she right when she said I couldn’t handle it. She nailed me good on my jaw.” Ace explains.

“Why were you touching her?” Ashton growls. “Easy brother it wasn’t in a romantic way just a friendly way.” Ace tells him. Ashton lets go of my hand and pulls me into his chest. “Let me get this out of the way. No one touches her. Not you, not Sparrow and not any other person in this town.” He says with no room to argue.

“Easy Ash I learned my lesson.” Ace tells him. “Good.” Ashton replies. “Let’s get you some ice.” He tells me as he pulls me back towards the clubhouse.

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