Avery Alexis

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Chapter 18

An suddenly you meet that one person who makes you forget about yesterday and dream about tomorrow.

Ashton’s parents’ house

Avery’s POV

He parks in the driveway and we get off his bike. He takes off his helmet and I go to take off mine but he stops me when he places his hands on the strap and buckle and starts to undo them. He undoes my chin strap and carefully takes off my helmet. “Beautiful.” He mutters as he looks me over. Soon I find myself lost in his chocolate eyes and he lost in my blue ones.

“You two better get in here before you catch a cold and I have to take care of the both of you!” Jana yells out the front door. We pull away from earth others gazes and make our way on to the porch, and then into the house as we do he places his hand on my lower back.


We walk inside and follow Jana to the dining room. We each take a seat at the large table in the room. Me and Ashton sit across from his parents. “So why are we here?” Ashton asks them. “We wanted to talk to the two of you.” Jana tells us.

“About?” I ask. “Your relationship.” Christian answers. “What about it?” Ashton asks. “Let’s talk about this after breakfast.” Jana says happily, then she gets up and places plates of food in front of us.

We eat in silence for a little while all that time Ashton keeps his hand on my thigh. Not that I mind. I rather enjoyed it surprisingly. “Alright the suspense is killing us what about our relationship do you want to talk about?” Ashton asks reading my mind.

“The fact that the two of you aren’t really together.” Christian says. “What are you talking about?” I ask shocked. “Come on kids we weren’t born yesterday.” Jana says. “If we weren't together would I do this?” I ask as I lean over to Ashton.

He looks at me confused. “Trust me.” I whisper just so he can hear me. He leans in and I crash my lips on his, and to say there were fireworks would be an understatement. His lips match with mine perfectly. He pulls me closer.

“Alright we get it we were wrong. But people still eat at this table.” Christian says as he covers his eyes. Jana smiles. “Told you it was really honey.” Jana teases Christian. “I said I was wrong.” He mutters. Me and Ashton stay quite. I don’t say anything because damn that was the best kiss I have ever had.

“Well thanks for breakfast.” Ashton says as he grabs my hand and pulls me from the table. “Yeah thanks.” I rush out as he pulls me out of the room. I hear Jana chuckle. “Look what you’ve gone and done.” She jokes with Christian. But that’s the last thing I heard because Ashton already pulled me out of the house and shut the door.

I was going to ask him what the rush was but he didn’t give me the chance as he crashes his lips on to mine. He pulls me as close to him as possible. When we pull apart for air he rests his forehead on mine. He locks eyes with me and smiles. “Tell me that just wasn’t me.” He whispers. “It wasn’t just you.” I tell him as I lean up and meet his lips.

“Let’s get out of here.” He tells me when we pull apart. “Where to?” I ask as he pulls me to his bike. “We’ll know when we get there.” He tells me as he zips up my jacket and then places my helmet on my head. “How will we know?” I ask him. “We just will.” He answers. As he gets on the bike. I follow his action and wrap my arms around his waist and he takes my hands and places them under his jacket.
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