Avery Alexis

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Chapter 1

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end.

Avery’s POV

I pull up to my apartment building and park. I notice a few stares from people. Mostly women. I assume that they think I’m a man because well I drive a black jacked up 2020 Nissan Titan XD. I open the door to my truck and I get out.

I look at the women that were looking at me earlier and their jaws hit the ground. I smile satisfied. I get my two bags out of the truck and I throw them over my shoulder. Then I head to the building.


I walk in and I see a woman at the front desk. I walk up to the desk. “How can I help you?” She asked. “I’m here for my key.” I tell her. She nods. “Name?” She asked. “Harden. Avery Harden.” I tell her. Her jaw drops. She hands me my key with shaking hands. I guess my reputation proceeds me. I give her a smile and head to the elevator.

I hit the up button and wait. I was waiting for what felt like forever but let’s be honest it was probably 2 minutes. Once it dings and the door opens I get on. I hit the 20th floor button and wait to reach my floor.

20th floor

The elevator door opens and I walk out. I see 2 doors. Mine which takes up half the floor and someone else’s. I open my door and walk in. I drop my bags at the door and look around. I look at the living room. It has a flatscreen tv, 2 full couches, 2 side tables, a coffee table, and a door to the balcony.

Right off the living room you have a hallway leading to the 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. As well as a full size kitchen. Equipped with a stovetop, oven, island, bar, pelenty of counter space, a large pantry, and refrigerator/ freezer.

After looking at the kitchen I walk down the hall. Down the hallway you have a full bathroom, a guest bedroom and my bedroom. In the guest bedroom there is a full bathroom, a king bed, a flatscreen tv, and 2 dressers. After I look at the bathroom and the guest room I walk to my room. Everything is great about the apartment but the bed room was what made me choose this place.

I walk in and see a king bed, a flatscreen tv, 2 dressers and a nightstand. I walk over to the bathroom door. The bathroom is huge. There is a bath tube and a large shower, double sinks, and a small room just for the toilet. I walk out of the bathroom and to the closet.

The closet is almost a room on its own. I walk in and see all my clothes are already hung up and my makeup is already set up at the vanity at the back of the closet.

Once I’m satisfied I walk out of my room and I pick up my bags I left by the door. I take them to my room and unpack them. Inside the bags are my fighting gear, a gun, money, the keys to all of my vehicles, pictures of my family and a few friends, my shower stuff, clothes, some important jewelry and a few makeup items. Once that is unpacked I grab my wallet and keys and head for the door. I look up and head to the elevator. While I’m in the elevator I decide to vistit some old friends.

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