Avery Alexis

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Chapter 2

You secretly don’t like me and I openly don’t give a damn

Mel’s Diner

Avery’s POV

I decided to stop in at Mel’s first one because I’m starving and two she has the best food in town. I guess I’m food motivated. I walk in and I hear the bell that always rings. I smile at the memories that go through my head.

I used to come here every Friday night with my grandparents while my dad was out racing or fighting. I look around and I notice that the place is still the same as it was back then. From the floor to the ceiling.

I make my way over to where I always used to sit. I take a seat and grab a menu. I flip the menu open and laugh. This is the same menu I colored in when no one was looking. “What can I get you?” A girl around 16 asked me. “I’ll have a Dr. Peper, a double bacon cheese hamburger, a large fry, and a slice of Mel’s Famous chocolate cake.” I tell her. “Coming right up.” She says then walks away.

As I sit here I get to wondering if my name is still on the wall. I get up and walk over to the far wall. I scan the wall and I find it. “Avery Alexis Nova Grace Harden.” Written in my child like scribbles. I smile. Has it really been this long since Mel painted? I wonder.

“It took me awhile to find that.” I hear my waitress say from behind me. “You’d never notice if you didn’t know it was there.” I tell her as I turn to face her. “So then how did you?” She asked. “I was the one who put it there.” I tell her. She freezes. “Your her?” She asked. “I am. I’m Avery.” I tell her as I stick out my hand. “Mallory.” She tells me as she skakes my hand.

We then walk back to my table she sits my drink down. “So are you here to stay or just stopping by?” Mallory asked. “Here to stay but don’t tell your grandma I’m here yet I want some food in me before I open that can of worms.” I joke. She chuckles with a knowing smile. “My lips are sealed.” She tells me. Then walks over to help some other diner.

As in sitting here I run my fingers over my name that is carved in the bottom of my table. I just realized I wrote my name in a lot of places.

As I sit and wait for my food I just sip on my drink thinking about what I’m going to do after I get done here when a group of guys walk in and come straight over to my table.

There are 4 in total. Each are in black leather jackets with names on the left sleeve. They read “Sparrow” “Jack” “Daniel” and “Blaze”. Someone please tell me Jack and Daniel are twins or at least related. I think as I chuckle to myself. Man I’m funny.

Just as one goes to talk to me Mallory walks out with my food and sets it on the table. “Thank you.” I tell her. “Anytime. By the way my grandma is coming out here soon.” She tells me giving me a heads up. I nod. She walks away and I turn my attention back to the boys in front of me.

I notice the yougest looking one Blaze is staring at Mallory. Aww someone has a crush. “How old are you?” I asked Blaze. He looks shocked. “17.” He tells me. “Want my advice talk to her. Be straight forward.” I tell him. He blushes. “I don’t know what your talking about.” He says. “So you weren’t staring at Mallory longingly?” I tease. His blush deepens. The other chuckle a little.

“I like you. Your funny.” Sparrow says sliding into my booth. “I don’t believe I asked you to sit down.” I say as I pop a fry in my mouth. “Well you see this is our table we don’t need an invitation.” Daniel says sliding in next to me going to grab one of my fries. I slap his hand away. “If you want to keep you hand keep it away from my food.” I tell him. He nods as he rubs his hand. I pick up my burger and start to eat. The other two slide in on the other side.

Mallory comes over. “What can I get you gentlemen?” She asked. “The usual.” All 4 say at the same side. She nods. Then heads to the kitchen area. Soon the door opens but it’s not Mallory that walks out. No it’s Melody or Mel. Mallory’s grandmother and like a second one to me. As soon as she walks out she locks her eyes in my direction. Here we go.

She makes her way over here. I turn towards the window. “Boys glad to see you each made it home safe.” She says. “An who is this with you?” She asks. “Has it really been that long Mel?” I asked as I turn to face her. “Avery?” She questioned. “Hey Mel.” I say. She crosses her arms. “Don’t you hey Mel me Avery Alexis Nova Grace Harden.” I seen this coming. I stay quiet. “Where the hell have you been?” She asked. “Around.” I tell her.

“Don’t give me the run around. Where?” She demands. “Kentucky, Tennessee, California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and South Carolina.” I tell her. “You’ve been all over the map and you couldn’t stop in and say hello just for a couple hours?” She asks irritated.

“It crosses my mind.” I tell her. “An yet you stayed away.” She snaps back. “I’m here now.” I point out. “For how long? A day, a week?” She asks. “For good.” I tell her. “Don’t you play with me young lady.” She says in a pointed tone.

“I’m home. For good.” I tell her. “Well then Daniel get up and let me give my god granddaughter a hug.” She says. Daniel gets up and I get out of the booth to give her a hug. “I’m glad your home.” She tells me. “It’s good to be home.” I tell her.

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