Avery Alexis

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Chapter 3

No one is perfect that’s why pencils have erasers.

Avery’s POV

I ate with the guys. I have to say they’re not that bad. Then after they left I sat and talked to Mel and Mallory for a little while. Mel caught me up on all that has happened since I left 7 years ago. An I have to say a lot has changed. Families have grown and moved away. Friends have changed their ways. An the biggest change of all there is a new MC in town and the 4 guys I had lunch with are apart of it. Sparrow is actually the VP.

After we finished catching up it was 5 o’clock so I decided I would visit one of my friends that lives in town. I get in my truck and pull out my phone. I scroll though my contacts until I find the one I want.


Once I reach Griffin’s name I press it. He picks up on the second ring. “Hello Ave.” He answered. “I’m in town. I want to catch up.” I tell him. “When?” He asks. “Now.” I tell him. “Come to the Hellfire clubhouse.” He tells me. “See you soon.” I tell him. “See you soon.” He says and hangs up.

Griffin’s POV

Before the phone call

I was sitting with Ashton or as we call him Lethal the president of the Hellfire MC. When my phone rang. I look at my phone and it reads QB I laugh at what she put her name as in my phone. No it doesn’t mean Quarterback it means Queen Bitch.

Hello Ave.” I answer. “I’m in town. I want to catch up.” She tells me. Straight to the point as always. “When?” I asked. “Now.” She tells me. “Come to the Hellfire clubhouse.” I tell her. “See you soon.” She says. “See you soon.” I reply then I hung up.

“Who did you invite here?” Lethal asked. “The Queen Bitch herself.” I tell him. “Who?” He asked. “She goes by many names but the people here in town know her by Avery Harden.” I tell him. “I thought she left years ago.” He says. “She did.” I tell him.

“So how do you know her? You moved here about a year after I started the club and by then she was long gone.” He asked. “We met in juvie. She was doing an 18 month stay in Huston when she was 16.” I tell him.

“Is she as bad as people say?” He asked. “No she’s worse.” I tell him honestly. “Why is she like that?” He asked. “Her mother was murdered in front of her when she was 14 by a MC that used to run this town. They were called Fireknight. They were cruel and murderous. Her and her father killed the ones involved and ran off the ones that were left. She got busted in Huston a couple years later they linked her to it and she was sentenced to serve time in juvie til she turned 18.” I tell him.

“An her dad?” I asked. “They couldn’t link him to it. She made sure if anyone went down it was just her.” I tell him. “So she took the fall alone?” He asked. “Yep. Her dad served time for other crimes. I heard he got busted a little while back got 6 years on a bullshit charge.” I tell him.

“You invited a girl who hates MC though she has a right to, to a MC clubhouse that you are apart of.” He says when he realizes what I did. “She only hurts people who deserve it. As long as the guys don’t piss her off everything will be fine.” I tell him.

“You speaking from experience?” He asked. “Yep. I pissed her off once and it landed me in the infirmary for 3 days.” I tell him rubbing my shoulder as I remember the pain she inflicted without breaking a sweat. He nods. “How long til she’s here?” He asked. “Not long.” I tell him not knowing for sure.
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