Avery Alexis

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Chapter 4

Respect is a key determinant of high- preference leadership. How much people respect you determines how well they perform.

Avery’s POV

I pull into the club lot. Honestly I expected a gate to be around the property and guards all over but there aren’t any. I park and I get out. I see one of the guys I talked to earlier. Sparrow I believe. He looks over and sees me and makes his way over.

“Are you stalking me now beautiful?” He jokes. “No I’m looking for an old friend.” I tell him. “An who might that be?” He asked. “Griffin.” I tell him. He nods. “Right this way I was looking for him to.” He says throwing an arm over my shoulders and leading me to the door.

We walk in and I am met with the smell of booze. I get strange looks from people as Sparrow continues to pull me through the club. The women are looking at me with jealousy and Sparrow with lust. While the guys just have confused expressions.

We are at the back of the club before I realize and at a table that my dear old friend is sitting at. When I see him I get him within my reach and I hit him on the back of the head. Really hard might I add. “Oww. What the hell was that for?” He asked rubbing his head. “You know damn well you dumbass.” I tell him crossing my arms.

A guy I don’t know and Sparrow are laughing at mine and Griffins exchange. “Is something funny gentlemen?” I asked looking at them with complete seriousness in my tone. They stop laughing. “No ma’am.” Sparrow says. “Don’t call me ma’ma it makes me feel old.” I tell him. They stay quiet and Griffin and I start to laugh.

“Relax I was joking.” I tell them. They nod. I take a seat next to Griffin. “So tell me what have you been up to other than being in a MC and not telling me?” I ask emphasizing the not. “Oh you know just doing the usual.” He tells me.

“You settled yet?” I ask. “No.” He tells me. “What happen to that red head I met when you came to see me last year you two were pretty in love last I checked?” I asked. “She went back to college to get a degree and never looked back.” He tells me. “I’m sorry Griff.” I tell him.

“Could have been worse. She could have been married and you were the other man.” I joke. “Speaking from experience?” The guy I don’t know asked. “Sort of.” I reply. “What do you mean by sort of?” Sparrow asked. “We’ve all done things we will pay for in hell later.” I tell them.

“So you’ve been the other women?” Brown eyes asked. I decided on that name because one I don’t know his name and two his deep brown eyes just keep pulling me in. “Like I said sort of. I didn’t know. I assumed but I thought it was love so I didn’t care.” I tell them. They nod.

“Now Brown eyes you know something about my love life and I don’t even know your name.” I say looking directly at Brown eyes. Griffin and Sparrow chuckle. “Ashton.” He tells me. I stick my hand across the table.

“Nice to meet you Ashton. I’m Avery. But you can call me Ave.” I tell him. “Nice to meet you as well Ave call me Ash.” He replies. “Alright Ash it is.” I tell him. I notice shocked looks on the guys faces but I brush it off.

“So I’ve been out of town for awhile you guys know anyone who does good ink?” I asked. “Lethal here is the best in town if you can ever get in with him.” Sparrow says. “That so?” I ask. “Yep he did your favorite one that I’ve got.” Griffin tells me. “You did the sword down his back?” I asked. “I did.” He replies.

“Well if you have a slot open up in the next two weeks let me know. I’m planing on having my entire back done.” I tell him. “What are you thinking of doing?” He asked. “A sword that is going down the middle of my back but is made of angle wings.” I tell him. He nods.

“Just on you back or going on to your ribs?” He asked. “My back and down my arms to about my elbow.” I tell him. “Do you have a picture of what you have in mind?” He asked. I grab my phone and pull up the picture. “That’s a lot of coverage you sure you want to start off with one that big?” He questioned.

“That’s not going to be my first tattoo.” I tell him. “How many do you have?” Sparrow asked. “11.” I tell them. “Where?” Sparrow asked. “Places you’ll never see.” I tease him. He smirks. “Wanna bet?” He asked. “I would love to.” I tell him. “100 bucks says I can get you to sleep with me by the end of the week.” He offers. “Deal.” I accepted.

“No.” Ash growls out. “What do you mean no?” I asked. “No you will not sleep with him and you will also not bet on sex.” He says pointedly. “We’re both consenting adults.” I point out. “My decision is final.” He says crossing his arms. Who does he think he is? Telling me who I can and can’t sleep with?

“He’s right why wait a week. Here.” I tell Sparrow as I give him a hundred dollar bill. Then I pull him up. “Where’s your room?” I asked. Ash growls. “Avery I’m not so sure this is such a good idea.” Sparrow mutters. “So you don’t want to sleep with me?” I asked. “I didn’t say that.” He replies. “Then where’s your room?” I asked again.

“Enough!” Ash yells as he pulls me away from Sparrow. He really shouldn’t have done that. Before I know what I’m doing my reflexes are kicking in. I throw a punch at him hitting his face, then I kick him in the knee, I keep attacking him with all my strength but eventually he gets me pressed to his chest. He holds me in place. But I just keep fighting I can’t stop. I won’t not again. “Avery!” I hear someone say. “Avery breath.” Ash says. “Avery clam down your okay.” He says. But it falls on deaf ears.

I scratch and kick at him but he doesn’t let go. Sparrow and Griffin finally managed to pull him away from me. I stand up and catch my breath. I look at the men before me. Griffin has anger in his eyes. I don’t know if it’s at me or Ash or both. Sparrow has fear, and worry in his. An Ash he has guilt, worry, rage, and sadness in his.

I grab my phone off the floor then I walk away. “Avery.” I hear one of them say. Not caring which one it is I keep walking.

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