Avery Alexis

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Chapter 6

We all make choices but in the end our choices make us.

Ashton’s POV

Hellfire clubhouse

10 minutes after Avery left

I was sitting in my office when Sparrow and Griffin walk in. “Did you do what I asked?” I asked Sparrow. “Yes.” He answered. “Good Griffin you can leave.” I tell them. “I want to ask you something first.” He says. “Okay ask.” I tell him.

“Why did you punch me?” He asked. “Because you were being disrespectful to Avery.” I tell him blankly. “Why does it matter you don’t even know her?” He asked. “We don’t disrespect women in this club. Your dismissed.” I tell him. He nods and reach the door. “An stay away from her.” I tell him. He says nothing and walks out the door.

I turn my attention back to Sparrow. He sets the file on my desk. “What’s in that?” I asked. “Her medical file over the last year.” He tells me as he walks to the door. “Prez once you read that you can unread it.” He tells me then walks out.

I look at the file it is a pretty good size file. I open it and the first thing I see is basic information. Age, weight, height, conditions or lack there of. I flip to the next page. It’s dated 6 months ago.

January 10th

Bruising of the ribs

2 broken knuckles

Gash to the right temple

The next is dated 4 months ago

March 28th

Busted lip

Bruising of the left cheek

4 broken ribs

Cracked jaw

And the last dated 6 weeks ago

May 18th

Severe bruising of the neck, stomach, legs, and face.

12 cracked ribs

11 bruised ribs

Left wrist fracture

All knuckles on right hand were broken

Broken nose

Severe lacerations to the back and arms

I turn to the next page and I see pictures from the first incident. I look at them and I see the same look she had when she left. Then I see the pictures from the second incident. An finally from the last. I start to look at them but before I can look at the whole thing I throw the file. The papers go everywhere. “That son of a bitch!” I yell. I grab my phone and find the one paper I need. It holds her number.

“Hello.” Avery answered. “Avery it’s Ashton. I need to talk to you. Can we meet?” I asked. “I’ve been drinking I can’t drive.” She tells me. “Alright I’ll come to you.” I tell her. “Do you know where I live?” She asked. “I know everything that happens in this town so yes.” I answer. “Alright see you soon.” She say then hangs up.

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