Just a Professional Crush

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Sasha spent most of her life trying to find the right guy for her-but to her dismay-the right guy had been right in front of her for the last year. Being in grad school has its ups and downs, but for Sasha, her professor happened to be an ‘up’. A short story just for fun.

Romance / Erotica
Dani Toman
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Focus. Sasha thought to herself staring down at her paper. She rubbed her eyes as though it would help, even though her eyes weren’t the problem. Looking up from her desk, she locked eyes for a split second with her professor who was teaching in the front of the class. Grad school is already hard, Sasha thought as she looked over at Jaelyn sitting next to her. Jaelyns notes were perfectly laid out on her paper. Her perfect handwriting caressed the lines on the pages of her notebook. Sasha watched as Jaelyn diligently wrote down everything the professor was saying. Looking back at her empty notebook in front of her, Sasha sighed. “I hope I’m not boring you guys too much with all this information” the professor stated loudly with an amused tone while making eye contact with Sasha. Sasha smirked uncomfortably while tucking her hair behind her ear. As she attempted to look back down at her notebook, she locked eyes with the professors belt buckle which was reflecting light from the room. She followed the outline of the buckle with her eyes until she was looking at the zipper of his pants. Sasha blinked a few times and looked away catching herself. Jered P. Kemp, why must you teach wearing such tight jeans, Sasha thought as she lightly bit her lower lip. She looked over and noticed Jaelyn staring at her. Im not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse that my best friend knows I’m in love with our professor, Sasha thought while still making eye contact with Jaelyn and trying to hold in a laugh. I’m never going to let this down.
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