Who Am I Gonna Be?

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Follow along with Tahani as she discovers love, but not only love but she discovers herself. This all original and just want feedback to see if its interesting so feel free to comment

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The Beginning

I was 16 still moving from foster home to foster home until I was put on a plane. They never said where I was going or what for. So I got off the plane and I noticed a giant sign that says Tahani Cortez (my name). Now I was more confused, why does this sign have my name on it. So I walked up to the random blonde lady that was holding the sign. She said, “Welcome to the family!” extremely preppy “I’m your new mom Amanda”. My eyes grew ten times bigger than they already were. I hesitantly got in the car with Amanda, a complete stranger. It was cold outside and there was snow everywhere we went, it was like a winter wonderland .


After about a 20 minute drive we pulled up to this giant mansion-like house. There was a huge yard, with a set of the most beautiful double doors I have ever seen. We walked in the house, just to be greeted by a beautiful all white Husky. Behind the dog was a tall muscular man. He said that his name is Timothy but everybody calls him Tim, he was about 6’3 with dark hair and the brightest eyes I have ever seen on a human. I shook his hand as I said hello. The only thing going through my head was “Am I being kidnapped? Was this a dream? Does someone actually want me? They were very nice people. They fed me the most delicious meal I’ve had since “THEY” left. Amanda and Tim weren’t complicated; they were very easy going. They told me that school is starting soon and that they had already signed me up.


The first day of school came by fast and there I was the “new kid”, wondering who I could trust, and where I belonged. Then I met Emma, she was a petite girl but she was very feisty and outgoing. We were walking down the hallway when I saw the most attractive guy I have ever seen in my life. Emma caught me in my gaze and told me his name is Dimitris but goes by Dimitri, he was about 6’2 dark hair and hazel eyes and I could tell he was athletic by the way he walked. While I was admiring Dimitri I bumped into someone, Brooke, the QUEEN BEE”. She was the one all the girls wanted to be and all the guys wanted to be with. By the look on her face I could tell that she wasn’t going to let it go mostly after she screamed and dramatically fell to the floor causing everybody to stare. Guess who ran over to make sure his girlfriend was ok after being bumped by the “new girl”, the athletic ,muscular, gorgeous Dimitris. While dusting her off he looked up at me and our eyes met and I felt a shiver down my spine as I ran down the hallway to find Tim’s car outside the school. When I got in the car he asked me how my day was. Even though I haven’t known him long I felt like I could tell him anything, so I told him everything. So his bright idea was to throw a big Christmas party and invite EVERYONE from school. So that’s what I was going to do. The next week at school is when I was telling people about the party and Brooke and Dimitri were on one of their regular breaks. But somewhere in my head I wanted it to be permanent.

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