Who Am I Gonna Be?

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The 2nd Chapter

It was the day of the party and all the decorations were up and Tim had convinced Amanda to go on a date night ,So there weren’t any parents around. The only rules were to not break anything and nothing should go missing. At first nobody came but out of nowhere tons of people came and the house was full of naive, immature , and drunk teenagers; including me, Emma, Dimitri and even Brooke came. Everyone was dancing and having fun. I went to get me and Emma a drink when I bumped into Dimitri and triped. He caught me with his strong arms. When I got to my feet again our eyes met once again it felt electric but for some reason neither of us looked away, slowly leaning in like a magnet was pulling us together, inches aways when a very drunk Brooke busted into the kitchen causing us to step away from each other. She came in and started to kiss him from his jawline down to his neck, while he was looking at me with a look on his face that screamed “I’m sorry”. I was humiliated, I was just another girl who wanted the head football player. All I wanted to do is cry but you can’t cry at your own party. Right? So I got me and Emma’s drink that I was supposed to get in the first place. I went back to the living room to find Emma sucking faces with some random person that was there . I grabbed my coat and went to sit on the porch. I sat there sipping on my drink when I heard a deep voice ask me if it was ok to sit next to me. I agreed not thinking twice, when I looked over my heart skipped a beat when a very handsome dude was sitting next to me. He said his name was Lucas, we had a very incredible conversation, we laughed, made jokes, and had fun. He made me forget everything, I even forgot we were outside until I lost most feelings in my hands then we headed inside and all eyes were on us when we walked in the door. Like when we were outside we turned green. I walked to Emma to see why everyone was staring at me, she told me that Lucas was one of the popular kids that a lot of girls want but he never showed any interest in any girl that went to the school. I was confused. We just had an amazing conversation but he has “NO” interest in anyone in the school. It kinda made me feel a little special. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see who it was, seeing him brought back the humiliation that Lucas had rid me of. He asked if we could talk , I hesitantly agreed, scared of what excuse he would use. So we went into the kitchen, he blatantly just said that she was drunk and that they weren’t back together. I didn’t want to feel the humiliation, anger and stress. So I just sat in the kitchen drinking the world away until everyone left except Emma, she slept over that night.


I woke up with a pounding headache that felt like someone was drilling my skull with a jackhammer. I looked next to me, my vision was still blurry but I could make out Emma’s petite frame still asleep. At that moment there was a knock on the door that sounded like gunshots to my ears, the noise scared Emma enough that she jumped out of her sleep and hit the floor. Tim walked in with two glasses of water and some aspirin for us to take before going down for breakfast. We didn’t exactly tell Amanda about the party so that we had to keep secret, and didn’t want her to freak. So we took the pills and waited until they kicked in before going down stairs to eat. We got downstairs and Amanda asked questions about what we did last night. To make things easy we just said we stayed up late watching movies and talking, as far as we know she bought it. My memories were still fuzzy about what happened last night, the last thing I remember was getting a drink from the kitchen. What happened after that I have no idea.

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