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Azanda is a very bright school 15 year old girl who get mixed up in her mother's problems leading her to moving in with her aunt in a new village where she dates a guy named Andre only at the end to come to except he is not wat she thought he was. When she's about to give up on love and happiness she meets a guy called nuel she quickly falls inlove with him and he falls inlove with her.their problem is that he is a teacher and she is a student.......

Romance / Poetry
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Hi my name is azanda,I'm doing grade 9 this year in John rosely high a very simple life style 15 year old girl.i used to stay with my grandmother but I had to move out course she was abusive emotionally and sometimes physically :( but I'm not about to talk about that.anyways ever since I moved out I have been living around the city of Durban year by year in many different places and house holds with a lot of different kinds of people. U may be wondering why Im not living with my mom well! It's because she's married to another man yes! I have a step father :( But his a very nice guy and we actually get along just fine but I'm just not comfortable with staying with them.last year I was staying in a shelter home for children who need help in any kind of way even though my story wasn't good enough for me to register there but I had to lie because I really needed to stay there maybe fix my self a bit.this year I moved in with my aunt in a village called Annabell,it's very far from the city, quite, clean and very fresh for a new start over.i have no freinds of course so yes I know it is going to be a new bummpy ride Soo come along :) *-*

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